Sridevi starrer Mr India to be rebooted and converted into a franchise, confirms Boney Kapoor; Read DETAILS

Mr India is returning. Boney Kapoor confirms a reboot of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer is in the works.
Sridevi starrer Mr India to be rebooted and converted into a franchise, confirms Boney Kapoor; Read DETAILSSridevi starrer Mr India to be rebooted and converted into a franchise, confirms Boney Kapoor; Read DETAILS
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Every time the television plays Mr India, we cannot help but watch the movie. The 1987 hit movie featured the late Sridevi and Anil Kapoor in the lead. Right from the banter between the kids and Sridevi's character Seema to Amrish Puri's Mogambo Khush Hua, Mr India has all the elements of an entertaining movie. There were rumours doing the rounds suggesting that Mr India 2 is in the making. Now, Boney Kapoor is planning on rebooting the classic tale of an invisible man. 

The producer, in an interview with Mid-Day, revealed his plans for Mr India. He shared that he is planning on rebooting Mr India and eventually making a franchise out of it. "The idea is to create a reboot first, and then, make a franchise of it. It needs to be made more contemporary. We have a basic structure in mind. We haven’t decided on a timeline yet, but intend to make it soon," he told the publication. 

He said that the movie changed the way people looked at Sridevi. "While Sri was considered a glamorous star earlier, the audience’s perception of her changed after Mr India — then on, she was seen as a powerful actress. Anil too became more legitimate a performer with the film. After Sri, I have even more reason to make the film now," he said.

Talking about the cast, Boney said he would be happy if the original cast would come together for the movie. "The cast and crew made the film what it was, and if anyone from the original line-up wants to be part of it, they can join us again," he said. He also added that if Shekar Kapur, the original director, is interested in directing, he could come on board. "If Shekhar is free, he can direct it," he added. 

Anil Kapoor recently marked the 32nd anniversary of the movie. He shared a collage of pictures from the iconic movie and dedicated it to Veeru Devgan. "#MrIndia was made iconic by its children friendly action scenes & Veeru’s Midas touch. I want to dedicate its 32nd anniversary to the man who made these unforgettable moments possible. #VeeruDevgan was an amazing man & I'm lucky to have worked with him. He is sorely missed..." he wrote. 

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What do you think about Mr India getting a reboot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Agree with everyone. Boney Kapoor may have accumulated some power and recognition as a producer on his own talent, but ultimately he made his career sponging off of 3 people, Sridevi, Anil, and Salman. Now all he has is Arjun and Janhvi. Really compare that.

Great, he will cast Arjun in this I am sure (somebody kill me!)

Boney has been talking about Mr. India and No Entry sequels for many years. Mr. India is not to be rebooted. When they remade Sholay with Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag, it actually is listed as one of the worst movies in the world, don't touch classics. Most of this cast is dead. Saddest thing is after Race 3, Anil admitted he does stuff just for money, and Boney will most definitely mooch off of him, he was going to do the same with No Entry.

I have been hearing about Mr India and No entry sequel for a very long time. I don't think it's happening. Salman won't be acting in No entry for obvious reasons and Mr India was made by Shekhar Kapur who on earth is going to match his talent? Not a new director for sure.


No one can replace Sri ! #period


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