Sidharth Malhotra on his colleagues: I don’t have too many expectations from them

Sidharth Malhotra debuted with Karan Johar's Student of the Year, and has come a long way since then. In a recent interview, he got candid about his career, his non-filmy background, and how he deals with failure and negativity.
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Sidharth Malhotra emerged as the new handsome hunk of Bollywood when he marked his debut with Karan Johar's film Student of the Year. The film also starred then-debutantes Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. Sidharth has come a long way since then and has seen both success as well as failure of his films.

In a recent interview with DNA, Sidharth got candid about his career, his non-filmy background, and about how he deals with failures and negativity. The last few films of Sidharth have not worked that great at the box office, speaking of which, the actor said, "There are various aspects to it. For me, cinema is all about experimenting. I haven’t shied away from that. If you see, no two projects of mine are the same — they have had different stories, characters and that’s how an actor can grow. The movie doing well or not is something that’s beyond my control. Some of my films have worked in the past while some haven’t. But I’ll still push and explore myself. Now, I’ve enough experience to be more precise and know exactly what I want out of a movie."

When asked about whether the negativity bothers him, Sidharth said, "No. Initially, it was difficult for me to understand why people would write something with such negative connotations. I also realised that it changes each Friday, so I don’t feel like wasting my energy by replying to them. My next Friday will answer everybody’s questions. Nothing succeeds like success. It would be immature if I kept clarifying everything that’s written about me. It doesn’t make me insecure."

On his equation within the industry, Sidharth said that his associations and equations with the film industry are purely based on the work that he has done, and that they are just his colleagues and they share a mere professional relationship. You work together, get along well and become like a family for a few months; but then it fizzles out. Sometimes, it doesn’t when you are doing multiple films with an actor, that time the bond becomes stronger. However, I don’t let such things affect me too much. I’ve had amicable relationships with all my co-stars — both heroes and heroines. But that’s because I don’t have too many expectations from them," he added.

Speaking about his family background, he said, "I’ve had a happy and normal upbringing, so I’m a sensitive human being. I come from a middle-class family. So, some values that I’ve got in my childhood are an asset when it comes to dealing with people and things. In many ways, I’m grateful I don’t come from a film family."

Speaking about his struggling days, before he got his big break, Sidharth said that he stayed with a friend in Mumbai and tried his hand at modelling only for pocket money. He even shot for a few commercials, and then he got an opportunity for being an assistant director at Dharma. That is when his career took off and soon he was cast in a film by the same production house. "When you come from nothing and have only gained, you have that confidence that somehow, things will fall in place," he said.

About people trolling him and discouraging him, he said that he believes being silent is the best thing at the moment and that he feels not he, but his films should do the talking. He also said that he will come back with a bang.

Sidharth will be seen in Shotgun Shaadi and has already started shooting for the film. He will also be seen in the Vikram Batra biopic, and in a Balaji film alongside Parineeti Chopra.


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