Sushant Singh Rajput Case Updates: Jaya Saha confesses to ED suggesting CBD oil for SSR's depression

11 months ago  |  3M
Sushant Singh Rajput Case Updates: Jaya Saha confesses to ED suggesting CBD oil for SSR's depression

This week, Sushant Singh Rajput's death probe has taken some shocking turns. The biggest twist being the drug angle surfacing after Rhea Chakraborty's chats were accessed. As the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) joins Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe into the drugs angle of the case, ED received a breakthrough via Jaya Saha. The late actor's talent manager was grilled by the ED when she reportedly confessed about suggesting the CBD (Cannabidiol) oil for Sushant. 

Times Now reports Jaya Saha has reportedly confessed about suggesting CBD oil for Sushant's depression. Jaya made the confession during her interrogation with ED. Jaya has indicated that Sushant had asked for the CBD oil for he was using it. The breakthrough comes days after Rhea's Jaya Saha, Samuel Miranda and Gaurav Arya were made public and indications of drugs being used were hinted. It was during one of Rhea's chats with Jaya when the Jalebi actress asked about the usage of the oil and she was directed to add three to four drops of it in a cup of his drink. 

As per the chat from November 25, 2019, Jaya Saha messaged, "Use 4 drops in coffee, tea or water, and let him sip it. Give it 30 - 40 mins for it to kick in." To which Rhea replied, "Thank you so much." Jaya replied, "No problem bro, hope it helps." Meanwhile, Rhea is being questioned for CBI today. At the time of reporting, she has in the DRDO guest house for over eight hours now. Sushant's close associate Samuel Miranda was also spotted making his way to the DRDO guesthouse for questioning a few hours ago. 

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Anonymous : God you you ppl are so dumb it’s legal where I am it has no THC the chemical that gets you high even Doctors can legally prescribe it for cancer and epilepsy treatment jeez get your bloody facts right peeps
REPLY 2 10 months ago
Anonymous : So Sushant was depressed? So what about all the reports which claimed he was fine?
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : They all make SSR sound like a baby who can't handle himself . Rhea and the docs changed his nappy gave him feeding bottle to lull him to sleep. Rhea came Much later in his life what about his past GFs? His family? His staff?
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : Wow he was really surrounded by so many vultures
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : CBD oil is legal and used extensively in the west for headaches, body aches, stress and anxiety.
REPLY 19 11 months ago
Anonymous : So if a person is in pain or any other discomfort, be it SSR or anybody else, Jaya Saha who are you to prescribe what to take and what not to? Are you a doctor? Any wellwisher would advise a doctor's visit and not CBD oil. You are all a bunch of liars, this whole narrative about his depression is a concocted one, the tragedy of which is that, that everybody believed it, including his own family. The family had no idea he was being 'fed' drugs and actually thought SSR was depressed. This is only now that they have realized how the whole family, his close associates, his true friends were all taken for a ride. A person is better alone than being in the company of crooks like you!
REPLY 22 11 months ago
Anonymous : This Jaya Saha is depression queen Deepika Padukone's lead manager at KWAN. Join the dots.
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : Dots joined
REPLY 1 10 months ago
Anonymous : CBD oil is used by MANY people in Canada and the USA for pain management symptoms. It doesn’t mean everyone is a drug addict!
REPLY 18 11 months ago
Anonymous : Yes only to manage pain, but if you don’t have any then it’s obvious that these guys intention is not right and they are actually giving SSR drug. I hope your pea size brain can understand.
REPLY 15 11 months ago
Anonymous : Exactly and he was depressed.
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : Disgusted he was surrounded by so many vultures.Arrest that thief, she stole 10 cores from sushant, so many people plot against him,why? why was he a target? what he knew ,that he should not have been aware of?
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : CBD oil does not make you us nit used as an ecstasy. It is legal in many states in USA and normally used to calm your anciety
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : Kwan is also co-owned by Salman khan.Jaya shah from Kwan.Basically whole bullywood are together in this, arrest all of them!
REPLY 25 11 months ago