Sona Mohapatra invited by ISRO in Paris

Singer Sona Mohapatra has been invited by French space agency Ariane for an Indian satellite launch by ISRO in Paris.
News,Sona MohapatraSona Mohapatra invited by ISRO in Paris
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"My childhood fascination for space is well known in my close circles. My answer to the question -- ‘What do you want to become when you grow up' from the age of 6 to 14 -- was anything between Astronaut to Astro- Physicist! My father has a profound connection with the stars, being a Navigation Specialist and instructor on Astro and Radar Navigation in the Indian Navy. He used to sit us three sisters down in the lawn and make us stare into the sky and do a ‘Star Quiz'... While I went on to other fields of study and studied to be an engineer, I eventually found my calling in music. That hasn't diminished my fascination for space. This opportunity thrills me to bits. Knowing that the success of a show like the ‘Big Bang Theory' has made kids all around the world interested in science and I feel fortunate that I will be able to contribute through my participation in a small way," Sona said. 



As an Indian, I am extremely proud of ISRO & all it’s achievements. They’re especially impressive considering the tight budgets in which they operate. I follow their progress & activities quite regularly on social media. They’re a source of great pride to India & this launch is another significant feather in their cap!! Mangalyaan has entered into orbit around Mars & this was a favourite space moment for many space enthusiasts in India ! It elevated India's space program to a new league. My scientist friend, Sandhya Ramesh recently shared a story about the upcoming Dragonfly mission by NASA with me where a quadcopter will fly around the surface of Saturn's moon, Titan. She was so excited because we have never sent any airplane or helicopter like spacecraft to fly in the atmosphere of any other body in the solar system before. And Titan is so similar to earth physically on the surface, with cliffs and rivers and lakes but with liquid hydrocarbons instead of water. We had this conversation on Twitter with many more joining in about Black Holes & studying the sound they make & how this can be tapped for huge reservoirs of energy etc . Fascinating learning & so much to be hopeful for in the future. Space, science & the scientific temperament deserve more time & attention in our everyday mainstream discourse & hopefully, the mainstream media in India can find more Indian voices like the west has like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox & Lawrence Krauss to help simplify & distill incredible concepts that are profoundly changing the way we understand & perceive the universe. I follow many such fascinating Indians on Twitter & hope for our youth to do so too. I go live on Facebook from Paris on the 16 th of Jan & will share the joy of a rocket launch that will put an ISRO GSAT sattelite in space. This sattelite will be critical for communication links in India! Such an honour to be invited by @arianegroup & @cyrtagram for this event! Tune into @stringtheoryfr @arianespace & @astroathens to watch all the behind the scenes action of this rocket launch in French Guinea coming up on the 17 th of Jan! Watch this space. #sonamohapatra #lovemylife #paris #tonight

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India and the European Space Agency Arianespace are getting ready to open their 2020 space missions with the launch of communication satellite GSAT 30. The 3,357 kg GSAT 30 is an Indian communication satellite to be launched by Ariane 5 rocket on January 17.

The singer will also be speaking on the importance and relevance of space and science in daily lives. 

She feels there is a deep connection between sound and space in Vedic literature. 

"Indian philosophy has always talked about space as the fifth element of our creation (others being, earth, water, fire, air). It also states that space can only be characterised or qualified by ‘sound' since it cannot be touched, formed, tasted or smelled. It's sound, in fact, that weaves them all together. I am happy to provide an Indian presence on this special event. I also started an interesting twitter conversation with the science community of India and it was very enriching and a learning experience. I understand that our own ISRO will very soon be capable of launching their own heavy sattelite's indigenously and not require outside help," she said, adding: "That makes me elated. Innovations in science and technology are the drivers of any economy and a civilisation that does not develop in this is vanquished. Science is indeed beautiful, thrilling and our best friend."

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