Sridevi didn't approve of THIS tattoo on her younger daughter Khushi Kapoor; Read on

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor appeared on BFF's with Vogue. On the show, Khushi revealed that she has three tattoos on her body. Read further to know where.
News,sridevi,Khushi Kapoor,janhvi kapoorSridevi didn't approve of THIS tattoo on her younger daughter Khushi Kapoor; Read on
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The Kapoor sisters Janhvi and Khushi appeared on BFF's with Vogue recently. The two were twinning with their looks as they wore cute mini skirts and white tops. Janhvi made her debut with the film 'Dhadak' alongside Ishaan Khatter and she soon became everyone's favourite. On the show, Khushi shared that she wants to follow her sister's footsteps and enter the film industry. Khushi also said that she trusts Karan Johar blindly and hopes that Karan would launch her as he did with other celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and her own sister Janhvi too.  
The famous Kapoor sisters also talked about the tattoos on their body. Khushi revealed that she has three —one with all her family’s birthdays in Roman numerals, another one of her best friend's name, and the third one is on her bum which says, "Khud ki raah banao." In fact, she unveiled that the third tattoo is the one that she is most embarrassed about. Her mom Sridevi and sister Janhvi did not like her tattoo obsession. The Dhadak actress also said that she thinks that she is 'too chicken to get inked'. Janhvi also joked as to how she would get her future husband to get inked saying 'Property of JK'. 
Janhvi Kapoor will next be seen playing the role of the first female Indian Air Force combat pilot and first female Shaurya Chakra recipient Gunjan Saxena. Veteran actor Pankaj Tripathi will be seen playing Janhvi Kapoor’s father in the biopic. When asked about working with Janhvi, the actor said, “I am having a lot of fun while shooting for the film. Janhvi is a very sincere and well behaved actress. She respects me a lot and I too respect her for the sincerity and commitment towards her work."

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So many of you seem to think that a person who has tattoos is not a good person. We don’t know what actually happened between Sridevi and her daughters. Stop questioning others’ parenting methods and stop judging. If you hate tattoos so much then don’t let your kids get one. Stop judging Sridevi, Janhvi and Khushi. Get a job and a life please people!

Im sure kushi will be next Deepika

She could have just kept this to herself. Noone was going to pull down her pants to check if she had a tattoo on her butt, so what was the need to introduce herself to the audience for the first time with “ hi my name is khushi kapoor and i have a tattoo on my butt”. Censor urself girl.

Sorry, Sri.. but you gave these girls too much freedom. I mean tatoo at such a young age???

You are so sweet, Khushi!

give the kids a break.
you dont even know how well khushi is being paraphrased from the actual interview.

Typical kapoors.
Those kapoor genes realy dominated the ayyapan part of them huh

Idk what y’all are on abt because all i can think of, is how high is khushis pain tolerance? Tattoos are so painful!!!

I thought Khushi is innocent bcz she didn't talk much and barely 18 she seems wild..i am wrong actually Janhavi even though she is an elder one she's the little Straight

Lucky sri... got away with them very early. Got everything in platter, do they even realise how hard their mother worked to feed her family. And all these star kids are proud of not watching their parents work and without shame they want work with their parents recommendations.

I agree with you! Already so many awards janhvi has bought/won and in even one has she thanked her mom? the closest she has come to anything is to say “parents” but lets face it, karan did not launch janhvi because she is boney kapoors daughter but because he is a self-confessed sridevi fan and im sure janhvi herself is aware of that.

It's been 2 yrs & NONE of my comment get posted or likes & dislikes registered, always citing network error, how can I be suffering from network error consistentlyfor 2 yrs??? Very strange!

well ofcourse sreedevi didnt approve. which mother would be happy if their 15 year old daughter got a tattoo on their buttock?

one had milk from a dudu bottle till she was 12.
and the other one has 3 tattoos even before she enters adulthood.

two real gems descended upon sridevi's head didnt they? you wonder how she died? she probably killed herself to get away from them. Hence, their apathy upon her demise. did you look at their expressionless faces on stage for sridevi's award at filmfare?

so janvi kapoor is the better kapoor.

when pv revealed that she had tattooed her family's name, it really melted me. but 3 tattoos is a bit much.

she has a tattoo of her best friends name? but what if that kid isnt her best friend 10 years from now? gonna be a bit like deepika's RK tattoo then... unless it was a drunken mistake, in which case also it is sad because she is barely 18. Also, its a bit funny no, that she has a tattoo specially with the name of her 'best friend' but not one with the name of her dead mother, or oh-so-close-sister, even her father whose favourite child she is.

everyone says khushi looks more like sridevi but she seems to be the polar opposite of sridevi naturewise, and im leaning towards janhvi's more docile nature.

look at how perfectly crafted sara's 'sanskari' image has grown to be and how well that has gone down w india.
and then look at khushi playing it ultra wild. TMI khushi, itna bhi honest mat ho.
i wish sridevi were there to step in and culture the girl a bit, because right now with a father who slaps urvashi's butt and a brother who is looking for a mother in his future wife, this girl doesnt have the right guidance.

khushi kapoor needs to tame down and realise india isnt as progressive as she is, so she needs to take it a notch down when revealing TMI about her tattoos.

karan himself said last year khushi would get launched that too on neha's radio show.
its no surprise neha would therefore ask khushi about it.

See whether she knows acting or not but she's saying Karan will launch me with so much of confidence..this is how affected KJO's nepotism..these star kids are so confident he launches everyone of them..This is a high time to understand Karan that he's losing his credibility..look how star kids without even hesitation Karan hai an..he will launch..this is going to damage Karan Johar..if this is how he wants to keep his image its up to him..but he should not complain when people talks about it..Nobody is saying Karan should not launch talented people who may be or may not be related to the film industry..but this kind of attitude like khushi is having i am sure all the star kids having...whatever happens Karan launch us...its time for even audience to you really want to see some mediocre acting,mediocre movies?i didn't agree when Kangana said movie its all making sense..if this is not movie mafia then what it is?Karan should wake up if he really wants to have some credibility he at least make sure..he don't launches anyone aise hi..they should have talent

yah but karan himself on neha's radio show last year that khushi would get launched.
its obvious neha would ask khushi about it therefore...

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