Sonu Sood defends himself with proof after being accused of taking undue credit for arranging a hospital bed

Sonu Sood was blamed for taking undue credit for arranging a hospital bed for a person despite never contacting the authorities. Sonu defended himself by posting WhatsApp screenshots. Here’s what happened.
Sonu Sood defends himself with screenshots on Twitter Sonu Sood defends himself with proof after being accused of taking undue credit for arranging a hospital bed
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District Magistrate and Collector, Ganjam tweeted from their official account that Sonu Sood’s foundation never contacted them to arrange a hospital bed for a person in need but still took away undue credit for it. They wrote in a tweet on Monday, “We don’t received any communication from @SoodFoundation or @SonuSood. Requested patient is in Home isolation and stable. No bed issues @BrahmapurCorp is monitoring it." by attaching a screenshot of Sonu’s tweet, where he mentioned that the bed has been arranged at Ganjam city hospital, Berhampur. Sonu clarified his stand by posting a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation.

On his official Twitter account, Sonu posted the screenshot where his team has spoken to the staff at Ganjam. In the conversation, a person has provided details of the patient who was to be admitted and later confirmed that the patient received due help and got the bed. Sonu responded, "Sir, We never claimed that we approached you, it's the needy who approached us & we arranged the bed for him, attatched are the chats for your reference.Ur office is doing a great job & u can double check that we had helped him too.Have DM you his contact details. Jai hind."

Sonu Sood has been battling trolls throughout who question his philanthropy or try to find an agenda behind it. He recently spoke on the topic to an entertainment portal and said, “such people will always be there in every walk of life. They can’t bear to see me doing what we all need to do during these times of crisis. How can he be doing this without an agenda?” The current COVID surge in India is still deadly and citizens are fearing an anticipated third wave.

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