Singer Amaal Malik engages in twitter battle with Salman Khan fans calling them #Bhaitards

11 months ago  |  2.3M
Singer Amaal Mallik engages in twitter battle with Salman Khan fans calling them #Bhaitards

"Aaj duniya ko dikh gaya what is the aukaad of these uneducated #Bhaitards. It all started with me saying #Srk is my fav actor, and these idiots went crazy. I respect #SalmanKhan for the launch he gave me, but that doesn't mean I will take s**t from his fans or any one," Amaal tweeted on Monday.

In a separate tweet, the singer-composer, clarified that his Twitter account has not been hacked.

It all started with a user tagging Amaal in a tweet and wrote: "@AmaalMallik bhai be Safe...Bhai is on the way." The tweet carried a picture of Salman Khan driving a car.

Amaal replied: "Bhai is in Panvel, I'm sure he will call before coming."

Another Salman fan targeted the singer saying: "Bhai se panga naa le... carrier bachana hai toh (if you want to save your career… don't mess with Bhai)."

Reacting to the tweet, Amaal replied with sarcasm: "Hahahahah Bhai Mujhe Bacha Lo Bhai, Please Bhai (Please save me Bhai)."

Expressing support for Amaal, a user shared that he doesn't have to worry because he has talent and nobody can finish the career of a talented person.

To this, the singer replied: "Nahi Nahi, Yaha Talented Logon Ka Hi Career Khatam Hota hain, Par Chalega, Bollywood mein chaatke kaam nahi karna, na kabhi kiya hain na karenge (No no, talented people are the ones careers are finished here. But it's okay, I will never practice flattery to get work in Bollywood, I have never done that, nor will do so in future),"

Composer Anu Malik's nephew Amaal Mallik made his Bollywood debut as a composer back in 2014 by composing three songs for Salman Khan's film "Jai Ho".

As a result of Amaal's Twitter battle with Salman's fans, his name trended on Twitter throughout Monday. However, he received support from the fans of another superstar, Shah Rukh Khan.

"#AmaalMallik hammered Salman Fans and he is trending on Twitter. While Bhaitards couldn't even trend against him. This has to be one of the brutal defeats on Twitter. One Man and An SRKian. Well Done @AmaalMallik !!," tweeted an SRK fan extending support to Amaal.

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Anonymous : But even Salman behaves like he is uneducated destroying so many careers, nothing suprising about his fans
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : If amaal behave like this this is just bcz of some uneducated people . Akhir kab tak aise logo ko koii tolerate karegaa . He is right . He have made his own Career.
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : Amaal malik is right.
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : Salman’s fans are toxic
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : Firstly he is music composer not a singer and second thing is amaal is right in his tweet, Salman's fan behave badly with him and lastly if someone talking bad about amaal's family and fans he will definitely talk to this uneducated fans.
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : There's no hate by Amaal to Salman Khan but his over crazy fans are making Raiee Ka Pahad. Amaal loves Salman but he don't want to do chaploosi for career. He is talented for his career and can be a very good friend of Salman Bhai. He loves Bhai that doesn't make his choice change to make him his fav actor. If his fav actor is SRK what's wrong in it? I toh like both Sallu & SRK. Post it pinkvilla.
REPLY 14 11 months ago