Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan looks breathtakingly beautiful as she gives Gauri Khan make up tips

Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is experimenting with makeup today. The aspiring actress spent the day with her mother Gauri Khan.
Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan looks breathtakingly beautiful as she gives Gauri Khan make up tips
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Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is spending a quarantine with her mother Gauri Khan. The star kid has been in New York where she's a student at the prestigious New York University. But it seems like Suhana has returned home owing to the lockdown in NYC due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Back home, Gauri has revealed Suhana is giving her some makeup tips. Gauri revealed details about the aspiring actress's quarantine activities by sharing a stunning picture on Instagram. 

In the photo, Suhana flaunts sheer straps of her outfit hidden under her baggy grey overcoat. Sporting the perfect makeup, Suhana opted to tie her hair up into a high ponytail. The youngster sported a thin necklace with a diamond stone, a ring and a set of stone-studded earrings for the shot. 

Gauri turned photographer for the Khan daughter. She shared the photo with the caption, "Learning.... make up tips @suhanakhan2 #indoor #activity .." Suhana too took to her Instagram account and shared two pictures. She revealed she was experimenting with her makeup. She had tried the wing eyeliner while coloured her lips pink for the shot. Suhana shared the photos with the caption, "Experimenting." 

Check out Suhana's photos below: 




A post shared by Suhana Khan (@suhanakhan2) on



Learning.... make up tips @suhanakhan2 #indoor #activity ..

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Are you impressed with her experimentation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

A few days ago, Suhana revealed she was watching a Meryl Streep movie to while away time during the lockdown. Although she did not reveal the title of the movie, it was clear that she was enjoying her date night in the darkroom. Read all about it here: Suhana Khan turns to Meryl Streep to keep her occupied during the self isolation amid Coronavirus outbreak

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Breathtakingly beautiful! Really??? Like aishwarya rai it seems. Seriously? What sort of statement is this? Very average looking she is. With loads of makeup n surgeries and of course Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, she could be presentable in Bollywood for sure

Suhana is not beautiful at all she is very average looking girl. In the New Lot Aanaya Panday , Shayana Kapoor and Kushi Kapoor are beautiful, easy on eyes and tall.
Sara ali Khan and Tara Sutaria are very beautiful too.
Suhana should not be in movies.

Just before Sohana starts shooting for a movie we will see lot of magazine articles and pictures of her all over most of them posted by Gauri and Karan Johar. Get ready people.

Okay Suhana is not beautiful she is a average looking girl.
She is barely 5 feet tall she is very dark and not appealing
to be in front of camera.

Sorry people ask her to pick up different career.

she is looking innocent n good looking. her father is a great man.good luck to her. M H S.

she is looking innocent n good looking. her father is a great man.good luck to her. M H S.

She is average looking girl bot good looking.

Wasting people time . Don't know why we give importance to them .
My request to all stop seeing them .

Leave apart the beauty she can still be an actor. Only time will tell how far she goes. Wish her Good luck.

Sweet and innocent looking. Breath taking in her own way! Love SRK and his lovely family.

She's pretty and looks innocent.

She is a f**king wild b*t*h and she is the f**king ideat actor, daughter. If the have some money it doesn't mean they are some one

I feel very sad for these people what they say . I think suhanna is a beautiful women. My feelings are if u don't have anything nice to say don't say nothing !!!! U people very rude disrespectful!!!

Just getting fame cz of his father srk. Such an average looking girl.

Just because she is SRK daughter doesn't make her beautiful. She just look like a normal daravi kid. Enough of false praises.

She is Sweet.
And a real beauty.
Just Love her the way she is.

There's nothing wrong with her she's beautiful like everyone else's in there own way
Have you seen the rest of the stars like Alia butt who look complete d... So take a chill pill people

She is beautiful.

She is lovely

You are calling it Breathtaking?
She is just normal..

She is not pretty!!! Sorry not my choice!!

Breathtaking!! Omg pls use the right phrase for a kid..

She looks beautiful only with the help of make-up. Otherwise she is just an okay looking girl.

She looks beautiful now,,srk is king

God's creation should not be judged.

Short heighted ditto Sharukh copy. Not beautiful at all.
It's a paid content every now and then published. It's cheap publicity. Ridiculous.

I'm lucky because nobody have eyes to see her beAuty, understand there is no need anybody's certificate

She is just ok

She is just ok

Features are not good AT ALL. Dont disrespect beauty by calling her beautiful. She looks like a dangerous MAN. Period

She doesn't look like a man at all or dangerous. Such a sweet innocent looking girl. What's wrong with you?

Don’t be cruel to kids

Don’t be cruel to the young lady

Pretty ??? Really ???

Antonym of beautiful in fact.

Antonym of beautiful in fact.

Beauty is a very strong word. pl go slow. She is ok.

I did not like her earlier but now I started liking her after watching that short video of hers. She is so sweet in that one

pls get rid off your nail extensions during covid 19

Before commenting any one first look at itself.

Oh come on. If you don't think she looks exactly like SRK, then she looks a lot like Gauri. And Gauri was average at best, so she was pressured into doing a lot of ugly stuff to her face because of how famous she was. And looking at all the old pictures of Gauri, Suhana is not as pretty as her. When Gauri smiled in the pictures, she lit it up, even drew the attention away from SRK at 21. Suhana, there is nothing special about her at all.

She and Jhanvi are so meh!!!

I don’t want to comment on this , not worth it , more important things to than commenting on her , what is her credibility other than her father name

Please mention your credibility alongside... We all are our parents' replica... Do not hesitate even,if,your parents are criminal

She's not beautiful. But nice try.

SRK in drag

Stop being mean..dont judge people on their looks.she looks sweet..this world is going through a crisis stop being mean!!!!

Very true

She has very average face. She is not beautiful as per Bollywood standards. Period

She looks cute and fresh with minimal make up.

This is beauty???? omg such poor standards!

Poor kid, will be under lot pressure

Beautiful???? Its 5kg makeup on face!

in which angle she is beautiful, she is only daughter of rich actor

Right...100 percent agree..

Right...100 percent agree..


Cheek and lip fillers like mom

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