Shahid Kapoor shares an adorable picture with baby boy Zain Kapoor; calls him his 'sun'

Shahid Kapoor's picture with son Zain Kapoor is beyond adorable. Check it out.
Shahid Kapoor shares an adorable picture of Zain Kapoor; calls him his 'sun'Shahid Kapoor shares an adorable picture of Zain Kapoor; calls him his 'sun'
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Shahid Kapoor turned father to baby boy Zain Kapoor last September and we have been waiting for him to share some playful moments with the baby boy ever since. Shahid seems to have finally given to our wishes and shared an ultra adorable picture with Zain wherein the father-son duo seems to be sharing a cute moment. Shahid shared the picture by calling him his 'sun'. 

Now, this could metaphorically mean his light, his sunlight or son*. Well, whatever be it, we are in awe of this picture perfect snap. Check it out and tell us what you think about it in the comments below. Meanwhile, Zain is little brother to baby Misha, who continues to make us gush with her cuteness. The little one is gorwing to be a beautiful kid and naughty as well and we love this side to her, thanks to Mira Rajput who keeps updating us with her everyday stunts. 


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Earlier, Neelima Azim in an interview with Pinkvilla had told us why the family named the boy Zain. She said, "I think it is the name that has been running in everybody's mind for a long time but obviously, it was his parents who decided to call him Zain. But this name has been there in the family. I have a nephew with the same name. It is a beautiful name."



Poor child looks like Nepali due to his ugly- looking Nepalese mother.

He s such a little doll, looks so much like his paternal grandpa!

Shahid and Mira do make good looking babies :)

So cute and adorable little Zain Kapoor with his father Shahid Kapoor loved the chemistry between father and son so cute and sweet loved the pic god bless you little Zain Kapoor with prosperity of love and peace with characterful values of great heartful happiness and success in your life love you cute little Zain Kapoor respect of great heartful happiness in my heart for both father and son

Aww... cutie!

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