Sonu Sood doles out words of wisdom to a fan who wanted Shah Rukh Khan style Burj Khalifa birthday celebration

Updated on Nov 04, 2020 05:30 AM IST  |  1M
Sonu Sood doles out words of wisdom to a fan who wanted Shah Rukh Khan style Burj Khalifa birthday celebration

It is no secret that Sonu Sood enjoys a huge fan base on social media. And the Dabangg actor always takes out time to respond to his fans. While he receives thousands of requests for help on Twitter, there are also a few pranksters who joke around with him and Sonu replies to them with similar humour. Few days back, a man on Twitter asked him to arrange transport for him for a Maldives vacation. Replying to the tweet, the actor gave him a witty reply saying, “Cycle pe jaoge ke riksha pe bhai? (Would you prefer a bicycle or a rickshaw)?” Recently, the Simmba actor has yet again come across a bizarre desire on Twitter.

This time, the dashing actor got a request from a man who wants to celebrate his birthday in Shah Rukh Khan-style. A Twitter user shared pictures from King Khan’s 55th birthday celebrations, which had the actor’s name and picture projected on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Sharing a similar desire, the Twitter user wrote to Sonu, “Sonu sir. 5 November ko birthday hai. Aise hi Burj Khalifa pe celebration karwa. Do please. @SonuSood.” Replying to the tweet, the actor said, “Your birthday just got 3 days late bro. Work hard a bit and earn a name for yourself in life, then not just Burj Khalifa, the world will write your name in the sky.” 

Check out Sonu Sood’s tweet:


Needless to say, the actor’s reply has received thumbs up from everyone.  Earlier, he received a request for a car, to which the actor replied, “Why self drive? I will drive you down.. kindly let me know which car you prefer and what AC temperature you would like me to maintain?

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Anonymous : It is SRK's birthday.He has money.just few minutes of extra fame.let him enjoy.So what?
REPLY 0 10 months ago
Anonymous : Extra fame? He already has millions of fans all across the globe,you think he would care about spending money a tower to get extra fame? Doesn't sound like srk to me.
REPLY 2 10 months ago
Anonymous : SRK had that huge image on the skyscraper to fit to his huge EGO .... He can learn something from his character Rahul (Chennai Express) who said : “ It’s good to be important in life(sir) but more important is to be good !” Ohh but it’s just the character saying that not him .... it’s sad , very sad .. He is putting himself in a very slippery places unfortunately..
REPLY 6 10 months ago
Anonymous : The good answer would be: find a way to get rich to be able to pay for it
REPLY 5 10 months ago
Anonymous : What a dumb answer. Srk got that because he is a muslim and friends with the seikh.
REPLY 6 10 months ago