SOTY 2 song Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan: Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday & Tara give us the dance number of the year

Student of The Year 2 starring Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday is among the highly anticipated films of this year. Today, a new song, Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan was launched it surely is a dance anthem of the year. Take a look.
SOTY 2 song Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan: Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday & Tara give us the dance number of the year SOTY 2 song Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan: Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday & Tara give us the dance number of the year
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One of the most talked about films of Bollywood is Karan Johar’s production, Student of The Year 2. Starring Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday in the lead, SOTY 2 is a sequel to the 2012 film Student of the Year which launched Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra in Bollywood. With Student of the Year 2, Karan will be launching Tara and Ananya in the film industry. The first track, The Jawaani Song was launched a while back and was loved by all. Today, another song Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan is all set to be launched.

Featuring, Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday, the song is a party anthem which will compel you to shake a leg with your buddies. Composed by Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjianii, the song is on the lines of Radha from Student of The Year. While we see Tiger, Ananya and Tara shaking a leg on this fun song, the song's beats will woo your heart. Tiger, Tara and Ananya grooving to this peppy sangeet number will give you major feelers and will compel you to dance it out. We get to see Tiger kissing Ananya and Tara in the song Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan. Crooned by Dev Negi, Payal Dev & Vishal Dadlani, Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan will compel you to groove with your besties at a wedding.

If Radha from Student of the Year was an upbeat dance number, Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan is the desi dance track which features Tiger, Ananya and Tara as the desi students grooving away at a sangeet. Student of The Year 2 is helmed by Punit D Malhotra and is being produced by Karan Johar. The film also stars Aditya Seal. During the song launch event, Ananya told that Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan is a fun song and is the last song which they shot for. She said, "Tara and I were dying to do an Indian song, especially after watching Radha. I told them you guys have to put one here. It was amazing shooting an Indian song with Tiger and Tara."

Check out the song:

At the launch event, Tiger, Ananya and Tara performed the song and mentioned that the reason they included the song in the film is that they all wanted a party song. Tiger, Ananya and Tara looked absolutely graceful at the song launch event and enthraled the audience with their dance. Meanwhile, Student of The Year is slated to release on May 10, 2019. 

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The song is absolute garbage. Who approved of this shit?

Very good song. Tiger looks cool.

tiger is doing the same jumps since his birth. and both the girls looks really over.i know people are praising tara because she is not a nepo kid but still she is as boring and tacky as ananya. this movie makes SOTY look so much better

Colossal waste of resources.

What the fff is wrong with bollywood these days ??? Karan is really annihilating creativity n talent in bollywood by shoving the audience with his un talented , below avg nepo products so much so that now i hv really stopped watching bollywood movies , regional movies are far better n high on content n netflix is saviour . I think we as audience should collectively boycott kjo n his movies n also his nepo products fiercely , only then better sense will prevail on him n abt this song ...ITS GARBAGE .Tiger is doing his same mimicry of hrithik , ananya is vegetable , no expressions no moves n wat the hell happened to tara ??? She is not her usual self here !! Bad song , bad choreography , nothing is worth even an avg rating .

Ananya looks horrible

Kjo & his nepo gang-ur times up.kjo needs to retire only because of his upcoming disaster superflop movies soty 2 brahmastra & takht.

dont like the choreography at all, there r like a thousand dancers behind the main cast. song mediocre . the choreographer has made tiger look like he is hyper, jumping jumping , its the same with the other song. so disappointing.

Kangana is correct. Poverty of talent. Mediocre nepokids. Sigh.

This is beyond horrible. The song is ordinary. Tiger does the same jumps. Ananya has zero screen presence and looks weird. Tara is a little better but needs a solo song to get noticed.

Ananya's dancing is so awkward..i liked tara on KWK but even she doesnt look or dance exceptionally here...

Tara is cute and still somewhat okay. Anya lacks any it factor She’s a skinny fair girl and that’s it. I would not look at her twice

Anaya is so pale.

Fire the casting director then hire that person back since no one will hire him/her.


OMG!! Big budget movie with mediocre cast. I seriously miss those days when songs were real and actors were good looking plus talented. Here everything is below average. Tara looks ok but what’s wrong with Tiger. Why is he jumping so much? And woow Ananya!!! She should eat and wait for another 5 years to become actress. We can literally see her ribs. Even with the sexiest clothes she is looking like a stick.Atleast SOTY 1 had good looking cast. Alia was atleast cute and was better compared to Ananya. Tiger has neither looks nor any acting skills. Hope Karan will learn his lesson after this debacle. Fingers crossed!!Im sure this is going to be another big flop. Free ticket miley toh bhi nah dekhu!!Trailer and songs itself has got so many bad reviews. Who will watch movie now?

i thought kjo had half a brain but obviously not. he’s completely shallow and lost the plot with films for his personal production house. what a sad legacy of vapid star kids and expensive sets foe no reason

This song and the people in it/making it are embodiments of everything that is wrong with Bollywood - wannabes from film families (producer, director, ‘stars’), rubbish noise that is called music, acrobatics passed off as dance, bad moves, garish skimpy ‘outfits’ etc. Thank goodness for Badla and Andhunhan.

another flop coming Karan way and I can't be any happier :) the end is near guys, waiting for the officle big flop of the year
Alia and Ranbir science fiction parody movie, finger crossed

This beyond sad. Sad for the actors who can’t deliver a role given on silver platter. Sad for the audience who’ll spend their hard earned money on this crap fest. Sad for Bollywood for its rapidly lowering standards. Sad for the true talent who will never get a chance because nepo kids have lined up and it’s a big one unending line.

Tara - Tiger and Ananya are stunning. And the trailer and songs are awesome !
Before judging people watch yourself in front of a mirror and try to do what they can do
Like we said in French «  fermez vos gueules »
Pv please post it thanks

Ok KJo

Average song , neither of the girls possess the IT factor.

Ananya is soooo ugly!

not good and why tiger always doing same dancing

Another flop movie .

this looks lika a bad tiktok video. kuch bhi gana kuch bhi dance kuch bhi lip syn !

fix the likes. are you getting paid to support certain people pinkvilla???!!!

Girls lack charm.

omg they look like three men dancing. only two are dressed in skimpy woman clothes. flop movie. flop kjo. nepotism gonna take him down and its what he deserves!!

Is he Hrithik and Kareena’s love child? He does not resemble his so called biological parents at all.

Garibo ki Hrithik Roshan

These 2 girls are like mediocre show pieces supporting Tiger. What kind of "progressivness" is this Kjo? Such a hypocrite.

This is more like worst song and performance of the year. So cheap man. Kjo needs to retire.

The girls have the best clothes, makeup, etc yet they lack charm. And how did the makers approve of the boring song/dance? Do they want it to flop?

Why Tiger always have to jump around during song? Not Tiger but Monkey name should be appropriate for him. Choreography, music, singing...everything is just plain bad.

The song is good. Everyone is nicely dressed but the choreography is messed up. Ananya's lipsyncing is weird and a lot of skin show by these two ladies. Why there is a need for skin show when you are playing the role of the student?

What skin? There is nothing to show for either of these sticks.

Tiger Shroff is officially Hrithik Roshan cheap version

the stylist wanted to make a joke it seems, Ananya looks like a skeleton and has a flat chest making her look like a boy yet they made her wear a bra
Alia and Ananya is Karan Johar idea of what sexy and beautiful women look like hahaha I feel sorry for you KJO

OMG....just plain disgusting and horrible. Tiger Shroff thinks dancing like a robot is cool, the other two heroines are just there to show as much skin as possible. FLOP written all over!! HAHAHA Kjo!!!!!

This song also focuses a lot on Tiger than the girls. Karan needs to sit with some educated, literaly degree wise, for a few years, before he makes his next SOTY. Karan has everything, one can name, except educated friends circle. None of the songs launched show the girls have anything to do, except wear fancy clothes. Tiger, like his girlffriend Disha, always has his shirt off

I used to think katrina only pretty face no acting but ananya surpassed that ( No I m not talking in terms of beauty only acting ) at least katrina had personality and screen presence

Who the f choreographed this? Tiger can only jump and people think it's dancing. Comparing him to Shahid and Hrithik is an insult. The song is super bad and no one is making an impact. Kjo, ek aur flop le lo.

Just some people jumping and moving their arms/legs doesn’t make it a dance number of the year. I feel bad for the audience already. I mean seriously, why not give an outsider a chance??? Karan is going for a new low with this movie.

Sukhi hui ananya..khana kha le beti

Rip to acting, dancing, choreography, fashion designing after this song

indian dresses ki esi tesi krdi is mard jese dikhne wali ananya ne

So typical and also horrible.. Haha Bollywood thinks pple are fools

Tiger is copying Hritik , Tara can't dance and Ananya looks like a teen boy wearing bra

Tara is a trained dancer and much better dancer.

One of the most bland songs of recent times...great production value but no melody!

Why is Ananya wearing a bra as a blouse??? Way to destroy the beauty of Indian clothes. Also NONE of the younger generation actresses posses that grace, elegance, charm that Madhuri, Urmilla, Manisha and ALL the actresses of the 60s and 70s possessed. Tragic.

Ananaya is so yuckkk.ewwww

Karan took audition of 800 girls ans selected ananya ? Hahaha.audience ko pagal smjha hai kya


Ananya is expressionless

So bad. Who approved this horrible song???????

thats great and we all are waiting eagerly for the movie....

You and who do eagerly waiting for this crap! Please get a life!

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