Sonam Kapoor touts Kangana Ranaut as a troublemaker; Find Out Why

During a talk show, Sonam Kapoor was asked who according to her was a troublemaker in Bollywood. Sonam revealed that according to her Kangana Ranaut was the troublemaker of the best kind.
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Kangana Ranaut is a no-filters actress who does not shy away from talking about her professional and personal life as well as matters of concern such as nepotism. In an industry, where celebrities think twice before being quoted, Kangana has always been brash, honest and upfront about her views and opinions on certain topics. There are some stars who have spoken in support of the actress and are all praises for how she carries herself off with confidence and finesse. One such personality is Sonam Kapoor

On Anaita Shroff Adajania's talk show Feet Up With The Stars, Sonam was asked who according to her from Bollywood could be touted as a 'troublemaker'. To this, Sonam instantly took Kangana Ranaut's name. Calling Kangana as the troublemaker of the best kind, Sonam's reasoning for the same was that Kangana is someone who wants to break the glass ceiling and in order to do something like that, she has to be a troublemaker. Sonam also gave kudos to the actress for the way she is and the way she fights for herself irrespective of the repercussions.




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"She wants to break the glass ceiling and you need to be a troublemaker to do that. Not a troublemaker, but someone who stirs the pot. She does it in the most incredible way, so kudos to her," Sonam shared.

Sonam has always been very vocal about her praises for Kangana and on various occasions, the actress has stated that she looks forward to Kangana's interviews and that she finds her very entertaining.


Someone who is so privileged in everything have no right to talk anything about a self made person like kangana.....please stick to ur fashion and stop talking about kangana in ur funny accent.....

Isko koi chup karao yar.

You should have said Swara and you know you it

Sonam should really not open her mouth. She should stick to fashion!

Jealous soul .Sonam should retire and spend time with her umimaginative husband in bed

Vidya, Deepika and Priyanka have managed to break the glass ceiling without being "troublemakers". What is her point?

Dear kanagana please don’t think you earned something if sonam is saying kudos to your action. Please stick to acting and let your film speak for you. Good luck to you

Looks like she is fine with Deepika!

Sonam keeps dropping names of the famous one's to stay in news...never seen her be in news for her work unless her Dad starts producing one of the other movie for her! Atleast Kangna is a talented and self made woman!

The worst is Kangana wants to learn on job and play with the careers of everyone involved.

What does she even mean ? Does she mean to praise or is it a veiled diss ?

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