Shahid Kapoor on not defending Kabir Singh's criticism: People who saw the film were doing it for me

Updated on Jul 24, 2019 02:34 PM IST  |  2.9M
Shahid Kapoor on not defending the criticism coming in the way of Kabir Singh: People who saw the film did it for me
Shahid Kapoor on not defending the criticism coming in the way of Kabir Singh: People who saw the film did it for me

Shahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh has gone on to become a box office hit, and while this movie has definitely broken all records for the actor, there is also a lot of criticism that has come his way, and interestingly, he never went out and about defending the film, or telling people to not hate it. The actor, in a recent interview, said, he did not do the interview because he felt everyone was aggressive and he did not think it was healthy. He also added how he did not want to go attacking anybody and did want to speak about a film like a film should be spoken about. He also added how it is interesting that people make weekend conversation over it seem to have a sense of ownership more than those who have actually spent a year making it.

He never defended the film and he feels there was never a need to do it because he had an army out there which was doing everything on its own. He adds how his fans have always been with him and the most amazing thing about his film was he never had to promote it after the release and never had to defend things because people who saw it did it for him. He further added how that just shows how people connected with it and they felt about it very strongly. He said, and we quote, "Maybe the way Kabir loves Preeti, is the way people love this film. Something about the film has made that connect with people."

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Talking about the anger coming his way for the scene where Kabir slaps Preeti (Kiara Advani), he questions if everything else he did would be okay only if he did not slap the girl? He adds how people feel that it is unacceptable for Kabir Singh to slap a girl and so his character is unacceptable but he adds how they want us to feel this is unacceptable and his behavior has gone beyond control.


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