Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Josh’ costar Puneet Vashisht on Aryan Khan’s case: God has boycotted all of them

Published on Oct 13, 2021 04:18 AM IST  |  140.3K
Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Josh’ costar Puneet Vashisht on Aryan Khan’s case: God has boycotted all of them
Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Josh’ costar Puneet Vashisht on Aryan Khan’s case: God has boycotted all of them

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is currently in Arthur Road jail. Aryan was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau during a raid on a cruise ship that was on its way to Goa. Aryan Khan’s bail hearing is on 13 October. Shah Rukh Khan received a lot of support from Bollywood from people including Hrithik Roshan, Alia Bhatt, Shekhar Suman, Richa Chadda, Neeraj Ghaywan, and Ali Fazal amongst others. 

According to a report in Bombay Times, SRK’s ‘Josh’ costar Puneet Vashisht spoke on the Aryan Khan’s case and said, “You see I was in Josh, Kya Kehna all the movies right? I did not get involved in all this which is why the Khan-paan boycotted me for 27 years now. Now God has boycotted all of them”. Hrithik Roshan had taken to Instagram and wrote a heartwarming post for Aryan. The post read, “Life is a strange ride . It’s great because it’s uncertain. It’s great cause it throws you curve balls, but god is kind. He gives only the toughest ones the toughest balls to play. You know you are chosen when amidst the chaos you can feel the pressure to hold your own. And I know you must feel it now. The anger, the confusion, the helplessness. Aaah , the very ingredients that are needed to burn the hero out from inside you. 

Hrithik's post further read, “But be wary , those same ingredients could burn away the good stuff... the kindness, the compassion, the love. Allow yourself to burn, but just enough.. Mistakes , failings , victories , success... they’r all the same if you know which parts to keep with you and which parts to throw away from the experience.”

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Anonymous : This guy puneet is a loser.They all talk about sushant. His family didn’t do anything for him
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : SSR death hasn’t gone a waste. Karma is finally catching up Bollywood
REPLY 3 6 days ago
Anonymous : Our prayers with SRK!!
REPLY 2 6 days ago
Anonymous : Kyon margaya srk kya
REPLY 1 4 days ago
Anonymous : Alaha! SRK.please chant your god 1 lakh will be out from this problem..
REPLY 1 6 days ago
Anonymous : Now all the peacefuls will defend on the comments section
REPLY 3 6 days ago
Anonymous : Aur ap unknown....hone se frustrated ...!
REPLY 5 6 days ago
Anonymous : Let the guilty be punished. I don't get why bollywood celebrities they give gyan, they are good at acting and maintaining physics, so they should limit at that. Why these fools think they have all wordly knowledge. Without Directors and Story writers these people will be a waste.
REPLY 4 6 days ago
Anonymous : Well said puneet, these stars have even gone to a level of dreaming about small people (whereas ppl used to dream about them) just to not be boycotted like they once boycotted you because they couldn’t turn u into a messed up guy (and good ppl they can’t stand out of jealousy of their goodness and cleanliness no drugs no troubles). Now they see being boycotted hurts so they are running everywhere for help. When they boycotted u they thought u don’t feel pain it was ok. Truly god has given them the biggest pains. Worst than being boycotted punit
REPLY 5 1 week ago
Anonymous : People stopped casting Puneet after he became a drug addict. Please get help Puneet!
REPLY 8 1 week ago
Anonymous : Yes you are right,.
REPLY 3 1 week ago
Anonymous : Ghatia
REPLY 4 1 week ago
Anonymous : Magar god ne tujhe to kabhi consider tak nhi kara # flop # frustrated
REPLY 9 1 week ago