Sridevi on daughter Jhanvi Kapoor's Bollywood debut: She must cultivate her craft herself

Sridevi gets candid about daughter Jhanvi Kapoor's Bollywood debut.
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Sridevi's elder daughter Jhanvi Kapoor will soon be embarking on her Bollywood journey. 

The soon-to-be actress will be making her debut opposite Shahid Kapoor's brother Ishaan Khatter in the Hindi remake of the Marathi movie Sairat. Tentatively titled Dhadak, the movie will be produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions. The duo will start shooting in Rajasthan in the first week of December.

Jhanvi is going all out to make her Bollywood debut memorable and is hitting the gym as well as going for dance rehearsals. 

When a leading tabloid spoke to Sridevi about Jhanvi's debut, the veteran actress revealed that as a mother, she "can’t help but give her tips about everything — from how to dress, to what to eat."

"I don’t want to advise her. She must cultivate her craft herself, make her own choices," Sridevi asserted though when it comes to Jhanvi carving a niche in Bollywood. 

Earlier, in an interview with Pinkvilla, when we asked Sridevi if she was nervous for her daughter as she will be embarking on a new journey, the actress said, "Yeh har maa ke andar hoti hai. When any child is going to start a new career, you are nervous and you are excited. So it is basically all kinds of feelings put together and I'm feeling the same."

On whether Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor take fashion inspiration from their mother, Sridevi revealed, "Well, I take inspiration from them. They guide me and I enjoy that. They are...Aaj ka hai (They are the new generation). They know better. They know what is in fashion. Sometimes you are in your own world. As a mother, I have other things to take. But, I enjoy asking them and we share. Sometimes, they ask me whether it looks good or not, what to change. The same way even I...we share each other's taste."

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Any criticism for Sri Devi is not allowed on this post ??? Is pink villa run by her chamchas??She was super successful we all know she was talented but her diction was not good and her face was not naturally beautiful we all know. They r not doing social service nor they are great leaders of course we can criticise them they did good acting and got money for it and they enjoyed popularity and success. She is not actually DEVI.

I am sure Jhanvi will be as good are her most beautiful and talented mom Sridevi. Sridevi has still maintained her charm and grace

Yes Sridevi is self made woman and very talented lot of people envy on both their family and daughters. Looking forward to see Jhanvi on the big screen

Sridevi Mam you are you...noone like you......btw best wishes to jhanvi

Sridevi is a legend.

I'm sure Jhanvi would do extremely well . Mark my words

I guess actresses like sridevi are born once in a lifetime so its gonna be tough as comparisons will undoubtedly arise. But good luck to JK. If she's good then she'll do well. If not she can join the list Esha Deol is in

i am pretty sure she will do extremely well.. she doesnt do attention seeking tactics like instagram posts to gain sympathy. all she does is loves to dress up and get clicked which is pretty normal. i like how humble you are as a mom to her unlike other moms who think and believe their daughters are gods gift to mankind while signing a not so good movie

sridevi the best

sri is all cool about her daughters unlike amrita who is acting like her daughter is the best thing to happen to this world. Amrita is nothing compared to Sri but sri is not high and mighty or arrogant like her. Hope Jhanvi gets that quality at least from her mom

Agree Sridevi is cool about her daughters because she doesn't want her daughters to go through what she went through. Sridevi never had a childhood, neither a school life nor college. At the age of 4 and then. She was desparate to play with the children of her age, but her mother forced her to sleep early because she had a shooting at 4am the next day. Honestly Sridevi went through torture and lived all her life inside the walls of movie studios. That is exactly why she has give 100% freedom to her daughters. She knows what it feels like to loose your childhood and teenage life.

Sridevi and a nepo mom? What do you mean?

Jahnvi actually look great and is in great shape!

Nepo daugher n nepo mom

How did you manage to get likes for ur coment... sridevi nepo mom. Even her haters won’t agree with this. started acting at 4, ruled all major film industries in India.

sridevi is self made woman, started her career ay age of 4 or 5 may be

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