Shruti Modi's lawyer says Sushant Singh Rajput's staff discussed drugs; Claims she informed the late actor

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Shruti Modi's lawyer says Sushant Singh Rajput's staff discussed drugs; Claims she informed the late actor

Numerous people have come under the radar after the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. Fans and loved ones of the late actor heaved a sigh of relief after his case was handed over to the CBI last month. The agency has constantly probed the case and as a part of the same, summoned some individuals having connections with the actor. Among them is Sushant’s former manager Shruti Modi who was earlier summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) too.  

Shruti has reportedly told the CBI that she has connection with the drug angle and that she used to deliver the ‘parcels’ without knowing whatever was inside them. Now, her lawyer, Ashok Saraogi, has some shocking revelations to make in connection with the same. According to him, Shruti joined the actor in July. Moreover, she did not bother about the drugs as she was informed about them being sophisticated tobacco. Reportedly, Shruti received a message one morning post which she realized that they were discussing drugs named 'AK 47.' 

Saraogi further states that she brought the matter up to Sushant who then assured that she won’t be a party to such chats. Shruti’s lawyer also claimed that the late actor’s driver-cum-bodyguard Sohail and cook Ashok were the ones who brought drugs. They reportedly sourced the narcotics from Nagpur and Nashik. Earlier, the former manager of Sushant had reportedly blamed Rhea Chakraborty when being summoned by the CBI. According to her, it was the actress who handled Sushant’s finances.

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Anonymous : In view of the pandemic and India having the 3rd highest number of cases in the world, have you wondered if any of this Bollywood mafia helped even one of the millions of starving jobless people.? I bet not a single one. Yes they keep their money within their own circles with nepotism, spend it on drugs yet it is us the public that watch their films & contribute to their earnings! If the pandemic has taught us anything then let it be to appreciate our own family, love and worship them instead of Btown actors, spending all our time and money on them instead of going to watch a movie in a Multiplex. People a new normal has arrived. Change your perception on life, focus on putting yourself on a pedestal first, not any of these sick druggie Btown goons. As for Sushant, even the best most model people get addicted to drugs by joining the wrong crowd.
REPLY 2 10 months ago
Anonymous : Justice for SSR
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : If Sushant's family claims his insurance then whats wrong in it..its better than the drug addict/peddler getting her hands on it.
REPLY 1 10 months ago
Anonymous : I think the biggest problem with this case even with the CBI being involved is prime suspects and their accomplices are still free to discuss and plan with Mumbai Police to set up attempts to discredit the whole proceeding. If this CBI investigation is side-tracked with other peripheral drug and financial cases, I am worried that innocent Sushant will not get his ultimate justice. It is time to focus if Sushant is murdered or not. Focus on the vf evidences on his body, ligature markings and pin holes on his new, his eyes, mark above his left eye and broken leg. If it can be proven in the first instant, immediately hold the prime suspect(s) in jail in CBI detention and if more than 1 suspects, keep all suspects in different cell or location without the ability to communicate with each other. Ban Mumbai police from communicating with this/these suspect(s) since CBI is now investigating and Mumbai Police has interviewed them before. Please focus whether was murdered or not and send the murderer(s) to prison and then investigate the others for drug and financial wrongdoings. Otherwise, this investigation will fail to bring justice ty o Sushant.
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Anonymous : The reason why there is so much poverty in India, the directors and film makers only giving jobs to star kids and their parents. What about people with no connection in the film and that are talented. It's sad how this bollywood industry gets away with just about anything and the don't care. We are going to boycott bollywood films. We are on SSR side. From an Indian out of India.
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Anonymous : Agar ye sab varun, ranbir ke sath hua hota toh kya Bollywood actors aise hi behave karte. They have made sushant so out of blue. We the ssrians are with sushant and will find proofs to showcase the truth. God plz himaat dena sushant ke liye+to make world a better place... Sushant u are agent of CHANGE
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : Some bollywood celebrities feel that Rhea is innocent and subjected to torture. Do they feel the same about Sushant's family who are in grief. Nyways lot of chats are coming out which point a finger towards the accused. Hope these celebrities are watching...
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Anonymous : Don't know people like tapsee, vidya mam are still defending Rhea. The whole case has become too deep. But still no action is taken against culprits despite proofs and facts given by sushant fans. Plz guys we have to fight for SSR. We can't let him down. He can't think of drugs and commit suicide. There is something even big than drugs and we have to stand together for sushant as well as India 's future
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Anonymous : SHould have informed his family also, Shruti and Pithani should have sent an SOS to his family , they knew them.
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Anonymous : Sanjay Dutt stored guns and supplied them to terrorists involved in Mumbai bombing. Salman Khan killed and murdered people under the influence of alcohol. Saif Ali khan killed endangered species. Indian Public , politicians , rich folks , media and Bollywood supports these thugs. In USA , these criminals would be in prison for first or second degree murders. In India they are worshipped. India is Shining !
REPLY 26 11 months ago
Anonymous : Why stop there ? Thugs are worshipped as politicians too including the prime moron who probably you also woship, right ?
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Anonymous : the chat from shruti modi is for nov 19 with the sis asking for details of prescription...they also came to see him in that resort and all sis also got together in jan to meet him in Chandigarh as he was sick. So they have known all along.
REPLY 14 11 months ago
Anonymous : When Sanjay Dutt was arrested, whole Bollywood came together and In SSR case no one from Bollywood is raising voice.... Really disgusting...Bycott Top celebrities
REPLY 32 11 months ago
Anonymous : The whole of India are raising their voice, infact so many conspiracy theories have arisen, how can you say nobody has raised their voice, are u on drugs? It has become a political case here in India, it appears that the different political parties are benefitting from this case and many others are using this case to fight their own personal agendas. The whole of Bollywood are being blamed, then how on earth can u say nobody has raised their voice???
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : Absolutely... Such hypocrisy...And now some saying Bechari Rhea.. What about the poor guy who lost his life & the family?
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : To all the people bashing his family .... I would like you to tell me that if your relative or acquaintance as per you is not in good company and may require medical assistance what will you do ? Some are bashing the family based on the chat released by Team Rhea ...(The woman is herself into drugs)...When are the chats dated ...8 June .....isnt it the day Rhea left Sushant Singh Rajput.....if after her leaving he told his sisters that he was being drugged...what would they do ? First and foremost combat any withdrawal symptoms he may be having try to get medicines that prevent anxiety anti-family can research about the drugs being advised to SSR by family....Even in the FIR family alleges that he was overdosed on prescription drugs(With drug chats we know he was given hard ones too) in the name of treatment by Team Rhea and now ever since selective channels (Paid PR) have started supporting her ....her lawyer comes out to say the family is trying to claim his insurance!!! why exactly ? would it give them their son back? Wasn't it Rhea who accessed his PIN along with Samuel Miranda? who is after his money is visible.Those chats were found by ED...These are only being accessed by Rhea's lawyer as per their convenience.... I don't support name-calling like some terminology being used against Rhea...but doesn't this show her involvement in at least mental harassment of SSR(There could be more offences) .....but as per Tea Rhea that is what the whole world apart from her is guilty of ......Truth be told it is quite evident there is foul play and if the roles would have been reversed that is to say RC had suffered bcoz of Sushant can you imagine what the media would do to him?
REPLY 70 11 months ago
Anonymous : very well said and people blaming sushant's family are Rhea's Overactive PR
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : You nailed it. Very well said n written. I completely agree with you.
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : Well said.. fully agree with you.
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : Totally agree !!!
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : Nobody knows the truth, one is blaming the other. Best is not to speculate but wait for the investigations and court cases to finish. Sometimes it not always what the eye see. Sometimes the results are are unexpected. Nowadays you can't trust anyone be it spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or siblings.
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : Wow brhh what you wrote is absolutely correct and I agree with it ! And team rhea is trying its best to prove herself innocent know what their main strategy is too put the entire blame on sushant to declare him mentally sick,bipolar bcoz as Sushant he's no more so their is no evidence so they are trying their level best ! How can she even say that she loves him I mean if you truly love someone you will never use such words for the person who's not physically present between us ! How shameful it is ! What she thinks she'll take advantage of feminine ?? And yah this udtaa bollywood they are supporting rhea chakraborty they don't feel shame a bit asking for justice for rhea ????? This is high time we all should boycott bollywood bhut gandgii h bhaii bollywood mei ...bhotttt jyada
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : Very well said ,the sisters cane to kNow late about him being drugged or even if he had issues ..that witch Rhea drugging him to hide the fact that she's stealing his money only worsened his issues( if already present)..poor sushant had no idea Rhea=trouble.vidya tapsee supporting Rhea is a PR stunt ...Shame on them even if Rhea is not involved in murder let's say ,she ruined his life by drugging him ,stealing his money ,keeping him away from his family .....These are UNPARDONABLE esply because it ended in his death !!! S h ame in these actresses...I wish their near and dear neet girls like Rhea and then they will know the pain sushants family is feeling right now !
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : Boycott these ladies movies don't buy products they are brand ambassadors for #boycott
REPLY 1 10 months ago
Anonymous : Let’s not deflect from trafficking drugs and murder . SSR family not answerable to us . They didn’t know re his depression prior when they were kept away . He was unaware he was being drugged . They were unaware and finally he told them.. however his life was taken as he was too trusting and gullible . Let’s not be sidetracked by he said u said and concentrate on life taken and why ... may god be with us x
REPLY 34 11 months ago
Anonymous : The lid has blown right off! India’s future needs to be drug free.
REPLY 28 11 months ago