Shekhar Suman takes a jibe at Kangana Ranaut on Twitter

Shekhar Suman posts a cryptic tweet after Simran's release.
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Kangana Ranaut’s ex-boyfriend Adhayayan Suman had made explosive revelations about his relationship with the actress to a leading daily a couple of years ago. He had claimed that Kangana used to be physically abusive towards him.

He had told a leading daily, “I was walking down the stairs with her, when she turned around and slapped me! She said, “You are jealous of my success!” The intensity of the slap was so hard I was almost crying. That was the first time she got violent. I will never forget that night. I dropped her home and she picked up her stiletto and threw it at me! I picked up my phone and smashed it against the wall. I didn’t know how to vent my anger. That was the start of her physical violence with me.”

Kangana had retorted, “He was 95 kgs and I was of 49 kgs. How could I ever hit him? I wouldn’t be able to? However, now that I look at it, I should have hit him,” on a talk-show while promoting Simran. Kangana has been in the news after she made revelations about her personal life during Simran promotions. 

Kangana’s film Simran has taken an average opening at the box-office. Today, Shekhar Suman posted a cryptic tweet on his social media account, “Itna hungama ..itna shor sharaba..nateeja?khoda pahad ..nikli chuhiya!”.

Shekhar Suman had openly opposed Adhyayan’s relationship with Kangana Ranaut while they were in a relationship. Shekhar had also tweeted after the release of Rangoon, “One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom.She has fallen flat on her face n how. Guess this is poetic justice.”

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G8 kangana

She made many neutral fans angry .. like me. She attacked one of the stars that I am fan of . And that star is Anuska Sharma. She insulted Anuska by insulting Sultan and telling how Sultan is below her level. I think she is wrong --So can't like her anymore

Who are you?

Ever heard of Movers & Shakers? Or Dekh Bhai Dekh? Nope? Oh right! You 've been living under a rock. He mightn't be saying the correct things but denying an artiste's body of work, especially one who has been in the industry for so long, is the lamest thing one can do. I am guessing you haven't heard about his professionalism from the producer & director of Dekh Bhai Dekh. His son was suffering from a would be fatal illness and he never asked for his payments. That's professionalism. Not going around shouting about your exes.
Oh but wait, why am I saying this? Nobody's heard about you either. So let's start all over again, shall we? WHO ARE YOU?

Many Indian men think they are superior

1 thing i notice is KR gets lot of flak after movie fails unlike Vidya or any other. She has rattled many it seems.

And who exactly is shekhar suman???? Some D grade actor.. Atleast Kangana has talent though i dont like her personally!!

The marketing budget of simran was close to 10 crore. as accepted by many big stars (SRK, Salman etc) 80% of it is spent on tv shows. kangana only appeared in 3-4 shows, 3 of which were headline grabbing interviews where she spoke only about her personal life. So does that mean that close to 7-8 crore was paid to one or 2 dance reality shows she went to?? This indicates that those interviews were not coincidence but a part of the film's PR budget. I dont blame kangana alone but the producers also for opting to choose such a vile method of publicity. These guys are idiots to forget that there aren't just fans who watch movies, but a huge % of neutral audience whom u don't want to piss off..

Simran got such bad reviews that director Hansal Mehta had to delete his twitter account today. LMAO! Poor guy! Wish he had stopped Kangana from doing all the relationship drama.

I wish they would all stop talking about it now, it needs to end. I think Hrithik is the one who caused all this trouble, if he expected Kangana to keep her mouth shut while he literally accused her of being mentally unstable and thinking a whole relationship in her head, then he's an idiot. It was a fling for him, it wasn't for Kangana and she clarified everything he accused her of. Shehkar Suman's son is the one who gave out a lengthy interview accusing Kangana of crazy things so she hit back too. I wish she would stop talking about Aditya Pancholi though.

Shekar suman & shahid kapoor r simply bang on.simply playing fake woman card.vile woman

I support Kangana as an actress and standing up so boldly as a woman in a society like India, but I wouldn't want to know her in person. She seems like she would be a nightmare to deal with in real life, and would turn around and bite you if things do not go her way exactly. She is not friend or girlfriend material. What she is though, she is a really good sister.

So many comments are the same as the dad on the film hit them when down!! Mentality kya bat!!

I wanted to watch Simran, but all I get when I see Kangana is negativity and poor me vibes, so decided against.

Same here, gave it a miss due to her attitude.

This is very Indian!! Salman kept quiet about hitting Ash and so did Ash. So i guess in India we do well if we keep quiet. I say we because i an 1st gen Indian in Canada. Sad.

I didn't understand the last line of his tweet , what does it mean ? Her driver had also accused her of roughing him up , it would be good if she clarified it.

Well, when she was asked about that incident, she refused to comment. That tells you everything!

I HEARD THIS EVEN FROM SALMAN SAYING IF I HIT SOMEONE CAN THEY SURVIVE ...... bigger hitting smaller or smaller hitting bigger they can hit ...... they can do it and they are in shock to respond or in love to excuse it.Because they are not prepared for it and they won't expect that can kind of abuse from loved ones .... thats what called domestic violence we bare it expecting change in our loved one's ,expecting they will not do this again , they will mend their ways . If really salman had been violent to aishwarya he may did it , he loves her may be he wouldnt hit her so hard that she may die ? that could happen similarly with adhyayan suman alsohe may not expected from kangana.

Shame!! And even Kangana needs to stop talking about her past.

I watched this movie today in atlanta and kangana totally nailed it, this is actually a true story of sandeep kaur, it also portrays the mirage of NRI dream, not all Indians live a happy life here.. first part was good but the second part could have been better for example the potential husband who is on student visa gave $50k to her? trust me that's not possible..they could have shown 1-2 stories about how patels work so hard in gas stations and motels and how our desis struggle hard to make it here or how immigrants are exploited. but definitely, kangana was brilliant!!

sumans are over protective towards their son ...may be because they had lost their 1st son due to heart ailment at a very young age and they were blessed with another.

I saw Adhyayan interview. And i think he is a genuine guy. Glad he is now with a woman who is hotter than her. And am sure, any other woman will be better natured than this retard

Simran is a Disaster. But not a bigger Disaster than her.

Well, if she can abuse n lie about others, why cant he?

hahaha is is the only chance to get into the headlines of the media. As for Aditya. The power of the queen!

Well, Kangana is beating a powerful industry male like Farhan! That's something.

Nice joke. If he was so powerful, he wud hv got mroe screens than her. He is a flop actor, got less screens, less media footage but still his film has grown on both Saturday and Sunday. Unlike hers. Which has remained flat

His movie Bhoomi is releasing next week, he better not get carried away

Like father like son - total hypocrite.. born losers..

No one follows "Let your work speak" anymore. Kangna had it coming.

If she can attack his son then why can't he say's two way around..nobody asked her to have affair with these guys she is equally responsible for her son story

ohh what a pathetic and a negative person. She has done an amazing job in the movie. He should watch the movie first...then only make a comment.

No matter how good her movie is; I can't watch her movie. I think all these men are losers- don't care about them. But I feel betrayed as a woman thinking how Kangana manipulated media in the name of feminism. Can't stand such pseudo feminist who can only do more damage to us.

Why are Kangana's fans not watching her movies?

Ya if kangana can do why cant he say something kangana supporter are blind

Kangana is so aggressive and mean...just read her reply...but it's great that adhyayan had the chance to tell his story and exposing will help him to move on...

According to her fans, only she has the right to abuse others or say watever nonsense about others. Breaking news. Every individual no matter Wat their status or gender has the equal right to speak their mind. Hypocrites

Well its a two way street. If she can dish it others, the others can do the same. He didn't address it to her. He didn't even say anything abusive. Anywho, she physically abused his son. Which wasn't cool at all. You are smaller than someone doesn't mean you can hit/ hurt the other person. What baloney!

i usually don't agree with you on most things, but so true about this its def a two way street. Just because someone is smaller its stupid to say how could i hurt a bigger person.

people say don't put all in one pot but looking by comment this is an Indian mindset!!!

Guess Kangana fans are too cheap to buy movie tickets

He is only giving her a dose of her own medicine.

Well said. Did so much nautanki n got opening of 2 Crs. Vidya n Anushka got more than double opening for her films without all this drama. LC didn't get that many screens nor that much media coverage as her. So only fools will think a small edge over it as some achievement.

Simran is a great movie. all should watch it for the fails and the success of an NRI who are stuck between 2 very different social state!! It's a great story doesn't matter if you like her or not narrative should be seen and her performance is worthy at any cost.

Kangana 's AIB video got more views in no time than the trailor of movie simran. This proves people like item number type song and movies.

Sadly true, that's how KJo's films become hits.

Sure Suman, your 95 kg chooha Adhyan has achieved so much success that we should all give him a standing ovation for it

No one can say she didn't do her job well!! Every single critic has appreciated her work. Watch Simran for trapped in speeding social change and how home environment impacts your life.

After the Disastrous response of her films like-- Katti Batti, Knock Out, Rascals, Game, Tezz, Unngli, Rangoon, Waada Raha, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Miley Na Mileey Hum, Revolver Rani, Double Dhamaal and many other films (list is endless) Kangana Ranaut has become a ---- CERTIFIED PSYCHO FLOPSTAR.

Mr. Shekhar Suman also bowed down to his level by calling Kangana names and attacking her publicly so that his son's career takes off. Isn't tht how he got Bhumi?? Otherwise, who even knows of his son's existence?

This really in bad taste,when a father attack his son's girlfriend! It should be his son if he has something to say! Kangana should thanks her lucky stars that relationship did last, otherwise , this is the kind of father in law ,she would have to deal with!

Shekhar Suman is waiting for an opportunity to attack Kangana and bring her down. We watched Simran here in the US and feel that it is a good movie with excellent performance by Kangana. Infact, her performance in this movie is stellar...she is very convincing and has portrayed her character really well. The screenplay could've been better but the movie is still very very good and Kangana carries the film very well on her shoulders.
She deserves a national award for this movie! Infact, this is her best performance so far....

Simran is not just good but a great film. It shows many problems and aspirations of NRI and IN Indians but in India people still want that Item number or cringe sex scene and this is where Simran fails!! I am very happy i saw it and appreciate the makers for it.

Simran box office verdict is yet to be declared (film might slowly pick up pace through WOM) and these loser father-son duo are already celebrating.

Kangana bring a superstar should get great opening . What is this word of mouth ? Please post

Queen was run in word of mouth!! TWM2 was not. You have been spoon fed!! Please PV post.

Lol Kangana deserves it. If she can take digs and abuse others so she will too be abused by others.

If this is how you think you are worse then how you see KR, you are happy for 40 others to fail. be better tomorrow then you are today.

What about the fact that Kangana's film is fairing better then Farhan!! Ignorant shit!!

Actually that is questionable because these media sites don't include the fact that Farhan's movie ahd half the screens as Kangana's. I think they are both doing about the same business. I hope they both pick up as they are both good movies.

Coward people bring other people down when their at their's lowest. Not a kangana die hard fan and seriously I believe she should stop talking about past and working on her future bcuz she is hella talented and controversies overshadow all of that. Waiting for Manikarnika eagerly!

He is the saddest person!! He is waiting for bad news so he can troll her who does that!!

There was as much noise made by Farhan too. Of course no one cares.

Really? whom Farhan accuse and bashed? which superstar he used to promote his film?

everywhre saw him promote ndtv, zoom, bl, and more.

Why would you analyse her film..... Can't stop !! Like son like father,get a life...

She deserves it. She is nothing better than these people she complained about.

Aghast at how people are happy with others fall if you can call that. It shows the ignorance and jalouse of Indian society!! I loved the Simran because as a 2nd gen American i can understand being sandwich between 2 culture!!

She hasn't appreciated anyone in the industry or anyone from her previous relationships. That speaks volumes about her..Next target Ajaydevgan for Manikarnika..We all are party to it. This should stop, once and for all.

The movie is good. Kangana's acting is good. So who has failed? Audieance has time and again failed to watch good movies. The public is mind controlled on extreme fictional movies and fake styling.

She is rhe pathetic one.. attacking everyone without any reason!

at least she has films. no more if they flop or not, but these people have no career at all.

Disgusting Suman family! She is getting rave reviews and is still the top most actress in the country. Ten times more success than he ever received in his 30-40 year career. Losers!!

Agree with Shekaher here. Much ado about nothing.

LOL Simran's opening was mere 2+ crores. Such low opening despite all the heavy duty promotional drama. Shows Kangana has very poor star power.

Suman & his son are jobless. Suman looks like a puffed bhojpuri actor!

Simran is heading for DISASTER verdict at the Box Office.

Really? Where did you get this information from?

I loved Simran! It was an amazing film and her acting was superlative! Another national award. You and your son should learn something. C-grade duffers!

Thanks Suman ju ... Kangana is a n evil lady!!!

If you or your son in ur whole life...does half of the acting kangana does in simran... you can write dat..but...Alas... thats not the case. So shut up please.

These people are pathetic. Always attacking her when her film doesn't do well.

And kangana attack people when her movies are about to be release.

Ya She is pathatic...always attaking others when her film is releasing.

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