Shahid Kapoor said THIS when he was asked who would he have married if not Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor, during an interview, spoke about life after marriage, kids Zain and Misha, and other things.
Shahid Kapoor said THIS when he was asked who would he have married if not Mira RajputShahid Kapoor said THIS when he was asked who would he have married if not Mira Rajput
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Shahid Kapoor's marriage to Mira Rajput back in 2015 was nothing short of a sweet surprise, and the two had nothing short of a dream wedding. The couple has been under the radar of the media despite Mira not being a celebrity or belonging to the entertainment fraternity. And now, Mira and Shahid have both become a thing together, obviously because they are married and also because they often give out couple goals. The two have two kids, duaghter Misha and son Zain.

Shahid has been an open book about most of the things that have happened in his life and in interviews, he is always is true self. Be it Koffee With Karan alongside brother Ishaan Khattar or now, Famously Filmfare where he was straight and admitted to what is. Both Shahid and Mira have also been in the news owing to the age gap they have, and when the actor was asked who would he marry if not Mira, the actor answered someone older. Clarifying the statement further and laughing it off when the interviewer asked if he says that because of the current trend, he also added how he meant someone older than Mira and not him.

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Mira and Shahid do have a huge age gap, but Shahid, while speaking about Mira in the same interview, also stated how she is mature deep down and further said how would someone hold all of this together otherwise. Shahid also admitted to being a craddle-snatcher, and said it is what it is and he can't deny it.

On the work front, the actor will be seen in the remake of Arjun Reddy, Kabir Singh, co-starring Kiara Advani. Pictures from the sets came out a couple of days ago and it seems that the two are enjoying their time working on the film.


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He has nothing other than talk about Mira .

ranbir in relationships is a joke whereas shahid was ok. kareena and he were cute. priyanka is too ambitious to love someone really

Should only actress be proud and arrogant? Whoever is the idiot commenting here, any normal woman can possess those characters, then why not a beautiful woman like Mira??

Sure anyone can be proud. But there should be something worthwhile to be proud about which garners respect and admiration. What is Mira’s achievement? What is there to for her to be proud about?!? She should first do something worthwhile and then be proud and arrogant

Look at the arrogance on mira's face as if she is some top actress

Cute couple

Personally, I find Mira quite irritating, but she was good for Shahid and good for him to marry outside the industry. In all his famous couples, Priyanka, Vidya, Kareena, he only ever seemed to be insecure of having a talented actress girlfriend, and the girls came out at all-time lows from those relationships, like what Ranbir does.

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