Suhana Khan turns to Meryl Streep to keep her occupied during the self isolation amid Coronavirus outbreak

Suhana Khan is currently a student at New York University. Like everyone else, Shah Rukh Khan's daughter has also resorted to self-isolation and she has Meryl Streep to give her company.
Suhana Khan turns to Meryl Streep to keep her occupied during the self isolation amid Coronavirus outbreak
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Like all of us, Suhana Khan is also under self-isolation amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Shah Rukh Khan's gorgeous daughter is currently a student at New York University. She moved to the US a few months ago. As the Big Apple is under lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is safe to say Suhana too has locked herself up indoors. While it is unclear if she's at the dorm of the university or staying over with a friend, Suhana took to her Instagram and revealed her quarantine activities. She revealed that she has Meryl Streep for company. 

Wait, wait, don't jump the gun. The aspiring actress is not literally in the same room as the Academy Award-winner. However, Suhana took to her Instagram Stories and revealed she is watching a Meryl Streep movie during the lockdown. With the lights switched off, it is hard to tell if she's watching the movie by herself or with her friends by her side. 

Check out the photo below: 

Suhana recently went public with her Instagram account. The 19-year-old opened her social media platform to the world and shared her photos. The account, active from 2017, features photos of Suhana with her siblings, Aryan Khan and AbRam, and her mother Gauri, apart from her friends from the university. 

As for her career, Suhana has already made her acting debut with the short film Grey Part of Blue. The English movie gave fans a glimpse of Suhana's remarkable acting skills. Haven't you seen it yet? Check it out below: 

While Suhana watched the Streep movie, Shah Rukh has been educating people about the importance of staying indoors. The actor recorded a video on the symptoms of Coronavirus, using footage from his older movies like Kal Ho Naa Ho, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and more. Apart from that, the actor also showed his support to the Janta Curfew on Sunday. Read more here: Shah Rukh Khan supports PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Janta Curfew’ against Coronavirus; Says ‘Be safe & healthy’

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what movie is that does anyone know? It is not DWP for sure

i doubt shes in nyc..srk must have flown her back in a private jet.

Yes I watched Devil wears Prada !

Yes all the nepo kids dont support Bolly actors. Proud off Holly actors. Pity them, coz finally will end up in Bolly movies.

WTF! Money can buy anything in India

Daddy will buy her a role with Meryl and as an add on buy her an Oscar too

How Pathetic is your comment. Give her a chance. It’s not her fault that she has a accomplished father

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