Sridevi on comparison between Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan: You don't have to turn your face away from each other

Sridevi talks about comparisons being made between Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan.
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Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan are all geared for their Bollywood debut. While Jhanvi will be seen opposite Ishaan Khattar in Sairat's remake, Sara has been roped in for Kedarnath alongside Sushant Singh Rajput. Well, if two stars kids are all set for their Bollywood ventures, comparisons are bound to happen. 
On these lines, Jhanvi's mom Sridevi said, "Competition can never be eliminated from this industry. There is nothing wrong with it. It keeps you on your toes, making you work harder. But, the biggest challenge lay in bettering your craft, and faring better than you did the last time."
"You don't have to turn your face away from each other just because you are pitted against one another at work," added Sridevi. 
Earlier, in an interview with Pinkvilla, when we asked Sridevi if she was nervous for her daughter as she will be embarking on a new journey, the actress said, "Yeh har maa ke andar hoti hai. When any child is going to start a new career, you are nervous and you are excited. So it is basically all kinds of feelings put together and I'm feeling the same."
On whether Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor take fashion inspiration from their mother, Sridevi revealed, "Well, I take inspiration from them. They guide me and I enjoy that. They are...Aaj ka hai (They are the new generation). They know better. They know what is in fashion. Sometimes you are in your own world. As a mother, I have other things to take. But, I enjoy asking them and we share. Sometimes, they ask me whether it looks good or not, what to change. The same way even I...we share each other's taste."

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Well Sridevi worked in films because she supported her family financially.
With janhvi it’s different

I would be shocked if Jhanvi and Khushi did not want to become actresses. I mean that would mean Sridevi is a failure! If your mother is Sridevi - which girl wouldn't want to be like her? Either the child is not normal or the mother wasn't really good.


Oh please all add up news so they can start becoming relevant ! Again a case of privilege much ! I wish we had less of these inbreeds in the entertainment ! Where are Jennifer Lawrence’s and Emma stones of Bollywood ! There is only so much of kardashian wannabes we can take !

its good to always have close or best friend (s) from work place, there will be loads of things to ask or share with which parents or friends who are not from industry may not understand. i love how Jhanvi always holds Sara's hand :))

They look like sisters in this picture. If both of them even have an iota of talent and charm they both will do extremely well as the industry will give many many chances to its own.

kind of agree with sridevi here. the world loves to watch drama pitting people against each other... and women have grown wiser these days, they dont get catty with each other and respect each other which is nice

Sara has the novelty factor going for her..she comes across as blue blooded. The fact that she is flooded with offers proves it. Okay, may not be 'flooded' but it comes as no surprise that shes getting offers..

that’s some serious post colonial hangover

What is the point of all this? Clicking pictures..interviews before debut. Debut film not announced..claiming they are the next superstar already..i remember there was so much curiousity before saawariya but they seem to be building only unwanted expectations which may turn out to be trouble for them

How old is kushi? And has she finished her studies?

Where did topic of khushi come from. Sridevi is talking about jhanvi.

Sri's absolutely right! The new generation even feels differently as opposed to the old. Both these girls are going to do extremely well once they get their footing. All the best!!

Amrita Singh clearly has no issues Sara hanging out with Sridevi's daughter, and neither does Sridevi the other way around. They are both colleagues and know each other well. What we don't know much about is Khushi and Ibrahim hang out often too. Both their children are friends with each other.

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