Sushant Singh Rajput googled properties in Kerala, Coorg and not ‘painless death’ moments before death: Report

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Sushant Singh Rajput googled properties in Kerala, Coorg and not ‘painless death’ moments before death: Reports

Rhea Chakraborty, who is at the center of investigations in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, and also the prime accused in the late actor’s death, opened up about Sushant’s family in an interview and also revealed that contrary to allegations that she left Sushant’s house, it was the actor who asked her to leave his house on June 8, 2020. While as we speak, Rhea Chakraborty and brother Showik Chakraborty are being interrogated by the CBI, in another set of developments, it is being reported that the late actor googled properties in HP, Kerala & Coorg.

Yes, as per reports in Times Now, it is being said that moments before “Sushant’s alleged time of death disclosed, He Googled properties in HP, Kerala & Coorg.” Well, this clearly contradicts the statement made by the Mumbai Police chief Parambir Singh, who during a press conference had said that Sushant had Googled ‘painless death’ and thus, wanting to prove that he was depressed. Well, yesterday, during an interview, Rhea also talked about how Sushant wanted to shift to Coorg and was thinking about the same.

Also, it is being reported that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is likely to summon Rhea Chakraborty in the probe of Sushant Singh Rajput's death, probing the drug nexus that has surfaced,

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Anonymous : Rhea is totally alone now.where are the big names behind her .clearly she's left to fend alone.results of bad company.
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : When SSR told Rhea to go away in his last days she should have left clinging to him she showed low self esteem .
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : These searches were done by Pithani on his computer not on Sushant’s phone.
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : why is bollywood's kings khans kapoors roshans akhtars silent now ? isnt this hypocrisy ? selfish inhuman and shameles bollywood . i have seen the world and people r not saint but this bollywood is truly gutter a stinky one
REPLY 15 11 months ago
Anonymous : Someone please ask her to SHUT UP. She deliberately spread drug news to show that Sushant was addict but all profs are against her.... in a short period of one year she turned a healthy man to a dead person so could not defend himself... she was definitely planted in his life by Bollywood goons in the house she is hiding now to destroy Shushant.... isolated him... when started to see her dark side ... she drugged him... and ultimately conspired with unfaithful staff to take all his money.... when he was ready to throw her out... she destroyed his harddries and left with his laptop etc to blackmail soon as his sister left she used those goons to kill him..
REPLY 17 11 months ago
Anonymous : nice try Times now...your channel is the worst...Why hasn't the family raised voice against Times Now dissecting Sushant's body? coz blaming Rhea is more imp than their brother...Shame on them
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : When was alleged time of death. Was it on 13th or 14th June?
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : Between 13th and 14th June.
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : Hahahha offcourse killer type it to make it real. Very common sense. No rocket science needed
REPLY 17 11 months ago
Anonymous : The criminal leaches who could wipe out 8 hard drives couldn’t type painless death to make it look like that? It is clear as day All staged and scripted !
REPLY 41 11 months ago
Anonymous : Okay Rhea was speaking the truth here..She surely is an arrogant,gold digger but behind her there is some mafia.
REPLY 34 11 months ago
Anonymous : I dont believe your fake reporting anymore!
REPLY 12 11 months ago