Sonu Nigam says he would've got offers to sing in India if he were a Pakistani singer

While talking to a leading portal, Sonu Nigam talked about not getting enough offers in India and how it would have benefited him if he were a Pakistani.
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Sonu Nigam is one of the most amazing singers in the Hindi film industry. From the early 90s to 2000s, the singer has won our hearts, made us fall in love and dance to the tunes of his songs. Sonu had sung hit songs in almost every Hindi film. He also lent his voice to songs for regional films which also went on to become hits. However, from the past few years, the singer has been getting fewer songs.

While talking to India Today, the singer said that if he were a Pakistani, he would have got more work in India. The Kal Ho Naa Ho singer said, "Sometimes, I feel like it would be better if I was from Pakistan. At least I would get offers from India." Sonu Nigam also said that nowadays, singers have to pay to music companies to do the shows. He revealed that if they don't shell out money, they play songs by other singers and highlight the same.

"They don’t do the same with Pakistani singers. But then why single only Indian singers out? Atif Aslam is a very close friend of mine. He is never asked to pay to sing at shows, neither is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan," added the singer.

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Sonu ur a has been. Just face it man. It's got nothing to do with nationality and u know it. Stop trying to blame everyone else for your failures. Grow up and take responsibility..

Ever heard of arrjitt Singh ,suno , he gets most songs , atiff and rhat only do few songs ,so, what are you talking about!

No one wants to listen to Sonu nigam singing. Whether he's Indian, Pakistani or Mexican makes no difference whatsoever, for God's sake!

Sonu nigam isn't a popular singer any longer. No one wants to hear him. So he has to pay to sing.

I fail to understand why so many comments on Pinkvilla is against Sonu nigam ?? He is not talking against pakistanis but stating how biased Indian mentality is? How is stating truth anti muslim ??? Pinkvilla won't post this now , maybe they are busy posting only negetive comments on Sonu

Indian singers need to be given their due for sure.

Maybe charging too much is getting you into trouble

This racist, prejudiced and ignorant man needs to get of his constant anti-muslim rants (first the Adhan is a problem, now pakistanis (predominantly muslims)). Dude stop riding on the back of muslims to get some attention, you had your time, have some dignity for yourself now that your fame has waned. It happens to most famous people.

You don't see biggies like Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik or Udit Narayan resorting to constant attacks on others just because their fame has waned.

Clearly you decided to take a leaf out of your fried Abhijeet's book and look at his reputation.

Ok Ach med!!! Calm down. You guys are always the victim.

Sonu Nigam has shown repeatedly that he is consistant in directing unprovoked attacks at muslims for a while now, so yes muslims are the victims here. I do not believe for a minute Atif is his 'Very close friend', that seems like Sonu's attempts to buffer his intentional targeting or muslims as always.

Loving the 'Ach med' but not very original, if you are not naturally a funny person, you shouldn't force yourself to be, tends to go down like a lead balloon...

Maybe it's your attitude that's getting you into trouble

Stop been racist sonu; I am going to stop supporting you

As if he needs your support

every singer has a golden period in their career dont worry sonu nigam both atif and rahat period will end eventually thn who will you blame also neither atif nor rahat do shows in india anymore why blame them

rahat and atif only two singer from pakistan in Bollywood. btw considering the number of movies bw producers and singers india has his claim is odd. Also some indian singers are singing for Pakistani movies too i dont see their singers having a problem

At his time he he has sung for more then 400 films. Every rise has a fall. He should be grateful for all the love he received in his times

He is going the Abhijeet Bhattarya way..

Stop crying. Pakistan is a bigger market than Dubai or Europe. Don't forget Pakistani audience in overseas living in UK, Dubai, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China.

I think if he was a friend he would keep quiet about what Atif pays and does it’s only creating problems for him which didn’t exist. I don’t also believe Atif and Rahat have not gone through there own struggles what with tensions in the past with Pakistan and India. There also doing well because maybe they are just more popular at the moment.

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