Sushant Singh Rajput Case: CBI to question Rhea Chakraborty about late actor’s mental health, finances & more

As Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik Chakraborty arrive at DRDO guest house for another round of questioning, the actress is expected to answer questions regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s finances, his mental health etc today.
Sushant Singh Rajput Case: CBI to question Rhea Chakraborty about late actor’s mental health, finances & moreSushant Singh Rajput Case: CBI to question Rhea Chakraborty about late actor’s mental health, finances & more
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Sushant Singh Rajput’s case has been coming up with new twists and turns with every passing day. So far, we know that CBI has taken over the late actor’s death case and they are grilling Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty who is touted to be the main accused in the case. As pe a recent update, the Jalebi actress and her brother Showik Chakraborty have arrived at the DRDO guest house for another round of questioning. According to media reports, CBI’s special investigating team has prepared a list of questions which Rhea will be expected to answer today.

As per a report published in India Today, CBI will question Rhea about the MS Dhoni: The Untold Story actor’s mental health, did she accompany him to a doctor, was the doctor chosen by her or Sushant, who was buying and giving him medicines, etc. Besides, she will also be questioned if she called the concerned doctor after she left Sushant on June 8 or check on his condition with the doctor post her exit from the house.

This isn’t all. Rhea will also be grilled with questions over Sushant’s finances which will include questions like – Did she take Rs 15 cr from the late actor, did Sushant pay for the property she bought, was the Raabta actor paying for her brother Showik’s expenses, did she force Sushant to bear her expenses, did any of her family member take money from him, etc

Other questions regarding finances are:

Why was Sushant paying for your shopping and makeup?

Why did you and your brother start firms with Sushant?

Was this Sushant's idea or you forced him to start the firms?

Did you ever take financial decisions for Sushant?

What was the amount Sushant and you were paid for the movie with Rumi Jaffery and Vashu Bhagnani?

Did any money come to your and Sushant’s account? How much was the deal for?

The interrogation session will also have questions over the ongoing drugs angle and Rhea will be quizzed about the same.

Here’s a list of questions Rhea will have to answer today on narcotics:

Were you and Sushant taking drugs?

Who was providing drugs?

Did you consume narcotics?

In a conversation in 2017, why and for whom were you talking about drugs?

Which other common friends of you and Sushant were taking drugs and who used to go and get the drugs from suppliers?

Did you ever force Sushant to take drugs?

Did he ever take an overdose of drugs? If yes, then when and what did you do?

Did you try speaking about Sushant’s drug habit to anyone or inform his family about the same?

Who is Gaurav Arya? Did he ever supply drugs to you or Sushant?

What is the connection of Jaya Saha, Shruti Modi, Ayush, Samuel, Dipesh and Siddharth with drugs?

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Why was sushant’s body guard fired?

Anonymous 3 months ago

She doesn’t make sense, she says she wanted Sushant to call her and if he said come home she would leave everything for him but then she blocks his number so how was he supposed to get in touch with her? What kind of mind games was she playing with him?

Anonymous 3 months ago

What was Rhea blackmailing SUshant with that he could not break up with her? He told his family in Jn and ran home for his birthday instead of spending it with Rhea. THen why did he come back even if she was harassing him? And continued to live with her while she splurged his money, he was worried about her spending too much.

Anonymous 3 months ago

i'm convinced now that there will be no justice for sushant look at aarushi talwar, sunanda pushkar, jiah khan and others

Anonymous 3 months ago

I hope CBI is not playing games and get Justice for Sushant.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Do we live in a country where criminals walk freely and the innocent are crucified? It is time for the people to raise their voices louder against these scumbags. Rhea her family and Mahesh Bhatt are criminals.

Anonymous 3 months ago

How? What is the proof?

Anonymous 3 months ago

This woman may not be directly involved in murder but yes she surely has connections with drug mafia, surely one cunning person, and needs to be arrested, wonder why they are not arresting her, if she was here in US, she’d ve been behind bars by now..

Anonymous 3 months ago

The same way Rhea banged her elbow against a closed window to get reports away is the same way this dumb idiot is going to hurt herself by doing pr interviews. She needs to be arrested now. Arrest will also be good for her and taxpayers since mumbai police won’t have to provide personal security, she can be way from media which she is complaining so much about, she can practice her acting skills alone to herself while in jail. Win win for everyone.

Anonymous 3 months ago

CBI: call in Sara and Kriti please! Sara was Rhea’s friend and she stole Sara’s BF. She can tell the truth about this woman. As for Kriti she must clear SSR’s name on drugs and depression. Please!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Rhea wouldn’t have any answers as the CBI has not given her the questions before hand. Liar and a cheat a drug addict

Anonymous 3 months ago


Anonymous 3 months ago

Just answer, anyway what is there to lose? People are not looking for justice, they just want you to be arrested for nothing. Thats justice.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Sid is real king. Yes he is true inspiration.