Shashank Khaitan reveals atmosphere on Dhadak sets after Janhvi Kapoor resumed shooting post Sridevi’s demise

Dhadak has been helmed by Shashank Khaitan and features Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter in the lead roles. The movie is scheduled for a release on July 20, 2018.
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Janhvi Kapoor, the darling daughter of late actor Sridevi, is 10 days away from her Bollywood debut. Starring alongside Ishaan Khatter, Shahid Kapoor’s half-brother, in Dhadak, Janhvi plays the role of a girl belonging to an upper-middle-class family from Rajasthan. The movie is a Hindi adaptation of a popular Marathi movie, Sairat. 
It is well known that Janhvi’s mom Sridevi was amongst the happiest and was waiting impatiently for Kapoor’s debut but months before Dhadak’s release, the Hawa Hawaii actor passed away in a Dubai hotel after having accidentally slipped into the bathtub. 
Janhvi resumed shooting for Dhadak within 13 days of this unfortunate loss. Revealing how difficult the decision was, director Shashank Khaitan told DNA, "It was very important not just for me but for my entire team to isolate what had happened as a personal tragedy and get back to filmmaking in a professional way. Everything I felt at that point was dealt on a personal level. Credit to Janhvi and her family on how they dealt with it. When we came back on sets, it was really important that we focus on the film and not let it bog us down or do things differently because then we would be cheating the film.”
He also added that when Janhvi resumed, she took the pain in her stride and continued shooting in the most professional way. Shashank said, "We were behaving the way we were earlier and trying to make things normal. We had a proper 12-hour working day when she returned and we didn't make any special efforts to reduce the time or go slower.”
"As someone who knows her and her family, there were certain things I would do differently on a personal level which I would continue to do. But as a film director, I had a responsibility not only towards her but to everybody associated with 'Dhadak'," he added.
Dhadak is scheduled to release on July 20, 2018, and has been produced under Karan Johar’s home banner Dharma Productions.

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i think this would have in a way helped her to divert ..unlike boney and she didnt have a choice to sit at home and i guess it was a blessing for her... really sad..cant imagine ...they are starts and celeberties but the underlying emotion is the same...

her mum did the same when jahnvi's nani must take courage&the show must go dont really think they have a choice as well to stay back home for a few mnth to loads of moolah rides on one film.

Even when Janhvi's nana dies during Lamhe, Sridevi did not give up!

Normal people dont sit at home either. they report to work after 12-13 days. stop elevating sridevi and her daughter.

Its Sridevi's father who died during Lamhe..Her bad time started after that personally. Mom fell ill, she had wrong surgery, then court case, mom got bedridden, Sridevi slowly reduced her movies. Had her parents were alive for few more years, Sridevi's life would have been very different. Thats destiny.

Why do we need to know this?

why do people like you comment?

It’s good she returned back to work and diverted her thoughts or else that nightmare would eat up her brain. It’s really frightening and even her dad doesn’t seem healthy, don’t know how many times this thought crossed her mind.

I think that thought has crossed all his children's mind. Maybe that's why they first started doing a live production of Hum saath saath hai - with all the bhaiya, behna and didi stuff - all for their dad's peace of mind.

The fact that the four have actually ended up liking each other well enough to spend time together seems incidental.

I can imagine how difficult it must have been.. being not well and passing away is different and a healthy person dyeing is different..on top of that media speculations..had to deal all these at such an young age. Janhvi must have toughened up a bit in the past few months..Good luck to her.

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