Sidharth Malhotra CONFIRMS he is SINGLE, says 'Not looking for love right now'

Sidharth Malhotra opens up about his personal life, regrets if any and if he is currently single. The actor is currently shooting for Jabariya Jodi in Lucknow.
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Sidharth Malhotra's personal life has always managed to made headlines more than his professional life. Currently shooting for Jabariya Jodi in Lucknow, Sidharth in an interview with DNA has confirmed that he is single amidst reports of him dating actor Kiara Advani. The actor asserted that he is right now only focusing on his work and is not in search of love. He was earlier in a relationship with Raazi actor Alia Bhatt but the duo split last year with Alia now rumoured to be dating her Brashmastra co-star Ranbir Kapoor

In the interview, when Sidharth was asked if he is single, he said, "Yes, I’m single. I’m not looking for love right now as well. I came to Mumbai with a dream. I need to do a lot of things to achieve my goals. I want to put all my energies in it." Further, when asked if he has any regrets of sorts with the way he had led his personal and professional life, he added, "Professionally, I don’t have any regrets. I have never wanted to do the same thing. I have learnt something from every film. Yes, of course, the best is yet to come. Personally, too (pauses), there’s nothing. You can’t really call them regrets. Right now, I don’t have the luxury of choosing my personal life over my professional life. In this phase of my life, I have no time or space for it."

Given that his next movie is based on groom kidnapping, he was asked if he will be settling down anytime soon in real life. To this, the actor stated, "Marriage is definitely not on the cards. It’s not a priority. I’m not thinking about settling down right now. Eventually, hopefully, I will. Maybe, before I turn 40! That means, I still have seven years in hand. My professional life has to take off first. I have to be in a place where I’m satisfied with it. Clearly, I am not at that stage yet."

He later added that despite feeling the pressure from his parents on settling down, he has been able to make them understand that work is his priority and that his parents have been quite supportive about it. 


Whenever I read him it seems he does not want to fall in love, is it like falling in love? no no NO. u are so cute not refuse urself to fall in love or be loved

I think he has a crush on a simple girl n he doesn't like to show it

I love you

The girls of the industry are not worth it,date an outsider girl is the best option Sid

You will marry me. i know it, Juts wait some time i will come in your life

Sid you don't need to put out a counter story every time there is something on Alia.

He’ll be another one of those 40 year olds who marries a woman 2 decades younger because he was not ready to settle doesn’t get easier, Find a balance. we know you will always have girls for you. A woman doesn’t have the luxury to wait till she is 40 unfortunately.

Capricorns don't fall in love easily, imagine settle down for them, many don't even get married in their entire life. Zodiac is interesting

Sid is like Salman he won't marry any time soon..after all they are Capricorn men

Being too hot doesn't mean a thing if u can't act or pick good films. Look at Varun. He had lots of hits even if they are commercial films compare to Sid films. And now we can even see Varun real acting in Sui Dhaaga. He has a lot of catch up to do to make up for the average films he's given in the past. But i think he can survive if he picks good stories. His best performance was Brothers and Ittefaq for me.

U can't compare Varun get better projects for his dad, Sid is an outsider an he cannot choose like him, he made what they offer to him. Varun is a bad actor and has the worst voice modulation he sounds like a childish guy and is so annoying

sid is too hot!!!

he shld be model, wasting time in movies, he will be a great model

U have lot of girls waiting for u

He is dating kat

Awesome ! Please focus on work.. Don't waste your life playing these idiotic dating games

Love cannot be controlled Sidharth maybe tomorrow u see a girl u like and in less than a year u want marry her

Love cannot be controlled Sidharth, maybe tomorrow u see a girl u like and in less than a year u want marry her

Love u siddy

In 7 years I will be 22 years old and I will be able to marry you

U don't need to wait till turn 40 u can marry me now ^^

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