SOTY 2: Hrithik Roshan approves of Alia Bhatt & Tiger Shroff's hook up song & we can't wait for his reaction

Tiger Shroff's love for Hrithik Roshan is no secret, and well, looks like he is going to be overwhelmed after reading out HR's comment on his latest teaser of the hoo up song with Alia Bhatt from Student Of The Year 2.
SOTY 2: Hrithik Roshan approves of Alia Bhatt & Tiger Shroff's hook up song & we can't wait for his reactionSOTY 2: Hrithik Roshan approves of Alia Bhatt & Tiger Shroff's hook up song & we can't wait for his reaction
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Tiger Shroff's admiration for Hrithik Roshan has been no secret to us and while one can clearly say that he has drawn all the right inspiration from the actor, Greek God as he is called, time and again, we see their comments on each other's post and can't help but be in awe of the camaraderie they share with each other. And now, we got to witness it once again as Hrithik dropped in a comment on Tiger's post and we think everyone agrees too.

Student Of The Year 2 will see Alia Bhatt return to the franchise, this time for a song. And as we have seen already, the hook up song will be releasing on Tuesday next week, for which the fans are all super excited and pumped up. Tiger and Alia's names have been clubbed together and they are now being called 'Talia.' And, looks like Hrithik does approve of both, their pairing together and their performance in the yet to release song too.

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The makers have had the fans right at the edge of their seats with all these constant glimpses and of course, how time and again, they keep dropping in the release date of the trailer, and of the song, and so on and so forth. Looks like just like the first part, this one is going to turn out a wonder for Tiger Shroff along with newbies Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday. The movie has been all over the news, and one can say it is for the right reasons after all.


Hook Up song.. Break up song.. Next!

Mediocre Nepo kids praising each other and being shoved down our throats/

tiger looks more like Hritik. If we already have hritik, why tiger ? Boring tiger

this movie soty 2 potty will be super flop hahahaha karan kuyttte tera time agya

hatttt.bunch of losers

who is this short below average man with tiger ???



objectify women and then stand for them for to show how smart u r !

After many hits,I still think Alia is overrated.
I love beautiful sexy actresses doing extraordinary talented jobs.
Alia is a kid and after makeup and revealing clothes only then she looks girls of her age to some extent :/

I have seen other girls of her age 27 or 28, even they have better figure, better speaking skills, and are talented in their fields and look sexy in ordinary dress.

Bollywood is so boring we are surrounded by kid looking body and expressions, TARA IS GORGEOUS AND I THINK SHE HAS GOOD EXPRESSIONS TOO:)

hi jealous kat

Alia is a cute talented actress. But she is not beautiful. I mean her face looks like a rat. I don't know why she is considered hot.

What’s with this skimpy dressing and the song “hookup karlegi kya” how cheap at all levels

What about kat skimpy dresses and vulgar lyrics in all of her sing? That's cheap.
Pv post this

This movie reminds me of NeilnNikki. Remember a movie came out in 2005. All body show and then tanked big time taking Uday and Tanisha down with it


Ok so I am not alia hater but I am tired of seeing her everywhere. Aren't there any other ladies in Bollywood?

There are but the tragedy is there is also another vile woman called Karan Johar who books the role for her spoon fed kido Alia before anyone in the industry can.

Noone cares for this overrated so called actress l, mouse looking person.

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Even kat with her plastic face is waaay better looking than Alia. Alia has no sex appeal, below average dance skills and average looks. Who cares if she is rich; she is dumb, uneducated and annoying.

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Post the truth

Oh no now getting confirm flop tag.

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