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Super 30 Trailer: Anil Kapoor, Tiger, Alia Bhatt & others praise Hrithik Roshan as a math wizard; Read on

The trailer of the much awaited Super 30 has just dropped and social media is full of posts by Bollywood celebrities applauding Hrithik Roshan’s performance; Check it out
News,anil kapoor,Hrithik Roshan,alia bhatt,Tiger Shroff,Super 30Super 30 Trailer: Anil Kapoor, Tiger, Alia Bhatt & others praise Hrithik Roshan as a math wizard; Read on
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Hrithik Roshan’s much awaited Super 30 will be in theatres on 12th of July. The trailer of the film has released and not only the star’s fans, but also Bollywood celebrities are highly impressed. The film is based on the life of Mathematician Anand Kumar who fought against all odds to start an IIT coaching center in Patna, Bihar for underprivileged children. The trailer has gone viral on social media and fans and followers are applauding Hrithik Roshan for his performance in the 2 minute 38 second clip.

Super 30 is an educational program which was started in Patna in the year 2002 by Indian educationalist and mathematician Anand Kumar. This program is to train students from the underprivileged sections of Indian society for IIT entrance exams. The film, based on the same, is directed by Vikas Bahl and is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Other than Hrithik Roshan, Super 30 stars Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi and Johnny Lever in important roles.

The Greek God of Bollywood, Hrithik posted the trailer on his social media handle with the caption: “Not all Superheroes wear capes. It’s the ideas that make a nation. It's the people who empower it. Presenting one such story from the heartland of India #Super30Trailer.” The trailer has impressed celebs such as Anil Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Alia Bhatt and Abhishek Bachchan among others.

Check out their reactions:

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I don't now blame Kangana for being irked with Aalia and giving her a piece of her mind. As Kangana had said she wanted her to watch Raazi and praise her etc. It's ok for Aalia to want praise and validation for her work from her peers, but Kangana can't have the same?
She even had Shahids new movie on her Instagram profile thing. I'm sure she did that just to piss Kangana off, how mature is she.

I just can’t get past this darkening thing....it’s soo insulting

The queen of liar just cant get a life ,poor hrithik,im just sorry for him.This fake woman just make me sick all the time.she can do everything for fame and money,everthing bad and disgusting.sorry for her parents

Hrithik is such a performer ... love to see him after so many years

What an irony! A product of nepotism is shouting "ab raja ka beta raja nahi banega". Hypocrisy at its best. They should have cast Rajkumar or some other non-nepo actor. Do what you preach.

Open ur browser, open Google search, n search for d meaning of "actor", or "acting"! Ignorant idiot!!!

What a stalker! talking about nepotism but giving your sister a job. hypocrisy at its best, You all are burning to see HR fab acting and how his looks, trailor and acting got a thumps up by all.

im from bihar and this really looks like a failed attempt at the language. acting not at all at par.
PS : not a hater

Have you seen Anand Kumar's pic when he was young and how he talks? Jealous bot

OK Stalker kangana. aur kuch? focus on your MHK. Your promotion plan has failed. now think something new.

You cannot live without taking Kangana’s name right this goes to show how much you love her lol and you have to use her name to promote HR movie. Why you are not confident of your so called super star?

Kangana ia not vile with everyone so it doesn't make sense to appreciate any work that she does.

Manikarnika was a bad movie

Wow trailer just released and all these stars come out of woodworks to praise the trailer but where were they when Manikarka trailer came out? I’m sure the same will happen with MHK

MHK will b worse than Florida

Kangana deserves that. When has she ever support others? No sane person wants to link themselves with a psycho who has no ethics, no dignity, and a negative person.

Psycho stalker spotted. Stop being jealous. Hrithik never attacks anyone like you and always support other actors movies unlike jealous kangana who even didnt support padmavat and Deepika.
Post this please

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