Sonu Sood expresses his helplessness on not being able to procure an ICU bed: I will make it happen

Sonu Sood tweeted expressing how helpless he feels on finding it hard to arrange an ICU bed on someone’s request.
Sonu Sood expresses helplessness on Twitter Sonu Sood expresses his helplessness on not being able to procure an ICU bed: I will make it happen
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Sonu Sood has simply emerged to be nothing less than a superhero in the last year. His successful initiative of making sure that migrant workers stuck in big cities go back to their ancestral homes perhaps gave him the strength to battle COVID 19 head-on. Sonu almost works like a single point of contact for people around the country who require oxygen cylinders, medical facilities, ICU beds, food, and shelter amongst other things. He recently made people avail of numerous oxygen cylinders to battle the fight with the virus head-on. Sonu and his team actively work at seemingly all hours of the day.

Sonu keeps his Twitter as a place where he shares progress and helplessness. Recently Sonu made a tweet about how ‘helpless’ he felt when he could not make someone avail of a bed in the ICU. He wrote in the tweet, “When I fail to get an ICU bed for someone who needs it the most & want to save a loved one, I feel so helpless. Wish I had a magic wand & every thing could fall right but the reality is I will sleep with a prayer to give me time till tomorrow. I will make it happen. Just pray." 

Take a look at the tweet:

The next day Sonu happily shared the news with everyone that he was able to arrange for the bed by tweeting, “N yes.. we got the bed. Day begins on a positive note." On Thursday, Sonu responded to cricketer Suresh Raina when he requested an oxygen cylinder for his aunt in Uttar Pradesh.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Who is this guy ... hogging limelight using mafia money !

Anonymous 1 month ago

Now he is called " Being Human" not then so called oldie Khan