Sonam Kapoor trolled for wearing a revealing outfit while posing with dad Anil Kapoor during Malang screening

Sonam Kapoor looked stunning in a black semi-sheer outfit. However, the actress faced some severe backlash for her choice of outfit. See reactions below.
News,Sonam Kapoor,anil kapoor,MalangSonam Kapoor trolled for wearing a revealing outfit while posing with dad Anil Kapoor during Malang screening
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Disha Patani and Aditya Roy Kapur starrer Malang will hit the screens today and before it opens to the public, the film's screening was held on Thursday night. Scores of Bollywood stars were in attendance including Katrina Kaif, Rakul Preet Singh, Hina Khan, Nora Fatehi and others. Anil Kapoor, who also stars in the film, came along with daughter Sonam Kapoor who was undoubtedly in her fashionable best. The 'Neerja' actress looked stunning in a black semi-sheer outfit.However, the actress was trolled massively for her choice of clothes.

Sonam kept her look minimal as she sported some silver jewellery. However, netizens thought otherwise of Sonam's look. The actress was trolled massively for her look as many were of the opinion that Sonam was wearing a rather revealing outfit. One user commented, " Doesn't tat look awkward to stand this way next to father." While another one commented, "Wow... dressed like that while standing next to your father?? Have these people NO shame!?!" Many others echoed similar sentiments as they trolled the actress for having any 'shame'. 

However, there were a few others who jumped to Sonam defense and said, "What is wrong with the people.... I fail to decipher the legitimacy behind making such absurd comments... baap beti ke pure relationship ko to chhor do.... disgusting."  

Check out some of the reactions to Sonam's latest outfit below: 



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Whoever is saying all those nasty negative things, it's your mind that's dirty.

Whoever is saying all those nasty negative things, it's your mind that's dirty.

Hope all those gentlemen and ladies who made derogatory comments, have ever seen pictures of our ancient women at temples. Our culture is so advanced that wearing and showing skin has been always there. If somebody has a beautiful skin and body whats wrong in showing off. Saree shows lots of skin along with blouse, can we start calling names even there. All those people who are commenting are either jealous or have a dirty mind. Whatever comments are made here , its difficult to change small minded thinking individuals. Cant blame them as their exposure is very limited , hence they will continue to croak from their wells.

India is beyond saving. Besides the low neckline, I don't see what is "trashy" about this.

How come Indians don’t attack others including Deepika when she dresses like this in front of her. I’ve seen Deepika showing more skin in more places in front of her father

I don’t want to speak one way or the other about Sonam’s dress, but there is a lot of hypocrisy going on here. Why always blame Western culture? What about the backless choli trend or women who wear ghagras with a sari choli and nothing else to cover their chests? Even in the past, sarees which are considered the most modest of clothes would leave vast expanses of backs and tummies uncovered. Still do. So let’s not act holier than thou.

Western culture is rich in lots of traditions and culture. In the US, we celebrate July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas in traditional way with emphasis given to our heroes who gave us the freedom and family values. India, by large is only picking up negative aspects of western culture and wiping off its own rich culture that once made India so majestic.

Has anyone seen Kate Middleton dress like this? And UK Royals are the epitome of western world and still so classy. Bollywood has shamelessly taken in vulgar aspects of western attitude and masked it with words like “women empowerment”, “feminism”, “modernism”. Utterly disgusting!

Kate Middleton regularly wears bikinis on holds with her family which include all the men with her family - her father, brother and brothers-in-law. Except the royal family does not allow those pictures to be published. But some photographers still release them and cases are handed out to them regularly. Don't talk if you don't know. Keep your dirty-minded, backward views to yourself. No one needs them in 2020.

The point is that Kate Middleton wears bikinis where it is most appropriate. She doesn’t dress vulgarly at events where she represents the Royals. It is not being backward or with low mentality to call the Bollywood for what it is. Indian traditions are forsaken in the name of modernism and pseudo-westernization. Shame on you!!!

By this logic she should wear a lehenga when at a pool with her father. The filth is in your minds. Stop policing her for her clothing.

She will either ignore this matter , or she will refuse to agree that it was wrong to wear deep neck standing next to him. She will trump the ‘modern woman , it’s my body , no one should she ashamed of their body’ card .

Why should you have any right to comment?

Call me traditional and Indian , but I wouldn’t like to wear deep neck in front of father . Btw I’m a highly educated girl with liberal thinking , but I also believe in staying classy ,not trashy ,when it comes to clothing.

..her make up is good for a change..dress looks good on her

But the height and everything between the two makes it cringy to even look at..dress for the situation isn't apt when jus these two are standing together like that..other wise in a group pic or some other situation her dress was fine..but its still awkward to watch the video ..

Wow .. an absolute no.

Wow .. an absolute no.

For a change atleast, she should have not worn these clothes
besharam hai bahut zyada

Infront of Father we should keep the manners, don't forget we are Indian

Someone's father doesn't have a problem. Why do you?

It’s not about shame but more for respect ... that’s why our culture is beyond reproach

LOL yeah Indian culture is beyond reproach - where women are treated like shit in person. Men are treated like gods and women expected to be their slaves and sacrifice everything for the men in their lives. Indian culture = rape culture, dowry culture, dowry death culture, domestic violence culture, female infanticide and female foeticide culture. Indian culture has no shame.

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