Shahid Kapoor: Mira and I have come closer in a way I can hardly explain

Shahid Kapoor says that he and wife Mira have become closer after the birth of their daughter, Misha.
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Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput are one of the best-looking couples of Bollywood. They have time and again given their fans relationship goals.

Shahid Kapoor spoke to a magazine and revealed how his relationship with wife Mira has changed after the birth of their daughter, Misha. Shahid said, “When we met, we were complete strangers, but once we got talking, there was no stopping us. We realised we were two people who could get along and always have a lot to say to each other. With time, we got to know each other more, and from friends we turned into lovers, and now we’re husband and wife, and parents to a gorgeous little girl.”

He added, “Everything changes once you have a baby. Everything becomes about the child. Mira and I have come closer in a way I can hardly explain. Misha is our first project together. She’s the first common link in our relationship. She’s half of both of us, which is why we named her Misha.”

Shahid also revealed the most special thing about his relationship with wife Mira Rajput and said, “The most special thing, I think, is that we’re both priorities for each other and we know that. We talk about everything and we both have strong opinions about things. We respect each other’s opinions and have learnt how to agree to disagree.”

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Thank God you cant explain it. Or else you would have shoved another 'arrange marriage' gyaan down our throats. Save this gyaans for Misha please.

Relationship goals? And Misha is their project??? Dude just stop talking... you're just going lower n lower.. his whole description of his n miras relationship is getting creepy af. Now a child is a project of theirs ok.. its getting clear on to why kareena n priyanka dulped him.. he lacks so much common sense filled with doucheynes.. whats funny is all these mira talk interviews are arranged by him.. he's paying the reporters/magazine to write abt his "relationship goals"

Of course, as long as she stays subservient, i'm sure he loves her lots. She's literally nobody and he promotes her like he's earning money for it.

Seriously ? You are using your trophy wife to look cool and happening and she is also allowing herself to get used cause "hey I get attention for contributing nothing to society " .. this is my first troll online btw ... Frankly your relationship with your wife is none of our business so why make it one..

Sick of these two bragging about their love for each other.. only those people who can’t express their feeling to their partners seek medium to express.. instead of saying this to the media, they should share their feelings to each other if their love is so strong as they claim

Nobody cares !

WTF, not supporting his co-stars but this MR is busy promoting his wife.That's why Varun,sid even his brother will surpass his stardom.

My God can someone please give me a gun I want to shoot someone

Sick of this guy and his marriage!

Why is everyone so hard on him? He is expressing his love for his wife. I am sure he got asked about it!!

No other bwood star ever felt the need to give explanations on their marriage or relationship the way shahid is doing, i think he knows shes ugly thats why trying to justify hahaha poor shahid

Parrot ki tarah voi baat bole jara hai lol

Okay so im hearing this around 50th time now , someone plz take him to a psychiatrist he needs help

Lmao why is the repeating all these sentences every month ? What the heck is this man trying to proove infront of his exes? They r all wayy better off than him in life wether its pc or bebo!

We don't care

I am just wondering... if they have another child will they name it shami

Over there deepika is getting death threats while promoting padmavati and he is here busy promoting his wife.

There he goes with his wife and perfect arrange marriage gyaan

The way shahid is promoting his wife and mira desperate for attention I feel she's going to become more popular than shahid himself and one thing for sure he doesn't like the women in his life more successful than him just like it happened when he was dating bebo pc sania. Shahid should concentrate on working more hard on his career than using his wife to stay in news this won't help him especially now with actors junior to him like varun ranveer are racing ahead of him.

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