Soni Razdan shares health update on Alia Bhatt days after actress tested COVID 19 positive

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Soni Razdan shares health update on Alia Bhatt days after actress tested COVID 19 positive

With the recent surge in coronavirus cases, many Bollywood celebrities have come under its grip. Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor to Akshay Kumar, and others have been tested positive for COVID 19. The shooting of the films has been put on hold as the actors and actresses are being tested positive. Alia Bhatt has also been tested positive and the actress had shared the news with her fans. She is currently under home quarantine and following all safety protocols. Soni Razdan is also keeping a tab on daughter Alia’s health and shared her health update.  

Talking to The Times of India, Soni Razdan said that Alia Bhatt is doing well currently and is taking good care of herself. “I don’t want her to take the stress right now so I am not calling much. I only called her once in the morning to know about how she is doing and apart from that, I message her telling her what to eat during this time. Alia was shooting constantly and was regularly taking COVID 19 test. That’s why it was detected immediately,’ Razdan added.   

Soni Razdan had also shared a poem for her daughter Alia Bhatt when she was diagnosed COVID 19 positive. “This is no ordinary wave’s everywhere. In our houses, in our hair. I’m getting a bit of a scare. It’s no ordinary wave.. it’s everywhere ... don’t know how we shall fare .. how do we begin to care... about so many here and there... it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere," Soni Razdan wrote. 

On April 1, Alia Bhatt had shared the news of her being tested COVID 19 positive. “Hello all, I have tested positive for Covid-19. I have immediately isolated myself and will be under home quarantine. I am following all safety protocols under the advice of my doctors. Grateful for all your love and support. Please stay safe and take care,” she wrote. As the cases are rising, several restrictions also have been imposed by the Maharashtra government.

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Anonymous : Buddiya--no one cares about the health status of your daughter--she is not important . Frankly hardly anyone really gives a damn
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Anonymous : Mahesh Butt should have gotten it instead of his daughter.
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Anonymous : Get well soon! Thread your eyebrows after covid. New beautiful Alia!
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Anonymous : bud hh a tha*rk*i shud get it
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Anonymous : She is not covid positive, just acting to make people believe she is intimate with Ranbir
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Anonymous : Oh! Really rather than commenting something stupid on someone. Check yourself first.
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Anonymous : On point
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Anonymous : Whole family is full of themselves & high on nautanki !!
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Anonymous : Even u too!!!
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Anonymous : Get well soon...God bless you All Always
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