Suchitra Krishnamoorthi lauds Ankita Lokhande, Shekhar for their fight to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput

Updated on Sep 21, 2020 03:50 AM IST  |  1.5M
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi lauds Ankita Lokhande, Shekhar for their fight to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi lauds Ankita Lokhande, Shekhar for their fight to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput

Actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi is all praises for Shekhar Suman and Ankita Lokhande, who are fighting for justice for late Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. The actor's alleged suicide case is being probed by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Suchitra took to her Twitter to share how proud she is of Shekhar Suman and Ankita for their relentless efforts towards ensuring justice for SSR. 

She tweeted, "I have had the pleasure and honour of working with #Indias finest actors. Never been prouder of a colleague as i am of @shekharsuman7 my #ekhaan costar in theatre Integrity is gold. May the force be with u Shekhar #justiceforSushanthSinghRajput #JusticeForDisha #justiceforindia." About Ankita, she wrote, "And god bless u #AnkitaLokhande . It takes courage and character to stand up for the truth against all odds. #justiceforSushanthSinghRajput #JusticeForDishaSalian #justiceforindia."

Not just that, Suchitra questioned the silence of most Bollywood celebrities in the Sushant case. "When so many are silent to protect a few ... 1. They are scared. 2. They are sold 3. They are morally bankrupt  May truth and justice prevail. #justiceforSSR #JusticeForDisha #justiceforindia," Suchitra tweeted.

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Shekhar Suman wrote about the Sushant case, "Just don't get comfortable or take it easy till we reach the end. I'm sure Sushant is watching from up above and must be extremely happy that the SSR warriors refuse to give up or slow down n r fighting for his justice. Our patience will pay."


Anonymous : Who cares bt her
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Anonymous : Who are these suchitra,sekhar.?
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : Its really sad how these flop forgotten self proclaimed celebrities like suchitra, shekhar suman included his flop son,Ranveer shorey are suddenly talking about sushant to gain their two minute fame. Just shut up n find some work n let your work speak for you.
REPLY 17 1 year ago
Anonymous : Not sure how true this story is but I heard that Disha found out that Ssr Ngo was being used /or was gona be used for child trafficking. and she told Ssr on the night of the 8 June. Rhea was planted in his life to rendered him helpless and take over all the decisions hence helping to child traffic via Ssr Ngo that is why both are dead now
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : Another mental joined. these people wanna be in the news. Nobody cares about poor SSR except his fans, everybody has an ulterior motive. This lady lost her daughters custody because she had major issues!
REPLY 19 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ankita & Shekhar are milking SSR's death. #BJPStrategies
REPLY 16 1 year ago
Anonymous : but inke husband bhi to aneel mussarat ke saath pose karte hain in the rest of bullywood deshdrohi's.
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Aneel Mussarat is not a terrorist. He is just a businessman from London and has pakistani origin.
REPLY 13 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ankita and Shekhar are fighting with dignity like other SSR fans like me whereas vultures like Arnab and Kangana are using it for their own publicity and to promote BJP. We don't need such vultures or a vulture party like BJP. We SSR fans will fight till the end and will boycott entire Bollywood if he don't gets justice.
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Anonymous : Shut up. Go get attention from somewhere else.
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Anonymous : She forgot to take her meds. She is another case of mental illness.
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yes and you are one of those hypocritical people who first call people mentally ill in public domain and then if a tragedy happens takes to your social media accounts to post about how it is important to be kind and understanding you understand it so well. Practice what you preach!!!
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Anonymous : let it go, both of you. He's gone
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Anonymous : opportunistic lime light grabbers!
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