Shatrughan Sinha endorses opposition to Padmavati; Karni Sena applauds the veteran actor's stand

Shatrughan Sinha has hit out against filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali for holding a private screening of Padmavati for select mediapersons.
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Veteran actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha has hit out against filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali for holding a private screening of Padmavati for select mediapersons even before the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had certified the film. He spoke at the sidelines of an event organised by Karni Sena. 
He said Bhansali promised that he will screen the film first to the members of Karni Sena but didn’t keep his promise.  The Bihar unit of Sri Rajput Karni Sena has felicitated  Shatrughan Sinha by presenting a photograph of queen Padmini for opposing the film. 
Shatrughan had earlier tweeted, "As Padmavati becomes a burning controversy, people are asking why the legendary @SrBachchan, most versatile @aamir_khan & most popular @iamsrk have no comments..& how come our I&B Minister or our most popular Hon'ble PM (according to PEW) are maintaining stoic silence. High time!."
"As for me, I would & should speak on Padmavati issue only after the "great filmmaker, producer S.L.Bhansali" speaks up. I speak only when I am spoken to & I will speak keeping in mind the interests of the filmmaker as well as the sensitivity, valour, loyalty of the great Rajputs," added the veteran actor. 
It all started when Karni Sena members objected to an intimate scene between Rani Padmini (Deepika Padukone) and Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh). Bhansali released a video that there was no dream sequence involving Alauddin Khilji and Padmavati in his film.
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When women are abused, beaten and raped in Rajasthan then Karni Sena doesn’t see their women ‘s pride being hurt ,trampled and killed . Double standards. We are nothing but a large bunch of hypocrites. The story has been there for centuries in School history books and comics, nobody came forward to ban it or erase it. Movie yes......,because how would you get to be in the limelight then????? Sentiments hurt.....rubbish you take the effort to read ,and educate yourself, one movie cannot take away anyone ‘s pride. Watch or don’t watch it .........:that’s it!!!!!!!!!!

Jab tak iss desh mein "saneema"(cinema) hai...log chutiya bante rahenge-Ramadhir Singh

SLB is the best director of indian cinema and we support him

Today it is karni sena, tomorrow it will be bhawani a country like india there are countless fringe elements.. is a filmmaker supposed to pre screen his movie for everyone who takes offence based on their imagination?? He showed it to a couple of media persons so that they could refute the rumors started by karni sena

See you completely miss the point here. Rani Padmavati is movie for Bhansali. For Karni Sena she's an important part of there growing up, history, and lineage. Imagine if movie is based on your great grandparents, naturally you'd like to see it before it is released. With so many speculations, Bhansali should have shown the movie to these guys. If you still don't understand the situation here, may be you don't want to.

people talk about freedom of expression, yes there should be but everything has a limit too. If we take this particular case, Rani Padmini was ready to accept to burn herself rather than that stupid khilji touch her and now if a film maker makes a movie and shows even a dream sequence which is intimate between the stupid khilji and Rani Padmini imagine how hurtful it is for her family and her soul. but then people should also give a thought that this particular movie , without knowing for sure whether any such thing is there in the movie or not and blindly protesting is not correct. but as a hindu it does hurt me that anyone and everyone is ready to take ''LIBERTIES'' in creativity only about hindu religion like the senseless movie PK(until today i fail to understand why that movie was such a big hit, acting was terrible of all the actors including amir, story - there was nothing), the title of a movie ''sexy durga'' but do not even dare to think leave about making movie about any other religion ,

Girl she is FICTIONAL get your head outta ya ass lmfaooooo

The idiocy of posts like this ^ is infuriating. Just because Rani Padmini was 'Hindu', doesn't make this movie about Hinduism v/s Islam. Religion is on the forefront of your mind but not everyone thinks like you and certainly not all the time. Get a life. Stop viewing everything and everyone from the your narrow minded view of what religion one belongs to. Seriously! And I don't care if anyone dares to make a 'derogatory' movie about another religion (and spit out.. just have the courage to say what you really want to say .. say 'Muslim'). If they can't handle it, it's their uneducated thinking and their problem. If a Hindu person doesn't take offence, and takes in the spirit it is intended, I'm proud of that Hindu because he or she is a genuine person and is taking Hinduism forward. Religion too is man-made and it must progress as well for the true progress of society. It isn't relevant what religious beliefs were like 500 or even 100 years ago. I'm a proud Hindu but I am from today's world. A religion must be as modern and accommodating as its followers in a given era. Otherwise, it's a prison and harbinger for hate and violence as we clearly see everyday. If Hindus are accommodating and forward thinking, be proud - don't insult them by making comparisons with other religions which are stuck in an outdated past.

Seriously, what is wrong with SLB? Why go back on the agreement he made with them?

He didn't make any agreement with them. They demanded that he show them the film first. He responded saying he will only show it to the censor board as is the custom. The Karni Sena can't just make up rules while they themselves break all law and order in society.

Politicians should focus on real issues! India will never progress in the world when their politicians are protesting movies!!

I think Karni sena has taken this issue to another level, but for Rajputs their queen is their pride and her jauhar is a very sacred thing for them. However, I think this can be sorted in a peaceful way.

It might not be the dream sequence that is upsetting them . But the fact that a muslim Khilji invaded their kingdom.

Of course. That is what is bothering their fragile egos. And that the rest of India will be reminded of the reality of their so-called prowess in the battlefield! They couldn't stop this Muslim leader centuries ago so they will take their revenge now on unarmed artistes.

Like Rishi Kapoor, Shatrugan Sinha is also a bitter old man. Losers in life who find a reason put everyone and everything down. These old men are unhappy with their lives so find others to bash.

My god he needs a job!!

One should be allowed the freedom to show the movie to whomsoever they wish to show. This isn't the first movie, nor it going to be the last one, to be shown to media first.

He keeps changing his views, first he was supported slb and the movie now he changed.bad

I just want to see the movie. That's all.

What he said is true. Slb made a mistake.

Karni Sena should look into their region's terrible state of affairs for the girl child and women, which makes international news everyday, before they cry over supposed 'insult' to their (fictional) queen. They hardly know how to respect their own women; they have no right whatsoever to complain about others over something that hasn't even happened and is only in their backward, warped imagination. What Rajput pride do they speak of? Read the facts. They should be ashamed.

When you start the argument by saying the queen is fictional, you show the mental biases that you carry with your opinion. She was never fictional. It's a real person from history. Just visit one or two forts in Rajasthan and you'd know. Too many biases my friend. You would never get it.

Your point of argument is irrelevant. One must alway stick to the issue and find solutions. A answer for a problem is not another problem.

Indeed you are wrong. Just look at all their interviews on TV news channels. They are going on and on about the 'disrespect' to their queen, a woman. They have gone to the extent of calling Deepika Padukone a 'bhaand' (pardon my use of the word here, I'm only quoting) on national TV and have said they will kill her, cut her nose etc - in fact this a true reflection of how they really treat women. This isn't an irrelevant point. It is very much in context of their ridiculous arguments against the film. Bringing out the hypocrisy of the situation is crucial to get to the heart of it and show these goons the mirror.

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