SOTY 2 Hook Up Song: Alia Bhatt and Tiger Shroff set the screen ablaze with their chemistry & netizens love it

Student of the Year 2’s latest number, Hook Up Song just released on YouTube and already fans are loving Tiger Shroff and Alia Bhatt’s too hot to handle chemistry. Here’s how Twitterati reacted. Take a look.
SOTY 2 Hook Up Song: Alia Bhatt and Tiger Shroff set the screen ablaze with their chemistry & netizens love itSOTY 2 Hook Up Song: Alia Bhatt and Tiger Shroff set the screen ablaze with their chemistry & netizens love it
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One of the most eagerly awaited sequels of this year is Student of the Year 2 which starts Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria in the lead. The film is a sequel to 2012 hit film Student of the Year that introduced Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra in Bollywood. Now, with Student of the Year 2, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday are being launched by Karan Johar in the film industry. A new track, Hook Up song just came out from Student of the Year 2.


It features ex-student Alia Bhatt aka Shanaya Singhania and current student, Tiger Shroff. Hook Up Song is a special number and was creating headlines since the news broke. Now, the Hook Up Song is out and everyone is loving it. Crooned by Neha Kakkar and Shekhar Ravjiani, Hook Up Song is a light-hearted peppy track that will make you dance it out with your lover.


Composed by Vishal-Shekhar and penned by Kumaar, the song is already being loved by netizens for the sizzling chemistry between Tiger and Alia. Alia can be seen opening the song with a pole dance move which has amazed the fans. Tiger’s dance moves once again were the highlight of the song. However, in the end, it was the sizzling hot chemistry between the two which has left the fans completely in awe of the Hook Up Song.

Check out the reactions:

Student of the Year 2 is the story of Rohan, Mia and Shreya who come to St. Teresa and are involved with each other. Both Shreya and Mia fall in love with Rohan. The film also stars Aditya Seal. Helmed by Punit D Malhotra, Student of the Year 2’s trailer showcased the fun journey of the students of St. Teresa just like in the first part. For the film, Tiger underwent 2 months training of kabaddi. Student of the Year 2 is slated to release on May 10, 2019.

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Is Dharma paying royalties to Beyoncé for the looks and dance moves? If not, at least they shd give her credit

I found this song and even the mumbai dilli song catchy but the problem is with the cast. Both the songs looks like as if the actors are dancing and lipsyncing on some other songs. There is no screen presence or aura.This song would have been a blockblaster with someone like Hrithik and actresses like kareena/katrina or even nora would have been far far better. (PS: I dont like kareena but she would have given sexy looks as needed for this song). Even newbie Disha is looking superhot n sexy in slow motion song. From the first go itself Alia is doing all lipsyncing wrong in this song plus ZERO CHEMISTRY!! I will prefer listening these songs rather than watching them.I hope someone like Harleen and Melvin does video on these songs. Only they can do some damage control now!

Alia and tiger super Jodi. Amazing song

She doesn’t look one bit sensuous. Bland...

her fat whort legs, substandard shoes, onesie, horrible dancing ...expressions are dead beat...Kjo alia is not 'gorgeous' nor 'pretty' nor 'star' material so stop shoving this shorty kid ok! Alia you look dumb in that song! trying so hard to act like katrina ! LOL you are not even her feet dirt. Alia is a laughing stock. #bannepokids

Over Exposure.
Over Confident.
Over Hyped.
Needs to rethink her strategy.

why is kjo forcing alia to do such songs? She looks like a tiny mouse wearing an ugly onesie!! Wtf. Katrina or Jacki or nora were perfect for this. But Nope. Kjo will shove that tiny mouse in every song, every film. Kjo deal with another flop!!

isse accha to kareena se karwa liya hota yeh song.

ali needs to stop copying kareena..kareena wasnt a brilliant dancer but atleast she had expressions even if they were over the top..but alia sadly has neither the expressions nor the dancing skills nor the charisma to pull off dance numbers.

alia u can never b kareena or deepika !pls stop trying to be sexy !!!

She isnt a terrible actor but im sorry, I laughed out loud hysterically when she slid down that pole. It looked like a kid in a nightie climbing the monkey bars. And the golden onsie, OMG! My eyes!
There are different ways to be sensuous and sexy. Not everyone can be a Disha or Katrina. Kareena in Chammak Challo, Aishwarya in Kajra Re, Urmila in Hai Rama are all different ways in which the actresses looked drop dead gorgeous. Alia's problem is instead of figuring out her OWN personal style, she is trying to force herself to be something shes not . About Tiger, the less said the better

OMG!! I loved it..Alia nailed it..her moves and expressions WOW!!! Loved her outfits too..

What was KJo thinking?

Cherry picking positive tweets does not change the fact that most of the comments are not positive. Keep fooling yourselves Kjo and Alia.

Alia. You should know you can't pull off easy roles. You suck at it. You always nail a difficult character. Udta Punjab n highway n raazi characters r difficult. But sexy, mü phat, girls next door aren't your thing.

Welcome to Aliawood you haters. She is fantastic in this hook up video . Love her. She can really dance ulike DP

im really not trying to be mean here. but she needs to eat some bread or something. she does NOT look appealing or attractive. actually she looks close to a 13 or 14 year old trying to be sexy.
If she gained some weight and acted like herself, she would look a lot more appealing. someone needs to tell her..or she is going to look aged and worn out by the time she is 30.

alia ruins this song.

What's she doing in this movie? She's not fit for an item song. plus Ananya and Tara are 10 times hotter and pretier than her. Is Tiger playing a retard character?

In her head she looks like Kareena kapoor but is Karan gone blind?

God that was so cringe worthy to watch

did Karan purposed made Ali wear such unflattering dress, I am sorry Ali has 0 curves to pull of Beyonce like Jumpsuits shorts. Song is very catchy but why both of them have such dead expressions???...I am think even kriti sanon or kiara advani would have been better. When I close my eyes, I can hardly think of any actress who could have been sensous---katrina would have been better

Alia desperate trying to be sexy is hilarious. Mediocre Nepo kid TS keeps doing the same moves in all his movies.

The video should be titled Alia Bhatt trying to be sexy and failing for 3 minutes and 22 seconds

No oomph factor though full body exposure ... trying hard to be hot which she’s not

So what? she got 4 production houses in her pocket. This counts.

I miss 2008-09 when Kareena,Katrina, Priyanka were relevant and Deepika, Anushka, Sonam, Ranbir, Ranveer made their debut. No matter how they acted in their films, they had a certain x-factor swag that lacks in most of current crop except Sara. Thank god for Sara, Sobhita and the likes

Oh wow this is so true! Even sonam has that X factor compared to this new lot. Sara is cute and she has potential but I don't think even she can do justice to these kind of songs. if it was Kareena she would bring so much ada and Oomph, Katrina would make it a sexy number with perfect moves, and Priyanka again would bring perfect amount of hotness. Bollywood is in need of a true young generation star.

Kjo’s Bots will not buy the tickets. Movie islooking bad so far. Another flop for Dharma. This song was perfect for Nora fatehi not tingu with short legs ,Uglia

Ban the nepo movies please guys these people laughing their way to bank on our expense. Post it PV. #bannepobollywood

Both of them need more clothes. Yes tiger we know u have abs and alia, short skirts make u look shorter







Ayeee.....Who said all these comments are written by one hater.....ARE YOU RANBIR OR ALIA'S PR?


Is alia the new official escort of bollywood? because she looks like a call girl in the video, cheap potato

Super duper boring

Sara Ali khan would hv been better.....

All comments written by 1 Alia hater. Calm down. Wasting your time, it is not affecting her


5 of her fans with less than 10 likes is hardly setting the internet ablaze. put some clothes on girl.

Another item song in Kjo film after aira gaira still he has got no es to say he won't have item song in his films.

Even tiger looks older than Alia. Alia should do movies with tiger,kartik not with Ranbir uncle and Salman grandpa. She is looking good here.

I think the outfit choices are super wrong. The first gold long sleeve onesie looks like a gold diaper - the rest of the outfits are no better. Plus the ankle boots with shorts make her look shorter. The whole thing looks awkward

Horrible to say the least

She’s flat and all exposure looks baddddd on her

Bollywood has become boring now so it's time to move to Hollywood where Alia and nepotism don't exist

Could we get a from Alia and KJo

Could we get a break from Alia

Super boring. Alia trying too hard maybe to be Poo. This movie should flop badly so that we don't get to put up with future students of nepotism.

Both are expressionless plain and exposing skin a lot. Salman and Disha has grt chemistry.Kjo you failed again.

Tiger is more curvy than Alia is...front and back!

Lol....true that

Extremely annoyed by kjo trying to shove her down out throats literally every minute.

she's average nothing exceptional just plain boring

she tried to be kareena but failed miserably

Alia is a yuck

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