Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding has hurt religious sentiments; here's how

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding has left a few former SGPC members upset. The two got married on May 8, 2018.
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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding and reception was perhaps the biggest party of this year. The reception was a grand affair with the who's and who of Bollywood attending it and rocking it with their dance performances. 
Sonam and Anand have a traditional Sikh wedding on May 8, 2018, in the presence of close friends and family at Sonam's aunt's bungalow in Bandra near Bandstand. The couple, however, seems to have hurt the religious sentiments of a few who allege that they violated a Sikh tradition during their wedding. Wondering, what?
Well, according to a Mid-Day report, Sonam and Anand are accused of not following the Sikh traditions correctly during the rituals. Apparently, some former office bearers of the Shoromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) raised an objection that Anand did not remove his kalgi (brooch) from his turban during the ceremony which is an important tradition according to their culture. The former members have called for an action to be taken against the SGPC member who was present for the ceremony of the two lovebirds. However, they have not clarified as to what action are they intending to take regarding the same. 
Meanwhile, soon after her marriage, Sonam flew off to French Riveria to dazzle on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival. Though Anand couldn't accompany her, the two shared social media post expressing their distant love for each other. 
Sonam will soon resume promotions of her upcoming movie Veere Di Wedding which releases on June 1, 2018. 


In Sikh weddings, you remove kalgi in starting of Anad Karaj ceremony, it is also mistake of the Religious per son (Granthi) who took care of the whole ceremony, he/she should have told Sonam's father to remove it from Ahuja's turban (always girl's father removes it).

wow..everything is controversial in our country...hey raam !!!!

Nonsense brought up by the religious group for publicity. Please shoo away

It’s her wedding she has the right to celebrate it however she wants to. Some couples are more traditional than others.

If you don’t believe in traditions, you can always go for a registered marriage and then have grand parties like zaheer/sagarika did.
But, If you opt for some sort of tradition , then respect it properly, respect the rules...She looked like a muslim bride without bindi ( even Neha Dhupia had a Bindi on, in her sikh wedding, and btw Neha are angad are actually proper Sikh unlike sonam/anand ) .. She took off Chooda immediately after wedding, didnt even wear it for recption, just so you know because, She is cool like that !! She really needs to come out of her bubble!

I didn't wear a bindi, I took off my chooda right after the wedding. It was all my choice. I (and Sonam) have a right to celebrate however my family and I want. There are no rules - these are just traditions. And what a stupid comment - "looking like a muslim bride without a bindi".

Acha hua .Wse bhi they just got married for the formality sake.In amir logo ko traditions ,rituals etc jesi cheezon se koi matlab nae hai.

It was a sikh wedding, so she didn't wear a bindi. Secondly why would Sonam or her pr spread negativity about her wedding?

Sikh's don't have sindoor and mangalsutra either. Then why those. And why remove them an hour after the wedding

People have a right to perform whatever rituals they like - and for whatever purpose they want.

Please dont leak my personal information.I am a very private person

Sonam's wedding was a joke. There was no pandit chanting any mantras. Sonam's mom and aunt were directly the couple to exchange garlands and wear the mangalsutra. Sonam did not even have a bindi all through the wedding festivities when her parents are hindus. Sonam removed the chudas, sindoor and mangalsutra right after the wedding and was seen without any of them at her reception. Do Sonam, Anand and their families think wedding is just a timepass. Don't enact a drama if you do not want to follow the traditions. No one forced them to follow any tradition. They chose to do it but totally in the incorrect manner. Publicity hungry Sonam and Anand are using their personal life to stay in news

There were people who conducted the sikh wedding. The mangalsutra and sindoor was added after they were already married( I guess because Sonam's mom wanted atleast this part of Hindu wedding).

just out of curiosity...why her mom? why not her dad? lol people always quick to blame a woman in any situation

Thanks God i moved out of india eight years back.

Desperate to be in news.

First nepo kid did a pre wedding drama now it's post wedding drama.

She is still milking her marriage to be in news

Sonam over enthusiastic PR.

Waste of oxygen, these protectors of religion.

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