Shah Rukh Khan shoots with David Letterman for his show and the photos have got us excited

Shah Rukh Khan was interviewed by David Letterman for his digital show and the superstar took to his Twitter page to share a picture. He called it a fun experience and we can't keep calm to watch the episode soon.
News,shah rukh khan,David LettermanShah Rukh Khan shoots with David Letterman for his show and the photos have got us excited
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Shah Rukh Khan shot for a special episode and he will be making an appearance on David Letterman's show. The superstar was interview by Letterman and he took to his Twitter page to share a picture with him. SRK also shared that it was fun being interviewed by David and called him an inspiration.

Shah Rukh Khan wrote on Twitter, "No more footprints...this is The  Abominable Snowman!! Before BatMan & SpiderMan, there is Mr. LetterMan @Letterman Thx for ur generosity. Had 2 much fun being interviewed.Not becos it was about me but becos u were kind enough to make me feel I can be me. U r an inspiration sir."

The show is titled as My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. Some more pictures were shared online. The caption read as, "King Khan and @Letterman together? Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai. Something epic, coming soon."

Check out the posts:

The pictures have really got us excited for the episode. This will also be Shah Rukh Khan's first digital appearance for a Netflix show. The second season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman will premiere on May 31, 2019.


Wow. Y’all are crazy. My homeboy literally came from nothing he started from scratch and became one of the if not THE biggest star in India. These comments that are hating on him seem really confusing. What is that makes you hate him? That he’s old? Like you think you guys aren’t going to get old?

Brad Pitt, Will Smith, TOm cruise have not given a blockbuster movie in years but you don’t see anyone dragging them and there is no reason to. It’s really sad to see this uncalled hatred for SRK when I know for a fact the overseas love him. It’s clear with time India’s intolerance for Muslims has grown immensely.

You haters are silly. This is a Netflix show, Netflix has a lot of Bollywood movies, I even heard a rumor Red Chillies is striking a new deal to put even more of their movies there. When they do data analysis, they know a lot of people watch SRK. Just like they had Obama because he "needs no introduction", but also because the Obamas have also made a deal with Netflix to create content. Netflix is trying to promote themselves within themselves. When people watch him, they'll be like, cool, let's play one of his movies now. It's all business.

i dont understand all these people calling him old and has been as if he was not supposed to grow old. all his contemporaries are old but it seems that its only his age that is bothering people!!another thing which i dont understand all the name calling when he acts opposite younger actresses.. hes an actor!! remember!! thats his job to make a role look convincing,irrespective of age!!
the very same people have problem with nepotism but forget to give him any respect that despite being an outsider and completely unconventional he made it so huge!!

PR Singh's trolls are trolling SRK as usual. We know RS is dying to make it in Hollywood. Don't pay him any heed, Shah. We will choose you over that cross dresser any day of the week..even with all your flops!!

SRK making some ppl really insecure. I wonder who these despos could be? SRK has made his mark in history..shouldnt u be worrying abt your career?

i get the Netflix connection, he was there because of the huge market. it's just better to accept the truth he is no longer a relevant movie star in India, people love him based on movies 20 years ago. He has no current relevancy. Also it's laughable to think he will court the Western audience. I mean he is in his mid 50s, for sure he would never get a meaningful part in a Western movie. He is too old and unattractive.

SRK, go take a nap. No need to "quote" what Letterman was paid to say. Like he gives a rats behind about some guy from India.

So happy to see SRK rallying and returning to form. I loved his speech at the critics' awards too. He is just so charming and warm..he wins over everyone. I like Varun too for the same reason.

After interviewing SRK in front of the live audience on Thursday (16 May) in New York, Letterman, 72, said the actor was one of the loveliest persons he has ever spoken to.

“The best part of this job that Netflix has been happy to provide for me is to meet people. And after each one of these sessions I think to myself, it is a very smart, very lovely person from whom I have learned things. You would maybe be at the top of that list,” Letterman said.

lol....he is trying hard ...poor srk

David mentioned he had watched Fan and Zero and they discussed the movies too! Letterman really really liked SRK. It was obvious how much he enjoyed talking to SRK. The interview was 2 hours long!!

I laugh when I read comments like Oh he charmed him too! The dude is the richest actor in the world, all everyone sees is dollar signs around him. No one cares about a aging hasbeen whose spills his " wisdom" money earned by ads.

keep trying to convince yourself with foolishness and making multiple comments out of envy. David is also rich. He's not a poor slob like you that he would get impressed by SRK's money. He was impressed by SRK's intelligent, wit, and charm. Dave has interviewed thousands of celebrities in his lifetime but he hardly ever gives the kind of praise he gave SRK - that Shah would be at the top of the list of the loveliest people he had ever met.

you keep trying with your ridiculous adoration. You must the one photoshopping cringe SRK posts with bombastic announcements like he walks on water. You are clearly clueless about Letterman.

He looks so good!! Glad he took some time off to relax. It's doing him good.

Erm what photos are you looking at? the last one gives you nightmares.

I wanna see this episode:(

SRK built himself up from scratch into a worldwide brand. He knows he doesn’t have Greek God looks or the backing of parents/connected family etc but he is self made and a superstar. No one can take that from him.

His face is melting:(

He was unusually handsome back in the day. Now he just looks ruined by cigarettes and plastic surgeries.

King is always king!

Chichora Singh will immediately show up in clown clothes somewhere to put focus on himself again

Poor SRK, all he can do it talk about his 90s fame.

Your fave can't talk about any fame anywhere though! What a loser. Don't try to compare your nobody faves to the King.

alright PR Singh, find a way to attach yourself to this somehow to get attention.

David's like" Who??" LMAO!

That forth photo, YIKES.

SRK is proof money can buy you everything. Except a hit movie for the past decade.

SRK is proof that hard work and intelligence will make and keep you a King. Other lessers can keep being jealous. King Khan is unbothered.

yikes, he has gotten so old.

He might have gotten old but you still haven't grown brain cells. Tragic.

Can SRK speak English? What is that horrific spelling?

Yo Letterman was bowled over by Shah. His charms works everywhere.

I was there!! Letterman had such high praise for SRK. At the end, he said he learns something from everyone he interviews but SRK would be at the top of the list.

Love you Shah. You're a class apart. The rest of the brainless men of BW can't accomplish half of what you do regularly.

Letterman shared pics first. Don't play dirty, pinkvilla

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