Shahid Kapoor goes 'Wowowwowwadawow' as Kabir Singh's first day occupancy hits a home run

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's Kabir Singh has had a great first day as far as the occupancy is concerned and well, looks like the actor is more than overwhelmed.
Shahid Kapoor goes 'Wowowwowwadawow' as Kabir Singh's first day occupancy hits a home runShahid Kapoor goes 'Wowowwowwadawow' as Kabir Singh's first day occupancy hits a home run
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Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer Kabir Singh has had a great first day run and while the box office numbers shall talk about the success tomorrow, the occupancy for the fil has been quite the hit and the audiences are all gathering at the theatres to watch the movie. In fact, the film has done well enough that the movie has gotten the second biggest opening of the year as far as the occupancy is concerned and well, things do look bright for the film after all.

With the movie has been tracking a Rs 10 crore opening, the fans have been going gaga over Shahid's portrayal and while there has been some criticism for glorying the deeds of his character, it has been hailed as one of Shahid's best performances of all time. While that's that, looks like Shahid is amazed much with the kind of response he has been receiving for the film and with fans tweeting about it all over, one of the tweets caught his attention and his reaction is just priceless. 

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Meanwhile, a source exclusively told us, "Shahid has been in talks with Nikkhil Advani for a film for the last few months. Both Nikkhil and Shahid have been sitting together on meetings and deciding how the script can be bettered. It's again in the drama space and Shahid has really liked the idea. He has already given his verbal nod to the film but is yet to sign on the dotted line. If everything goes well, he will begin Nikkhil's film after Kabir Singh. He also plans to take a small family trip in between."


brilliant portrayal of the character by shahid !loved him in the movie

I have been a shahid fan ever since his first movie ishq vishq. I consider him highly under rated. But his choice of films were bad at the same time some exceptionally good choices as well.

It is really a ghisa pita story and we have seen loads of actors enacting the drunkard. What’s new in that and how is anyone claiming someone else wouldn’t have don’t it ? It’s not a never done in the history kind of role. Telugu actor of the original movie has already done it.

This movie is awesome, and yes Shahid did this role effortlessly. He shines in Kabir Singh, For me I don't think so Ranbir Or Specially Ranveer can do what Shahid did in kabir singh. Movie 4.2 out of 5. Shahid acting 4.7 out of 5.

Well deserved finally. Hope he will reach to be one among top actors in Bollywood. He earned our wishes.

I respectfully disagree. Shahid was never in the 'big league' previously, and hence there was no opportunity for him to enjoy stardom per se.

However, Shahid has evidently found his center now. Earlier it seemed that he was always trying too hard to 'act' and to 'perform' in his roles. He was everything but lackadasical, but to his detriment, his efforts were literally tangible through the screen. He always came across as a 'try hard' actor to me. It was apparent that he put himself under a lot of pressure, but having said that, it seemed to come from a genuine place. It appears that marriage has mellowed him, allowed him to feel comfortable in his own skin and it has enabled him to have confidence in his skill set as an actor. Personally I can't stand the pompous good for nothing Mira but marriage clearly suits him. I am sure that he will now be able to showcase his true potential. Looking forward to seeing the growth and development in his career graph.

If shahid had spent more time on his acting and less time on enjoying fame he would have seen this success ages ago. Well done anyway.

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