Shahid Kapoor: I would definitely want to do a film with Ranveer Singh again

On Famously Filmfare, Shahid Kapoor was asked if he would like to work with his Padmaavat co-star Ranveer Singh in another film. Shahid replied very sweetly that he definitely wants to work with Singh again.
Shahid Kapoor: I would definitely want to do a film with Ranveer Singh againShahid Kapoor: I would definitely want to do a film with Ranveer Singh again
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Shahid Kapoor recently appeared on the controversial talk show Koffee With Karan 6 along with his younger brother Ishaan Khatter. During the show, Karan Johar asked Shahid about alleged issues which took place between Ranveer Singh and him on the sets of Padmaavat. Shahid had said, "It's really a big film and the stakes were very high for everybody. So everybody wanted to have their A-game on. Everybody was doing everything it takes to kind of be in the centre of the limelight. I'm sure everybody felt a bit threatened by each other at some level, it's natural."
Even during the rapid-fire session, when Shahid was asked about his preferred co-star between Saif Ali Khan and Ranveer, he took the former's name. Now, Shahid is all set to mark his presence in another talk show Famously Filmfare. During the show, the host asked him if he would work with Ranveer Singh again. To which, Kapoor replied, "I would definitely want to do a film with Ranveer Singh again!" Well, that's interesting! Would you like to see Shahid and Ranveer in a movie again? Let us know in the comments section below.
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The alleged cold war between Shahid and Ranveer became a topic of discussion last year during the release of their film Padmaavat. When IANS asked Shahid if he would have loved to play Khilji, the talented actor had said, "Of course. Which actor would not wish to play a character like Khilji in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film? You know, once on Koffee with Karan, Ranveer said he would have done my role in Kaminey better than me... I would have done Khilji differently."

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I think he signed up for the film knowing the draw was going to be RS and DP. But i think he might've been disappointed by how much SLB really put Khilji on a pedastal. Technically, his worries were legitimate because most people liked the film because of Khilji. But i don't think it would pay off for Shahid to be shady. If he wants to continue having a harmonious working experience, it's better to not make a big deal about it. Shahid doesn't do the social rounds like Ranveer does and they aren't close. Not all actors have to be. But it doesn't mean they can't work together on a better project.

RS as usual always talking about himself.

Obvi Shahid would have more issue with Saif cause of Kareena. Also, Rangoon was really bad, that movie was the Kangana show, not that she didn't do a great job like always, but it gave no time or depth to the guys' characters.
Similarly SLB ripped off Deepika and Shahid in Padmavat. Ranveer was stupid AF as Khilji. I think people only gave it so much attention cause it was an original character. He was SO over-the-top, and way too young also. Honestly, Shahid would've been way better, or probably an older actor who is good at playing villain like Shahrukh or Sanjay.

Both Ranveer and Shahid are ego maniacs. We're interested in seeing them together.

Ironically I am an Ranveer fan and never thought much of Shahid but even i get why Shahid has a right to be pissed. RS's PR during Padmavat was even more over enthusiastic than DP's and that is saying SOMETHING!!

I feel RS was an ass during the shooting as he self admitted to so called becoming Khilji on the set too. Shahid was disappointed mainly after release as the movie was mainly about Khilji and not even about Padmavati. I refuse to believe Shahid is egotistical and RS is generous..all PR drama.

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