Sonam Kapoor shares surprising details of the first time she met husband Anand Ahuja; Read on

Sonam Kapoor opens up about how she first met husband Anand Ahuja and we sure are thankful for the juicy details
News,Sonam Kapoor,anand ahujaSonam Kapoor shares surprising details of the first time she met husband Anand Ahuja; Read on
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Actress Sonam Kapoor tied the nuptial knot with long-time boyfriend Anand Ahuja in a big fat dreamy wedding last year. Many superstars from Bollywood attended the event to bless the couple and fans and followers also got a sneak peak of the wedding album through Sonam and Anand’s social media handles. The two were recently enjoying their honeymoon in Japan and shared many pictures from their exotic holiday.

In a recent interview, Sonam revealed details of the first time she met the love of her life. She said, “My friends were trying to set me up with Anand's best friend. That's how I met him. The first time I met Anand was while I was busy with the promotions of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015). One evening my friends conned me into visiting a bar at the Taj. I went there quite irritated. When I reached there, I realised my friends had called these two-three boys whom I had no interest in meeting. I was like, 'I don't want to date anybody. I don't believe in marriage and all this nonsense'. I saw Anand and his friend. His friend was tall like me, liked reading like me and was a huge fan of Hindi movies. He was an educated and a nice guy.” She went on to add that the guy reminded her too much of her brother, and that’s why she dropped the idea of dating him.

Sonam continued to share, “Sometimes, people believe that when they have similar interests, they can be together. No one would think of Anand and me together because Anand is totally different. He had no idea that Anil Kapoor was my father. I ended up speaking to Anand the whole evening. Anand was trying to get me to talk to his being the middle man. But we ended up talking more.”

That isn’t the end of the story. The Neerja actress went on to say, “Then one day I got a Facebook request from Anand saying, 'Hey! Are you still single? Because so and so is still single and if you're ever in London, please connect with him.' That message came at 2:30 am. I messaged him saying that first you shouldn't be messaging me so late in the night. I'm like a school teacher in matters like these. Don't mess with me so late in the night. And if the friend is interested then he should message me himself. Why are you messaging me? That's how the conversation started. We began talking on the phone. Then we met.”

Well, isn’t that adorable? A few weeks later when Sonam asked Anand if he still wants her to talk to his friend, he replied, “No, No! Not at all. Talk to me. I'm keeping you for myself.”


Dp:i love ranbir Kapoor. My life is messed.

Dfinitely a cuter love story and couple than RSDP


Wait a minute and educated guy reminded her of her brother? Since when is her idiot brother educated? The Kapoors are notorious for a complete lack of education. And he didn’t know Anil Kapoor was her father? Anand gora hai kya? She’s such a horrible actress it’s fairly obvious someone’s goodwill and money bought her a place in cinema.

Please don’t release my info. I’m a very private person.

The luckiest husband Anand

Sonam is very honest and down to earth . she has not had much luck in films. she should either become a full time model or settle down like Anushka .

I don’t believe he didn’t know who her father was - probably said that so she doesn’t feel he’s star struck.

That is so cute! I love Sonam - she’s really the best.

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