Siddharth Pithani to turn witness in Sushant Singh Rajput case; Agency to record statement under Section 164

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Siddharth Pithani to turn witness in Sushant Singh Rajput case; Agency to record statement under Section 164

Sushant Singh Rajput's flatmate Siddharth Pithani was among those people present at the late actor’s house on the day of his untimely demise. Now, as per the latest reports, the CBI is expected to record Pithani’s statement. Yes, you heard it right. His statement is likely to be recorded under Section 164 of CrPC. As per reports, he has been summoned again as a part of the same as a witness. He was earlier questioned multiple times by the agencies.

If media reports are to be believed, Siddharth Pithani is currently under the CBI’s radar and is constantly monitored. As per Republic TV, he might have already reached Delhi for the proceedings. Pithani had earlier made numerous claims in connection with the late actor. He also stated that Sushant fainted after having heard the news about Disha Salian’s demise. Meanwhile, the central agency is reportedly going to impose Section 302 that stands for a murder charge in Sushant Singh Rajput’s probe.

Earlier, the late actor’s family and lawyer Vikas Singh had complained of the slow pace of investigation by the CBI. Sushant’s father, KK Singh, recently met Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to discuss the same. Meanwhile, the AIIMS team also submitted his forensic report to CBI. Reportedly, numerous lapses have surfaced post the submission of the findings, and the central agency is likely to probe the same. On the other hand, the late actor’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, her brother Showik, former house manager Samuel Miranda, and staff Dipesh Sawant remain under judicial custody.

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Anonymous : just stop this craziness. stop wasting publics money. stop interviewing cooks who are hand in glove with murderers. Just get the family members on tv and let them be cross questioned. Enough of this drama.
REPLY 6 9 months ago
Anonymous : CBI Ko case diya jata hai jab case band karwani hoti hai . Kuch nahi bahir aayega . Sab yu hi gol gol ghuma kar the end kar diya jayega .
REPLY 3 9 months ago
Anonymous : With so much problems with Sushant, why was Pithani living with him for so long? Why didn't he go home before lockdown?
REPLY 5 9 months ago
Anonymous : he has already said he is witness to suicide only, what else is he going to say? everyone is going to look really stupid if it turns out to be suicide because of break up with Rhea.
REPLY 6 9 months ago
Anonymous : Is that salman
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : You idiots keep talking shit...eventually you guys will be the reason for all the distractions and the ending without a conclusion
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : This is all fAKE news by the fAKE news media. Until we hear firsthand from CBI and AIIMS don’t trust anyone. However even CBI and AIIMS May give false information if they find someone like a high profile celebrity or a politician is directly or indirectly involved in this case. Right now I don’t see any Govt agency who is functional independently without any interference so be it Maharashtra or Bihar or UP. This is pathetic even the highest investigation agency in India is under the control of political masters. God bless Sushant’s family and May his soul Rest In Peace.
REPLY 17 9 months ago
Anonymous : I agree . I hope the family gets peace . I do not see the justice coming . Every day contradictory news is coming . It’s seems like that some drama is going on.
REPLY 9 9 months ago
Anonymous : He and others in the house know everything.
REPLY 13 9 months ago
Anonymous : Is he going to be a witness to testify against SSR's sisters? I hope so.
REPLY 8 9 months ago
REPLY 3 9 months ago
Anonymous : Kya pagal hai tu
REPLY 2 9 months ago
Anonymous : If this news is true, I think he might be turning witness to testify against SSR's evil sisters, and not Rhea. Fingers crossed!
REPLY 10 9 months ago
Anonymous : lol you wish
REPLY 2 9 months ago
Anonymous : Paaaaaagal
REPLY 7 9 months ago
Anonymous : Either Siddharth has committed murder on behalf of the 5 bigshots at the party or he is witness to them murdering Sushant. But those 5 are definitely involved. Cbi is not calling or interrogating them at all. Why?
REPLY 22 9 months ago
Anonymous : The pace of fake news has gone up! Unfortunately SSR case has become political playbook! Not sure if SSR family realizes, but they have become the fuel to keep up this political flame that torches the innocent. CBI is not helping to reduce the conspiracy theories as they don't announce their progress in the case. These political elements will try now harder as they don't want the focus on Hathras rape case.
REPLY 33 9 months ago
Anonymous : Ab to sach bol Bose D K
REPLY 12 9 months ago
Anonymous : Time he told the truth
REPLY 18 9 months ago
Anonymous : ED, CBI, NCB can summon the whole universe & submit reports. But all will come up with nothing against Rhea or the rest. As there is indeed nothing. There is no proof of her laundering money. And the minuscule quantity of marijuana found on one of the peddlers is still disputed. According to NCB, Rhea & the rest procured drugs for SSR. Ergo he is the user, & that makes him the prime accused. If he was alive, he would be the first one to go to jail! SSR was a grown-up man who was hooked on to drugs & people cannot come to terms with his sudden death. BJP is using SSR's death, his family & Kangana as tools for political gain. Rhea hid SSR's drug habits from all & at least gave him some dignity in death. The family for some reason took 40 days to realize money was stolen by Rhea & filed a complaint. More importantly, his family hid his mental illness & a sister illegally prescribed dangerous medicines during his last days. Media circus has created rhetoric to target certain people & the industry. The investigation & opinion has turned into a lynch fest for Rhea & the rest. Some Indians love mob justice & are worse than the Taliban. At least Taliban wait for a trial & a verdict. But Indian Taliban has already passed judgments based on Whatsapp chats, summons & allegations. India may as well put courts under permanent lockdown.
REPLY 31 9 months ago
Anonymous : How do you know ? You part of these agencies ? They are not disclosing their findings since the case is already quite botched!! You seem to talk like you have all insider info or you are Dandekar a friend (fiend) of Rhea
REPLY 20 9 months ago
Anonymous : No this person that sell his conscious for just 10 bucks
REPLY 2 9 months ago
Anonymous : I think one huge loser and a big freaking ILLITERATE ugly piece of SHIT!
REPLY 2 9 months ago
Anonymous : Ah! So a new voice for the "Save Bollywood" brigade - at any cost!
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : this psycho changes his statements every few days. take him into custody and gv 3rd degree
REPLY 30 9 months ago
Anonymous : Completely agree with you. This guy scares the crap out of me. God knows what he has done.
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : Completely agree with you. This guy scares the crap out of me. God knows what he has done.
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : tell the truth
REPLY 28 9 months ago