Sonam Kapoor on taking husband Anand Ahuja’s surname: How do you know Anand has not changed his name

Hours after her wedding, Sonam Kapoor had changed her handles on social media to Sonam K Ahuja. Sonam opened up about adopting husband Anand Ahuja’s surname in an interview.
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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja tied the knot on May 8, 2018 after dating for many years. The couple opted for an intimate wedding in the presence of friends and family at her aunt’s bungalow in the city.

Hours after her wedding, Sonam changed her handles on social media to Sonam K Ahuja. Social media users questioned her decision to take her husband’s surname and questioned her ‘feminism’. Many had questioned the rush in changing her surname.

Sonam opened up about adopting husband Anand Ahuja’s surname in an interview to India Today from Cannes Film Festival. She said, “I have been engaged for a long time. It took me a long time to decide. It's a choice, at the end of the day.”

Sonam added that it is her choice to take her husband’s surname. She added, “And if people don't understand the concept of feminism, they need to go online and look at the description. And how do you know Anand has not changed his name?”

Let us know your thoughts on Sonam’s response in comments.

Meanwhile, Sonam has been slaying on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. She has turned head with her red carpet appearances.

Husband Anand Ahuja shared on his social media account that he is motivated and inspired by Sonam and her team. Sonam also shared that she is missing husband Anand. As per reports, the couple will divide time between London, Mumbai and Delhi.





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Since ages husband's surname is never changed. And kids always get father's surname only. So even if the wife keeps her maiden surname after marriage it is still sexist cuz she got it from her father. It should be other way around.

Just because she took her husband's name, it doesn't mean she is any less of a feminist. What's in a name anyway. Its what she does that'll decide if she is a feminist or not. Sonam does a lot more than most people for this cause through her numerous charitable work. FYI, her husband now goes by Anand S Ahuja. Also, feminism means to have equal rights and opportunities. Its not about man hating, neither does it ask women to give up their choice. Stop hating on her for no reason at all.

the moment someone calls themselves a feminist, the idea of equality goes out of the window. this one is a self proclaimed feminist. if you wanna be equal then stop talking like this and making these wtf statements. be cool

Sonam is clearly being a feminist because she feels its trendy to be one. She has never truly supported her female colleagues be it Deepika or Kangana and this is just what we know from her interviews. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes. If you research, as she suggests, the true meaning of feminism even the terms husband and wife are sexist. Yes, its a choice, but you can't be a feminist and then also 'choose' to subscribe to old customs which are sexist. This way I think Rani Mukherjee, Kajol etc are more liberated and forward looking then this girl.

Feminism is about choice. Whether one chooses to subscribe to old customs or new customs, it is nobody else's business. And Sonam has supported Kangana several times in the past. And Deepika? When was the last time she supported Sonam ever? Oh right, never. She was too busy talking about Ranbir's cute boxers.

Anyways, Kajol and Rani have also changed their surnames and gotten married. Neither did they support any of their female colleagues (hello, this is Bollywood. Nobody supports anyone unless they are benefitting somehow). How are they any more liberated? Please explain.

And finally, you can't be a feminist and then go on to judge the choices other females make. Go and do your research next time before opening your mouth. :)

This dumb person. What about Anushka, Bipasha, Preity, Shabana, Rani, etc. Feminism is not ur tool to spin it whichever way possible. U succumbed to havin a Sikh wedding , u succumbed to changing ur name. To moving away and many more things ur idiot husband did not change his name on socials less than 24 hrs later like u did. So no he did not change shit.
U have been living in denial for yrs faux feminist

Sonam has several family members who are Sikh as well, she can have a Sikh wedding if she wants to. Her husband also added her name to his name, and she did the same, Moving away? She hasn't even left yet, and neither is she leaving. Get over it.

Whether she takes her husband's name or not is her choice, her wish. Its nobody's business. People should worry about their own lives.

Ladies all this time she was adding the father's name, he is a man too. Now she chooses to add her husband's name. It's a matter of choice. Just coz she is a celebrity we can't dictate what she can or can't do in her personal life. We don't own them. And anyways a newly wedded girl will always find it nice to add her husband's name. It's not a big deal.

Sonam's being Sonam.. but changing last name is an outdated concept now..

She didn’t change her surname,just added her husband’s one. It’s a charm to add anything related to new husband for newlyweds

And did the husband also add the wife's last name? Or the husband finds nothing charming abt the wife's last name..?

Actually, yes he did.

Feminism is not about choice alone. Many women choose patriarchy because we are conditioned a certain way by society. Many women choose to abort a female child too. Those rigid ways are what we are trying to fight and that includes changing a name. one needs to understand the nuances of choice and not take it for its face value. Your choice reinforces and doesn’t fight against patriarchy

why is this topic such a big deal in todays society you never was it such an issue before and people lived happy lives everyone needs to get this whole feminist concept out of their minds

Sonam is a feminist that's why she made her close friend swara bhaskar to write rubbish about her contemporary Actresses movie.. By the way Sonam and swara shares same PR

Feminism according to Sonam is.. Whatever she talks is always right ..she will talk according to her mood so people here on this earth should blindly accept it

Wah kya line hai..Feminism is choosing then why did you slam Deepika padukone for using PR.. It was her choice.. Why do you comment on others fashion sense it's their choice kuch bhi ...Sonam do you at least understand what you say?? Anushka sharma also married she didn't change her name publicity like you... Well what do mean how do you know he didn't change.. He didn't change his social media account name like you did.. So you are in a society..people here are not your slaves who will not say okay to whatever the rubbish you say.. Don't always complain about trolling.. When you talk nonsense people will troll you

Not really..just koz u r a troll..everybody is not like you and some of us choose to not be a troll but ad to positivity

Well if feminism is all abt CHOOSING, why does she bash women who CHOOSE HAPPILY to stay at home and raise kids? Feminism at one's own convenience! Hypocrite!

Feminism : advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. How does adding her husband's name to her name make her less feminist??? It's her choice, she has not been forced to change it.

Please dont leak my personal information.I am a very private person

Feminism means CHOOSING! If she chose to take his name other women should accept it and move on! If he chose to take her name people should accept it and move on! Other women are the bigger problem when it comes to gender equality.

Because you changed your name but we did not see him changing his. When he does we will know. Darling feminism is not per your convenience.

Feminism is not opposing to everything. It is celebrating being a women and not missing on anything just for being women. It means empowering oneself and support women. So, let's say for all those who think changing surname is anti feminist, what will they suggest the children surname be, mothers surname, isn't that not giving an equal opportunity to men too. So Mr and Mrs what, so feminists want her to be Mr. Ahuja and Mrs. Kapoor, doesnt that sound wierd. Feminism is not per her convenience, I agree but it gives her choice, when you take away that you are being anti feminist.

Choice is not genuine if it is in-informed. I kept my last name, my hubby his and our kids have both ours with a dash. No biggie - in many European countries like Belgium and Spain it is pretty normal.

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