Student of the Year 2 stars Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday talk about nepotism; WATCH VIDEO

During the press conference of their film Student of The Year 2 in Delhi, Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday were asked their views on nepotism. Check out the video.
News,Tiger Shroff,Student Of The Year 2,Ananya PandayStudent of the Year 2 stars Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday talk about nepotism; WATCH VIDEO
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Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria have been promoting their upcoming film Student of The Year 2 in different cities. Today, the actors went to Delhi to promote their film where they held a press conference. At the press conference, the reports asked Tiger Shroff and Ananya Panday about nepotism. As both Tiger and Ananya have celebrity parents, the duo was asked how easy it is for star kids to make their way in Bollywood.

Tiger told the reporters, "It has its ups and downs as well. Pros definitely yeh hai ki shayad log hume jaldi notice karte hai aur it's all because of our parents. For that, we are very thankful and grateful that we are born to them. That being said, pressure double hai because abhi people are looking at us with binoculars. Just to prove ourselves even more, how different I am than my dad, that is the challenge for me; how do I create my own identity?"

Ananya Panday said, "I believe it exists in all industries, not just our industry. I feel we both are forever living in our dads' shadows. I think whatever we do, everything just thinks how warm our fathers our, now nice people they are. That's nice for us to hear and we are very proud of our dads and we don't want to feel ashamed of what our dad's our. I feel like, it helps you get into those rooms, you get access to meet people. But I feel what you do in those rooms, solely depends on you and your talents. So, I think the audience is smart enough. When they'll watch the film, they'll make that decision and hopefully, they will like us. They have accepted Tiger, so I just hope for the same."

Watch the video below:

Coming to SOTY 2, the film is directed by Punit Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. It will hit the screens on May 10, 2019.


I write off Anaya,Tara Coming soon Suhana, Shanaya.
I want to spend my hard earn money on good talent
and good substance movies with good roles.

Anaya looks like an entitled brat and unapologetic of stealing others chances, i don't even think this girl will stay longer, she will get films through nepotism but she doe s not have the star quality,neither her friends suhana or shanaya.They should better use their education and try in another field.

The star-kids always talk about a different problem when asked about nepotism. Country is very pissed off about nepo-kids getting an easy path thru life, and that's what they need to talk about. They need to be humble and honest and wonder if I deserve to be here, and I will do my best to earn my spot which could have belonged to anyone were it not for my dad. Instead they pretty much always talk about growing up and acting in a parent or sibling's shadow, and trying to live up to them, which is a star-kid problem for sure, for Tiger that's fine, but not one you should be thinking about if you're Ananya and have done ONE movie. Try to carve your own niche once you prove to the audience that you are a good actor.

What future does this thin Ananya have . Show biz can be cruel and is not easy even if you are Nepo Kid . Its easy to start off with a big role but difficult to continue .

There is no denial that these kids do get more of an advantage because of their parents and their connections but thats how life is. Their parents worked hard so that their kids can have opportunities they didnt have Just like any other parent out there. jackie shroff and chunky pandey were outsiders at one point. It's just the circle of life. The outsider kids today like Tara, Tapasee and all the others can talk about nepotism all they want, but 25 years down the road when their kids want to be in movies, you won't see them talking about it anymore and that is the reality and always has been. At the end of the day, the audience decides who is talented enough to stay and who is not.

Give me a break, problem is why should the public have to suffer through star kids just because they liked the star.

We liked sridevi for her beauty, talent, dancing skill, we paid for the tickets and watched her movie. why do we need to suffer through her daughters who unfortunately dont have the above?

Groom me well and i can look more hot and glamourous than that short below average talentless man alia and this ugly skeleton ananya

both are yuck from head to toe

I don’t know about others but I was a big chunky Pandey fan back in late 80s, I was very young might be 5 or 6 but I remember I used to light up whenever I saw him on onscreen. I still like him, He was good until he started doing crazy roles. He is a good actor but wasn’t used well by the directors.

Nepotism or not...I watched the video of some party these girls Ananya and Tara had to attend on Viral Bhayni's was nothing less than a perv party with some Tom Dick and Harrys all over these 2 young girls,while Tiger timidly twirled around some woman...I don't think they have it easy anyways...They just are forced into all these promotions and cheap publicity stunts that are decided by the producers/directors...

Anaya is another dumbo like alia who said it's not my fault to be born in bhatt, she is also saying the same but the wrong thing is they misuse their privilege and kick talented people out of projects and these idiots think it's completely moral and fair,they have zero self-conscious because their upbringing itself is wrong.

Yes nepotism exists in every industry! However, in other industries kids are still required to get the necessary education, training, and certification for the position. a chief surgeon will of course get his kid a surgery position in the hospital but the kid will still be required to become a surgeon before that. The ambani kids are handling their family business but they still went to business school to learn the basics. Nepotism should be having a easier time getting a job not giving a acting position to a uneducated talentless kid. Go to acting school or train within films and then start talking!

Sure nepotism exists in all industries but then if your parents are doctors or professors, to emulate them you would still need to go to medical school or do your PhD to even be able to get an interview in their firm or university. These people live in a fantasy and like having half baked conversations because they either don’t have the intellectual capability or the inclination to have an honest conversation about this topic!

Their answer whenever asked should only be, “yes we are extremely fortunate and blessed to be where we are today because of the work of our parents and hopefully we can contribute in some way to this industry”

Atleast Tiger has some talent in martial arts and dance and pretty much plays up to that, he may learn how to act later on, but Ananya?? Has she ever even had a job before??

ananya needs a slap of reality across her white privileged face.

I believe it exists in all industries, not just our industry.

sure nepotism exists in all industries but not the same extent to which it exists in bollywood beacuse in most big firms there is a separate HR dept that takes care of job applicants, and more over education acts as a shield against the misdoings of nepotism.

i really hope the audience is smart enough to kick ananya out, but why am i kidding, privilege already got her a second film with beau kartik aryan.

" I feel we both are forever living in our dads' shadows"

what big shadows your dad has created for you ananya!

neither tiger nor ananya face any comparison because a) jackie shroff was of a different cine-going audience age bracket and b) noone watched chunky's films.

the only people with the right to talk about pressure are janhvi kapoor, suhana khan, and abhishek bachchan because they truly have big shoes to fill. ironically janhvi and abhishek are also the two oNLY people humble enough to accept their privilege.

nepo kids ko mike diya platform diya picture diya fame diya....without ANY MERIT! dumb audience

Lol dream on scarecrow. We audience are not stupid.

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