Shilpa Shetty makes first appearance after husband Raj Kundra’s arrest; Talks about remaining positive

Updated on Aug 19, 2021 11:09 AM IST  |  185.6K
Shilpa Shetty makes first appearance after husband Raj Kundra’s arrest; Talks about remaining positive

Days after keeping herself away from the media, actress Shilpa Shetty made her first virtual appearance after the arrest of her husband Raj Kundra. He was arrested on July 19 for his alleged involvement in the making and publication of adult films through online applications.  The actress was a part of COVID 19 fundraiser, We For India, on Independence Day. 

To note, Raj Kundra is currently in judicial custody. Shilpa is a fitness enthusiast and during the virtual event, she demonstrated how to do breathing exercises. She was quoted saying that we are living in times when everything is dependent on breathing. It is through our breathing process we protect our whole system. If one keeps their nasal passage cleanse, then automatically oxygen can reach the brain cells properly and immunity is increased. She even demonstrated the process.  

Shilpa further says why it is needed to keep ourselves positive and keep negative thoughts away. “When we are in problems, all kinds of thoughts come to our mind especially negative. But if we wish we can control them. That is why for keeping positive thoughts it is important to control your breath. That is why pranayama has become integral to remain positive and improve breathing”.

The actress has recently released a statement, “The past few days have been challenging, on every front. There have been a lot of rumours and accusations. A lot of unwarranted aspersions on me cast by the media and (not so) well wishers as well. A lot of trolling/questions posed… not only to me but also to my family. MY STAND… I HAVE NOT COMMENTED YET and will continue to refrain from doing so on this case as it is subjudice, so please stop attributing false quotes on my behalf. Reiterating my philosophy of, as a celebrity “Never complain, never explain”. All I will say is, as it’s an on-going investigation, I have full faith in the Mumbai Police & the Indian judiciary”. The matter is under investigation.

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Anonymous : Shame on her. She is least bothered that her husband is 8n jail who provided so lavishly for her. She is not a role model for younger generation.
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : The wife of a pimp is the worst kind of woman.
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : Cherishing and counting her days outside the jail.. the fate is certain.. it is just a question of when?
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : Good for you SSK for not hiding.. show up and own it!!
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : She will never divorce him.he is her meal ticket .
REPLY 11 1 month ago
Anonymous : Use pranayama when you’re in jail
REPLY 9 1 month ago
Anonymous : lollll
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : Is she and her mother too are arrested for forgery and cheating?
REPLY 10 1 month ago