Shahid Kapoor on Rangoon:Vishal Sir and I didn’t make a great film; not easy for a filmmaker to hear criticism

In a candid interview with a daily, Shahid Kapoor talked about his films Padmaavat and Rangoon. He accepted that Rangoon was not a great film and did not connect with the audience.
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Shahid Kapoor has been receiving immense adulation for his performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Padmaavat. Shahid has been doing films with the best directors in the country over the last few years. Last year, he worked with his Kaminey director Vishal Bharadwaj in Rangoon. Shahid worked with Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the film.

In an interview with a leading daily, Shahid spoke about the debacle of the film. He said, “Vishal Sir and I make a great pair, but we didn’t make a great film. A lot of things went wrong with Rangoon. It was made on a large budget, but failed to connect with the audience. He is a great filmmaker, one who helped me redefine myself and search for characters. It’s not easy for a filmmaker to hear criticism. It’s like commenting on his/her baby. It’s better to have that conversation a few years later, when they’re able to see the faults.”

He also spoke about professional risks he has taken in the last couple of years. “I was not this secure four years ago. But now, I do it to keep boredom at bay. I am not a newcomer who is merely excited about being in the industry.”

He added, “In Padmaavat, it was the sheer fact that I found myself scouting for my lines while reading the script. I had a line or two, here and there. But there’s a kick in being able to pull that off.”

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I actually liked the movie. Kangana and Shahid's chemistry was sizzling.

Shahid needs to stop talking. End of Story.

yeah, he was born into the industry, so why would be excited to be in it? his parents were both actors.

Rangoon was good! A more wholesome movie than Padmaavat. He should keep quite.

I did not like Rangoon. And I'm weirded out that other people have even said he was good, because he was super wooden, and Saif and Kangana did a great job. He should be able to tell when he did better than other times. Udta Punjab was amazing for him, he deserved every award he got, he was better than everyone else.

He lost his mind bcz his deep insecurities. God how kangana have handle him.salute to her.

At least he didn't give the usual diplomatic answers.

his bitterness against kangana was apparent during promotions of Rangoon. after ranveer completely eclipsed him as alaudin and made him look like a wooden marionette in fancy dress he has lost all common sense and is now shooting his own foot. will vishal ever work with him again? no! self respecting director would!

He is so insecure of every person. He did not make any movie. He was the weakest point of the movie anyway.

Vishal Bharadwaj never spoke abt Rangoon debacle he accepted it.. it is u loser who need to accept d fact n move on rather than taking digs at others n being jealous of others success!

Sour grapes

Who will want to work with this man??

You didn't make Rangoon. And there was someone called Kangana and Saif in the film too

i have no words for this bitterness. I am sick of him

Merely excited to be in this industry... Taking a dig at Ranveer?

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