Sushant Singh Rajput case: Rhea Chakraborty's suspicious WhatsApp chats point towards possible 'drug' angle

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Sushant Singh Rajput case: Rhea Chakraborty's suspicious WhatsApp chats point towards possible 'drug' angle

While fans and loved ones of Sushant Singh Rajput have heaved a sigh of relief after the CBI took over his case, the latest developments are no less baffling. The agency has also completed its fifth day of the probe, and yes, numerous loopholes are visible now. Apart from that, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was also looking into the money laundering in connection with Sushant’s case. As far as everyone remembers, the agency also seized Rhea Chakraborty’s electronic devices back then.

So, ED has shared her WhatsApp chats with the Narcotics Control Bureau and the CBI. And now, a few details are reportedly out that are no less shocking. Rhea’s suspicious conversation with some people has now pointed towards a possible ‘drug’ angle in the case. As reported by Times Now, the actress interacted with a drug dealer named Gaurav and talked about stuff like ‘hard drugs’ and ‘MDMA.’ As per the chats, she was asked by someone to add four drops of the same on tea and let him (Sushant) sip it.

Numerous names have sprung up in the recovered chats that include someone named Jaya Saha, Miranda, Shruti, and Rhea’s brother Showik too. These WhatsApp chats point towards the fact that Rhea was possibly engaged in drugs dealing and gave them to Sushant too. Meanwhile, the Narcotics Control Bureau has also stepped in for now. The CBI team has, on the other hand, is likely to summon the actress and Sushant’s friend Sandip Ssingh in connection with the case.

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Anonymous : Shame on Indian police and CBI! It's a murderer yet they haven't investigated the real culprits - mahesh, karan, aditya, ranveer, salman. They all planned it. Hate all of them! Not going to watch any of their movies. Shame on Indian population too who aren't doing anything against this injustice. You were all on roads for those rapers that were hanged, why not do the same for SSR's murder. It's not like everybody is staying at home these days, people are still roaming around on roads. start BANbollywood trend!
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea is full of jhol,, she is trapped from all sides , finally. Truth is coming out ! Rhea your actions amazes the whole nation , you are one heck of a girl ! When you think you are at the top of the world and no one can touch you ,, Karma kicks in , you start falling down with weight of your own deeds done in past ! Enjoy the consequences Rhea!
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : Why Rhea is not arrested? Because there's no evidence against her. Mumbai cops, ED didn't arrest her as well. CBI will also not arrest her because she is not responsible for the tragic event. She looks very innocent.
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : That’s her ‘black magic’ which actually worked
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : where is that susan walker by the way? She seems to have gone underground! So, is she a drug peddler too under the disguise of psychologist and gives people drugs under fake diagnosis?
REPLY 21 11 months ago
Anonymous : How many proofs do they need to arrest her?whole world knows the truth now,
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : Wow P V trying to change the pic after comments, very nice to see publicly taking Rhea side. Pv post
REPLY 14 11 months ago
Anonymous : These are small criminals, will anyone dare to grab thakrey who is the prime one in this. Who raped disha. And when she told this to sushant, he murdered both with these sandip shovik and pithani as they were with them in the same party where disha was raped.
REPLY 16 11 months ago
Anonymous : I am just wondering how Rhea will benefit from SSR's death? Why is she a suspect?
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : Now we know why was he hallucinating. He was made to feel a mental patient.
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : the moment I saw her, she looked like a very cruel person, negative vibes...face is a reflection of the mind..kindness is in the eyes, her eyes don't have an iota of softness..
REPLY 30 11 months ago
Anonymous : I am a grad student in the US but I haven't stopped thinking about this case... this is on my mind all day..the progress is slow, Rhea is lucky courts are giving her time and respect. But it's not fair, she did the worst crimes..I hope she's given the most severe punishment..
REPLY 31 11 months ago
Anonymous : Arrest her before she flees the country, CBI, or else the public will act as interpol. We are everywhere and many of us aren’t even Indian. Unless you dealers in Bollywood know how to send her to Mars, we will find her and we will find out. If if endanger her life to get rid of the trouble, you will dig your own graves. PV post this!
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : Why is this girl free??I just don't understand
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : I feel like Sushant didn't choose Rhea..maybe he was encouraged by KWAN his management company??
REPLY 13 11 months ago
Anonymous : to the person who replied to my comment on Sushant's taste in women, I appreciate it..You are right! I don't think we can blame Sushant or his previous relationships..the scheme was very sinister and lasted for a year or so with more than 50 people involved in breaking him down..but who are these people? Even when all actors who leave hollywood and talk about child molestation they refer to 'they'..why are these people unnameable? Who is at the top involved in pedophile rings?
REPLY 15 11 months ago
Anonymous : SSSR wanted to leave her once he found out the truth about her. So she drugged him and kept in a resort keeping him away from his family. All the while when SSR was drugged she spent, and lavished on his money with her family and friends. When SSR wanted to come out and tell the media of her true self, she got him killed along with drug mafia, Bollywood and nethas support. Justice for SSR!!!!’
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : Lots in Mumbai do drugs, especially celebs to deal with high pressure. Are all of them poisoning each other? where is it given the she is selling drugs. First arrest Sandeep Singh. He knows all.
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea Chakraborty.. there was always something off about this girl.Look at her videos and pictures with SSR.He always looked 'normal' with Ankita.There are so many people from many walks of life i.e. family,friends,TV colleagues,trainers etc who are saying Rhea controlled his life.Why doesn't CBI pay heed to what these people are saying..surely there is some truth to this!!Also look at her videos SSR sometimes looks a little afraid /unsure of himself around her.In his last interviews he looks down.And a unsure in his speech. For someone who was so ambitious and had a very sharp mind and physically he took care of himself - why would he take drugs? He had goals.5 year goals.He was focused , and knew where he was going in life and working towards it.Rhea definitely meddled around in his life.For anyone who says they were in love.Really?Look at their chemistry.They were like chalk and cheese.Your choice in company was very wrong SSR.You had snakes around you.So heartbreaking!!
REPLY 33 11 months ago
Anonymous : Next trend on social media should be #nooseforRhea
REPLY 22 11 months ago
Anonymous : Wow such a b**ch she is, she should rot in hell.
REPLY 28 11 months ago
Anonymous : from sara to this uncouth tragic ! gosh sushant wish someone had stopped you from dating this witch.,,you def deserved someone far far better,the witch destroyed a brilliant good looking gentleman with a genius mind&a heart of gold.
REPLY 34 11 months ago
Anonymous : some people saying mystery girl is pia trivedi who stays in goa was rhea visiting her as well..goa trips&drugs etc..??
REPLY 18 11 months ago
Anonymous : If it's true then Rhea should be hanged publically. My God! So evil she is.
REPLY 33 11 months ago
Anonymous : The truth will come out, but this is not the way to show Love.
REPLY 16 11 months ago
Anonymous : Death penalty for all involved. #aneyeforaneye
REPLY 29 11 months ago
Anonymous : oh god ! im glad this was not an open and shut case as many people wanted it to be
REPLY 35 11 months ago
Anonymous : First of all that is one hella gross picture. Second of all it happens sometimes. These narcissists love bomb people. suck them in, gaslight them and when they realize whats happening they leave only to be sucked back in by their superficial charm, lies, manipulation only to gaslight again. Sometimes they seem nice to others so once again the person second guesses his or her gut. the sucking back into the relationship is the hoover (vacuum cleaner brand) maneuver.
REPLY 18 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant you had a better taste in women..why did you fall for this one? were you so broken after Sara you let someone abuse you like that? I wish someone took care of you at the right time..:(
REPLY 33 11 months ago
Anonymous : I feel we do not understand the depth of the scheme.... it’s this girl but also there must be 50 to 100 other people involved around Sushant making him doubt himself and trust Rhea more, gaslighting him , creating situations, it was a one year or maybe more than a year plan, if it was just the girl on her own... he wouldn’t be trapped and she would be caught by now... the depth of the case can be seen now where police, politicians, neighbours, servants , so many known unknown people involved against just one person... it’s important to understand the situation deeply and accept it how it is showing itself rather than thinking low of the actor or the human being who was trapped in this situation.... you can call this a human trafficking case where demurrer was his end.... the murderers did not understand power of humanity.. thought they have all power and no one can stand to their cruelty....... I still feel sooo sad for his half cut story of life... but world is full of selfish sociopaths, liars and manipulative people who inflict worst possible pain on others..: very very sad and eye opening situation
REPLY 18 11 months ago
Anonymous : AND what are they waiting for now? What’s preventing them from grilling that piece of trash ? Lock.Her.Up.
REPLY 40 11 months ago
Anonymous : Drug dealer Rhea .That’s why she has so many trips to Goa ,Dubai.Party supplier with her brother.
REPLY 48 11 months ago
Anonymous : I'm sleepless throughout the night. We want action. Arrest her immediately.
REPLY 21 11 months ago
Anonymous : She might've done drugs but how does that make her member of drug cartel?
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : The one who consumes is part of supply chain. Simple ecosystem.
REPLY 14 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant my dear, your life was far too previous. We all want to know what lead to your tragic death. This woman you fell for is utterly cunning and distasteful, look at this vulgar picture! Shame on her. We are sorry you weren’t able to come out safely from her honeytrap. Rest in peace sweet boy.
REPLY 36 11 months ago
Anonymous : she honey trapped him..he might have liked her at first but this witch had him by the claws once he saw her reality..she's a keep of all those higher up..expose each one of them. Also is KWAN agency linked to Hollywood? Because Hollywood is professional with killing people too. All international links must be probed.
REPLY 46 11 months ago
Anonymous : Why won't they just arrest her already? We already knew she was drugging him. This is more than enough proof to arrest her
REPLY 39 11 months ago
Anonymous : What did that poor innocent guy go through !
REPLY 39 11 months ago
Anonymous : Look at her vulgar picture Oh my what a cheap woman why isn't she falling into depression despite commuting so many sins give her the same drugs which she and her evil brother gave to Sushant
REPLY 40 11 months ago