Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput Wedding Anniversary: Parenting to mushy PDA, what makes them ultimate couple goals

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Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput Wedding Anniversary: Parenting to mushy PDA, what makes them ultimate couple goals

Shahid Kapoor broke a million hearts when he had tied the knot with Mira Rajput in July 2015. It was an arranged marriage for the couple and the alliance was fixed by their respective parents. Ever since then Shahid and Mira have been head over heels in love with each other. The two make for a lovely couple and never miss out on a chance to dish out major relationship goals. In fact, even after years of their marriage, Shahid had often stated, “I’m still falling in love with her….a bit more every day”.

This isn’t all. The Kabir Singh actor has also been in awe of Mira’s panache ever since he had met her for the first time and stated that they had spoken for seven hours during their meeting. Interestingly, Shahid and Mira happen to be proud parents of kids Misha and Zain and they definitely make for an adorable family. As the power couple has completed six years of their blissful marriage, they have emerged as a perfect example of what a perfect marriage should be like which includes unconditional support, endless laughter and never ending support. So, on their anniversary, here are certain amazing things about their relationship that are sheer couple goals.


Shahid and Mira have two kids, four year old daughter Misha and two year old son Zain and the proud parents make sure to parent them together. In fact, the star mommy is of the opinion that kids must have their own equation with every parent. Talking about the same, Mira was quoted saying, “You know, I read something the other day, which said, ‘Don’t treat dad as a babysitter, treat him like a parent.’ By that, what you mean is, dad is not going to be there when mom needs time off. Dad is going to do what dad does, he is not going to fill in for mom because he has his own role. My kids are totally different with me than they are with Shahid. They enjoy doing different things with him and they enjoy doing different things with me”.


Both Shahid and Mira happens to be fitness freaks and often used to hit the gym together before the COVID 19 had hit the nation. Even during the lockdown, the power couple had an inhouse gym and makes sure to sweat it out together. While Shahid has been a fitness enthusiast, Mira has also been extremely conscious about fitness and the couple often grab attention with their stylish athleisure.

A supportive partner

Shahid and Mira believe in supporting their partner in whatever he/she does. In fact, Mira can’t stop gushing about how Shahid used to support and calm her through her pregnancies. “Pregnancy is a beautiful journey you embark on with your partner and one should embrace it and never shy away from the same. I was only able to do this with complete support from both Shahid and my family,” she was quoted saying to Zoom Tv. On the other hand, Shahid also lets Mira live the way she wants and is even supportive about her making a Bollywood debut. “She has all her life to figure out so many things for herself. Then she can do what she wants to,” he had stated. This isn’t all. Mira also gushed about Shahid’s supportive nature and said, “His fluidity towards life is another quality I love. It’s helped me ease up a lot. He’s lived longer, so if anything, I can benefit from his experience, and he can benefit from my fresh perspective.”

Mira’s equation with Shahid Kapoor’s family

Mira doesn’t hail from the filmy family. However, the lady has gelled very well in Shahid’s filmy parivaar and shares a great equation with everyone. Be it the Haider star’s father Pankaj Kapur, mother Neliima Azeem, step brother Ishaan Khatter, step mother Supriya Pathak and her kids Sanaah Kapoor and Ruhaan Kapoor. Sanah had earlier told India Today, “Mira is an amazing person who has entered our family. I can't imagine the time when she wasn't there. She has so easily become a part of us. She is so lovely and caring. Mira and I are like best friends, we are very close to each other. She is almost my age, so it's easy to relate to each other”.

Mushy PDA

Shahid and Mira are active on social media and often give a glimpse of their family life. In fact, they are often seen sharing love filled posts for each other to express their love for their partner, be it to say how much they miss them or how they tend to spend time together. Clearly, Shahid and Mira love to paint the town red with their romance.

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