Student Of The Year 2: Twitterati calls Karan Johar 'Nepotism Ka Baap'

Soon after Karan Johar tweeted about Student Of The Year 2 cast, Twitterati started slamming him for being the 'flag-bearer of Nepotism'. Some even called him, Nepotism Ka Baap and some said that Kangana Ranaut was right about the director.
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After a lot of speculations and wait, Karan Johar finally revealed the cast of his upcoming film, Student of the Year 2. It's a sequel to his hit film, Student Of The Year. The second installment stars Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday. 
Karan tweeted the poster with the three main lead actors and wrote, " Here is the CLASS OF 2018! Ready...Set....See you in the theatres on 23 November 2018!"  He also shared Sutaria’s photo and referred to her as “new admission to the class of 2018, the girl who is in it to win it”. He finally introduced Panday as the latest entrant of the school and sharing her picture, wrote, “And finally! Presenting ANANYA – joining class of 2018 at Saint Teresa! Welcome to the movies! #SOTY2.”
Soon after he tweeted, Twitterati started slamming him for being the 'flag-bearer of Nepotism'. Some even called him, Nepotism Ka Baap and some said that Kangana Ranaut was right about the director. 
In an earlier interview, Karan was asked about Kangana and whether he was nepotistic or sexist on KWK. To which he said, "I was not at all. I felt like I was attacked, she was the missile and I was the target. I was not being nepotistic or sexist, I was just like she has her opinion and she is giving her thoughts. She clearly learned those 12 lines and came and they were wonderful. Even I learn my lines for any interview, these are not criticism."
He added, "She had an opinion, she is an exceptional talent and I have always said that. She has her opinion and she said it. Two weeks later I was given a platform and I said what I had to. I don't know what to say, what she meant, whereas I have never crossed paths with her beyond here and there. She decided to choose me, to make her point which is fine."
He went on to say, "I don't hate Kangana and she doesn't hate me. And I don't regret my words. We are adults and I will probably call her for my next party and I forgot to call for the last one. I would love to call her because I have a great amount of regard for her. She wasn't attacking me, she was blaming me for something and I was defending for the same."
Meanwhile, check out the tweets: 
This Day That Year


Yeh bachche hain? School hai ya JNU?

I don’t care about the cast but this SOTY is one of the most crap-iest muvi i have seen


This Ananya really truly average

Boycott K Jo please

Then he said Kangana is just playing the victim card.

This movie needs to be boycotted to send a message.

Lol ananya pandey is not even tv serial material forget bollywood

Nepo King will use even this to promote his movie!

And as if these nepo kids are not enough, there's a nepo director too for this one!! Punit Malhotra...are u kidding me??

Just stop watch all these Bollywood movies, hit them where it hurts!!! How do you think, they make money, obviously off poor people!!

someone bringing up Vidyut he had commando, commando 2 to highlight his prowess as tiger did with baaghi, baaghi 2. don't complain here if you people would rather watch Tiger because he has that x-factor.

damn people learn one thing: FREE WILL. people have the options to pick what they wanna spend money on. "GOOD" is a subjective term. now if your taste is in the minority, no need to feel bitter and act all condescending. accept there are different tastes and keep moving.

you do understand Twitter is not even close to being an accurate indicator of anything right? it's hardly 1-2% of the crowd. truth is most movie watchers are casual and don't give a flying F about any of these. they go watch what grabs their attention.

so happy we get platforms like Twitter these directors producers cant escape the wrath of the janta and they should make changes to please us afterall we are lining their pockets making them rich by watching their crap movies...

looks like a B grade film poster...very icky.

Why SOTY2? I couldn't completely sit through the first one. Unfortunately, Karan made money through Baahubali, so we'll all be put through this trash until he burns all of it. Otherwise, Dharma with their out of touch ideas has not been very successful.

Tiger made on his own, the most hardworking actor and best action hero in Bollywood currently as rightly stated by Hrithik!

With his dialogue delivery and looks, there is no way Tiger would have ever made it in Bollywood if he was not Jackie's son.

He is only know for action and stunts. Vidyut Jammwal is way better looking, a better actor (not great but one does not have to be particularly good at acting to be better than Tiger) and is just as great in the action sequences - but guess what, he is not a star kid so never got the opportunities that Tiger has.

And Karan Johar was upset when kangana called him " flag-bearer of Nepotism'. I mean if you work only with nepokids and don't care what we think about you then why you feel bad when someone tells you the truth? You are making movie with Alia, Varun,Jhanvi, Sara, Ananya,Tiger and cries that Kangana is so wrong

kjo the flag-bearer of nepotism and mediocrity

the same very people will go make KJO money! :)

That's true but it's not entirely Kjos fault u see. The audience go watch the movie and support nepo kids. Audience made SOTY1 a hit and now same will happen to this movie and after getting a hit movie these nepo kids will be offered more roles. Look at Sara and Harsh without even their first movie released they already start getting offers for next ones...
If we as audience stop spending our money on them then maybe one day Kjo will stop shoving them down our throats. But for now Kjo must be laughing in his sofa made of gold since he succeeds by launching star kids. Thanks to us!
Pls pls post :)

The poster is getting bashed left,right & centre.

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