Shahid Kapoor to be conferred with Dadasaheb Phalke award for his role in Padmaavat

Shahid Kapoor received rave reviews for his portrayal of Maharawal Ratan Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus Padmaavat. The actor will now be conferred with Dadasaheb Phalke award for brilliance in acting.
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Shahid Kapoor essayed the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus Padmaavat and received rave reviews for his portrayal of the royal character with such devotion. The actor will now be conferred with Dadasaheb Phalke award for brilliance in acting. 
Talking about his character, Shahid, in an event, said that he is very happy with the response his performance has been getting especially given that it was not the most author-backed role. “Honestly, it’s not the most author-backed role in the film. So taking up such a role and getting appreciations for that, is an amazing moment,” he emphasized.
When probed further as to why he thinks his character is not the most author-backed role, Shahid concluded, “I don’t want to get into the details of it. But yes, it was the least known of the three characters (played by Deepika, Ranveer and Shahid). On the basis of my understanding, it was tough to portray this kind of character.” 
In an interview with us, he told, " I am very proud that Padmaavat as a product has fought every possible battle to make it heard and seen. I correlate that to my journey in the film - everyone wondered about my role - was it a special appearance or what am I doing the film. I had to wait for one-and-half years to feel validated and for people to know why. In fact, I didn't speak for the next two days after the release - I wanted to see whether the people have felt what I have tried to depict, whether they walked out of the film saying good on you, Shahid. Padmavati - If I can say so - was a titular role for Deepika, if Ranveer was scared to play the villain and if I was afraid to play a hero who is an underdog, the film wouldn't have been the way it is."
"I don't think that I underplayed Maharawal Ratan Singh, I would say I played Maharawal Ratan Singh. This is the character that was meant to be subtle. Nobody overplayed or nobody underplayed - it was our characters and we did our job according to the briefs we were given. It is the people who are deciding. As an actor, I have come from Tommy Singh which is different to what I have done in Padmaavat," added Shahid Kapoor. 

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I think Shahid Kapoor was the best part of Padmavat. His acting required lot of control, as the role had to be very elegant, subtle and equally commanding as the Rajput king was a man of strong principles. Ranveer was good, but thats his usual self. Deepika was good too...But Shahid was the best of all 3. Before watching the movie, i was doubting if shahid can pull of this role, as Deepika is too tall for him. But he surprised us, with his acting skills. After watching the movie, i loved him the most.
Truly deserving all awards for this role! Well done Shahid, i love u more now

Congratulations! JWM, haider and Padmavat are his only performances i have liked. oh that Isqk vishq or whatever and vivaah eons back weren't bad either. He s ok. Not exceptional but not bad.

I bet Mira bought the award for him!

Wonder how much he paid them

Shahid’s performance was good but its just that he was not the right choice for this role. He didn’t seem fit against Deepika. Ranveer would have suited more for the role with Deepika or maybe a different actor. Shahid could have been in Khilji’s role(not beacuse Ranveer’s performance was any less but because to switch roles)

I think Shahid is a good actor, but I hated him in Pamaavat. Why is he getting an award? He looked at Deepika like a puppy looking at his master in the movie. There was something amiss in his potrayal. Deepika overpowered him.

Aditi rao hydari won the female category for bhoomi..that kind of says it all about these awards doesn’t it?

Lool, If Ranveer will get it, I must also get it at all course. This dude is father of all insecurity. They made the award unpresentable. it has no credibility now

This guy is well dodgy buying awards now. He doesn’t deserve it.

this award has nothing to do with the government award.

why are they hyping up this? causing a lot of confusion. shahid, ranveer, kriti lol

I m unaware of the criteria for this DSF award, may be me met in some regards, but as an audience I think Sahids performance was below than that of Ranveer and Deepika.

this award has become a joke. if shahid can get the award for a sub-par performance, then that's just bad standards.

Yes exactly...they should give it to fawad...his acting in fair and lovely ads was amazing...; )


Yes exactly...they should give this award for fawad...his acting in fair and lovely ads was amazing...; )

Yes exactly...they should give this award for fawad...his acting in fair and lovely ads was amazing...; )

Wth? No! He doesn't deserve an award for this role.

OMg this is a joke, why are they ruining Dadasaheb'd name? Raajkumar Rao should get this award and no one else.. Sorry but Phalke awards were given to noted personalities, with these names, it totally ruins the image..

Shahid cried wanted this award after Ranveer won hahah

I thought Dadasaheb Phalke awards were given for overall achievement and not film specific. Am I wrong?

Talk about credibility of the awards! Shahid is not a bad actor but for padmaavat, absolutly waste of an award!

Definitely paid award after just to make himself feel better

thats funny considering shahid was the only one out of the entire cast who thought it was important to DEFEND his performance and give excuse after excuse for it. he felt like an outsider, on a personal level the film was a huge risk, the role was underplayed in the trailer, his character was lesser known historically, his character was not author backed, he didnt want ranveer to feel restricted in any way, he has always had to work harder to achieve career milestones, he would have played khilji 'differently'. just excuse after snide remark after complaint and repeat.

Thanks for the recap. We get it you don't like

Rajkumar Rao in Newton was more deserving than Shahid

I was most disapointed with ranveers khilji n n padmavatis roles. Actors did so much they could but the writing was no good. Deepika just walked around for most part with heavy attires. Khilji was live action of disneys jafar. His laughing n eating etc was over the top n barbaric n too much of mohahaha type

lol what a joke

Only actor who truly deserves. Ranveer singh is a joke & there was no dum on his acting

I thought he was way better than Ranveer Singh Ranveer was over hyped to much

Karan got the award for hosting. So this award is a joke.

yeah.. what a waste of two of these awards...

I'm not a fan of Shahid and I think he's arrogant and passive aggressive but I honestly think he done a good job in padmavati. I watched it the other day having missed it in the cinema and I was expecting an awful performance after reading the comments here but I was pleasantly surprised. His height and looks weren't apt for a Rajput King but his acting and dialogue delivery was very good. Especially in the scene when he first meets Khilji, they both held their own and did a great job.

Very well said. Even I thought the same. Physical appearance did not suit shahid but his class & restrained acting was A1. Well deserved & well done shahid!

we know he is not at the same calibre with ranveer but he truly deserves it.

He truly deserves it


Another paid award

Right there slap on ranveer singh fans lol


What a Joke

His card board performance is getting an award because he played a Rajput King. No other reason to give his half baked role an award.

there goes the award credibility

This year's Dadasaheb Phalke awards are joke.

Well deserved! He did complete justice to the role & frankly speaking it was ranveer singh who overplayed a little!

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