Sui Dhaaga Memes: Anushka Sharma is everywhere, see the best 20

Sui Dhaaga: Made In India trailer starring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma has now turned into memes swarming the internet. The movie releases on September 28, 2018.
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Sui Dhaaga: Made In India starring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma is one of the most anticipated movies this year. The movie all set to release this September on 28th has been produced under YRF banner and will see Varun and Anushka pairing up for the first time. Sui Dhaaga is set in the town of Bhopal and is a movie based on the power of self-reliance. The film is loosely based on Narendra Modi's campaign Made In India. The trailer for the movie was released recently and it has already got us excited. 

While Varun plays the role of Mauji, a happy go lucky kind of a person, Anushka plays Mamta, an independent woman who encourages Varun to take up entrepreneurship and helps him build a brand for himself. The duo's chemistry in the movie looks promising in the trailer. However, this is not even close to the kind of attention Anushka Sharma has garnered especially by those ready to make memes. Her face from an emotional scene has now become a meme material and it will leave you in splits. 

Most of the memes have Anushka being juxtaposed in most odd places, even the Royal wedding. Yes, you read it right. These memes are not to be missed and we pick the best 20 for you!


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We bet this made you day!


There's may be that royal wedding memes that is funny but others are not. It seems forced and little silly! Anushka is simply trying to act and I am glad she is not worried about how she looks. Acting is not about how you look but how you emote... I am glad to see that actors and film makers are now more focused on that instead of vanity!

I thought she was pretty in Rab Ne, then she ruined herself. The more I see her, more ugly she appears, sorry. Now I get it, she is a pretty skin with bad features. God, she should better work on acting to have people want to see her in this visual medium.

Her memes are way popular than the movie sui dhaaga itself.

Acting wise she did a good job. But her plastic look didn't suit the character. Moreover the pairing didn't work as she looked like an elder sister to Varun

Royal wedding meme was hilarious .....

Totally wrong casting of Anushka in sui dhaga, she dif not fit the role

She is a good actor .❤️

Anushka you are great yaar

Oh, so the film's a comedy.

Omg...How did she become a heroine , what has happened to Bollywood standards ?

Thats just bad acting!!

I had a good laugh!!!

One can see how much people loved this movie ;)


Sorry but all the anushka memes are hilarious. She looks even more comical than varun in a bad way. Why hasn’t she done masala yet?

She’s acting not trying to look beautiful..good job Anushka!

As if she could ever look beautiful..

Someone somewhere is getting yelled at for using this as the final take.


hahah Thanks for giving me a good laugh, these are too funny..


Anushka is below average in looks and acting

show me your pretty picture

I am happy with whatever God gave me, I do not mess my face due to insecurity, like you did Anushka

Become as famous as Anushka and have people on PV judge you for how you look and then post the same message

How is this what the most eligible bachelor in India married?

Lol this is tooo funny :) hahahahahaha

I cannot believe she still gets offers.. with that face

Poor thing... shes just trying to act without caring what she looks like. Credit!

Yep, people criticising her deserve the bad acting from the likes of katrina!

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