Sharat Saxena feels like a ‘punching bag’, talks about rumour spread by Raza Murad that cost him losing work

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Sharat Saxena feels like a ‘punching bag’ (Pic credit: Stills from Sherni Trailer)

Bollywood actor Sharat Saxena is well-known for playing the role of antagonists in several films. Now, in a recent interview with Rediff, the Sherni actor revealed that he was treated like a ‘punching bag’ for almost 35 years in the Hindi film industry. Whenever the actor recalls playing villanious roles, he feels that every hero would beat him to make themselves look good on the silver screen. During the same interaction, Sharat also revealed a rumour was spread by Raza Murad that ended up costing him losing a crucial role.

"Because I was a muscular person, I used to get work as an action character. I used to do a lot of fights. I used to get beaten up by the heroes. In Kaala Patthar, I was in the introduction sequence for three heroes (Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor and Shatrughan Sinha). Every hero would come, beat me up, establish himself as the hero and carry on with the film. I was a punching bag of the film, and that was the story of my life for the first 35 years of my career”, Sharat Saxena told Rediff.

Further on the actor expressed, he was unhappy with the kind of work he was receiving in the Hindi film industry and hence he decided to try his luck in Tollywood. Sharat shared that one day he learnt about getting recommended by Aamir Khan for a role in the movie Ghulam. However, he didn’t end up receiving the role due to a rumour that was spread by Raza Murad.

While he was working on a South film, Raza told everyone that he had quit Bollywood for good and moved to Chennai. Since people believed that Sharat did not reside in Bombay, the makers did not contact him and he ended up losing a crucial role.

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